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10 Best Standing Desks and Their Reviews

10 Best Standing Desks and Their Reviews


Sitting is slowly killing you, while standing boosts productivity, creativity and happiness.
Stand up young human and take a look at our offering of the best standing desks.
Standing desks are desks designed for standing. Unlike traditional models, a standing desk or table gives your back a rest from the rigours of sitting still on a chair. So whenever you walk into an office and you see someone standing while working on an unusually tall table, do not be alarmed. They do not lack chairs in that office. The person is simply making use of a standing table and you should probably try to get one too, your back will be glad you did.

This is a review of the best standing desks in the market today.

1) SHW Electric Height Adjustable Computer Desk, 48 x 24 Inches, Light cherry.

10 best standing desks and their reviews

Durability meets innovation, this desk is really good for people who want the best of both worlds. It is a great product for people looking for a quality standing desk with the added benefits of ultra-modern technology.

  • Although it looks big, the desk is easily assembled and this makes it a great choice for people not interested in wasting their time.
  • The desk has an electric lift system. This makes adjusting the height to be as difficult as the push of a button.
  • It possesses a digital display handset. This handset has 4 memory preset options that make adjusting the desk as easy as possible.
  • With a top surface area that is wide enough for most jobs, the SHW electric height adjustable desk is a perfect fit for workers who are always busy.
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2) FlexiSpot M2B Standing Desk – 35″ wide platform Height Adjustable Stand up Desk Computer Riser with Removable Keyboard Tray (Medium size Black)

10 best standing desks and their reviews

Built for performance, the flex spot M2B standing desk provides an easy transition from sitting to standing. The desk is compatible with a number of monitors and is ideal for office work.

  • The great thing, or perhaps one of the great things, about this product, is that it has 12 height adjustment settings. This means that it is perfect for any height.
  • A large work surface ensures that users never lack space for cables, mouses, keyboards or that sort of thing. It is also compatible with ergonomic monitor mounts.
  • The straight up and down movement of desk ensures that it conserves space. The desk folds and unfolds within its own footprint, and this makes it good for small spaces as extra space accommodation doesn’t have to be made.
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3) FEZIBO Stand Up Black Desk Converter

10 best standing desks and their reviews

Unlike other products of its nature, the FEZIBO Stand up black desk converter isn’t strictly a standing desk. However, it can transform a sitting desk to a standing one, support monitors, and still act as a sitting desk.

  • It is not bulky and comes pre-assembled. This means that buyers don’t have to spend valuable time assembling the product
  • The product provides a very large work area. The 32.6″ W x 17.8″ D surface provides more than enough space for a monitor or monitor setups.
  • In addition to this, the FEZIBO Stand Up Black desk Converter is very strong. It is manufactured with close attention to detail and has undergone several stress tests. It can support a maximum weight of 28.6 lbs.
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4) VIVO Black Height Adjustable 36″ Stand up Desk Converter.

10 best standing desks and their reviews

The Vivo stand up desk converter, true to its name, is a product designed to convert your desk to a standing one. It is a great product for people with desks but with plans to convert their desks to a standing one.

  • The desk converter has a sturdy steel frame that supports a lot of weight. Supporting up to 33 pounds, the solid steel frame of the product ensures that all your devices are adequately supported.
  • A removable keyboard tray ensures that you can convert the space and use it for whatever you want to. Be it writing or for a laptop, the desk converter has got you covered.
  • The dual gas spring force ensures that you can quickly transition from sitting to standing. With the simply remarkable simple touch height mechanism, it is easy for buyers to adjust the desk to suit their comfort level.
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5) AIRLIFT 36″ Gas-Spring Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Workstation

10 best standing desks and their reviews

The product is great for people with hunched backs or improper postures brought on by years of sitting. It promises to alleviate these pains by allowing users to work comfortably in their natural standing position.

  • The airlift Pneumatic technology of the product ensures that there is an easy transition from sitting to standing for the user. There are zero buttons, levers pulleys or hassle.
  • The standing desk has slots for your smart devices like tablets, phones, and such accessories. The spacious desktop space also provides extra space for office stationeries like notepads, sticky notes, and pens.
  • The desk is perfectly engineered for work and supports up to 33 pounds of weight. The weight, of course, is distributed evenly and it is capable of lifting vertically without asking for more space.
  • A wide surface area makes sure that the top surface area of the desk is compatible with different kinds of PCs like Apple, Dell, Asus, Acer and so on. It is easy to install two monitors on the stand, and this, of course, increases work efficiency.
  • The product comes pre-assembled. In this day and age where people don’t want to spend hours assembling a product, the is an undeniable plus for the product
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6) SIMBR Standing Desk Converter

10 best standing desks and their reviews

Perfect for people looking for an adjustable desk that gives unlimited options, the SIMBR Standing desk converter is guaranteed to make work easier for users. It is fully adjustable to any height and provides relief from sitting and day and the more back pain that comes with it.

  • The SIMBR standing desk converter has two levels. This ensures that you have all the space you might require to go about your job easily.
  • The standing desk is very easy to live and provides a seamless and quick transition from sitting to standing. One just needs to grab home of the handles, lift, and release and your sitting desk immediately become a standing desk.
  • Even with a dual tire, the surface area of the desk is very large. With a 30.23″x 20″ dimension, it saves a lot of space and allows you to maximize your workspace.
  • With a stylish design, the SIMBR standing desk converter combines the efficiency of a great product with a beautiful design. The curved frame of the product makes it usable for even pregnant women.
  • The desk has a sturdy frame with a triple leg base and this ensures that it is able to bear quite effective loads of an average workstation
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7) VIVO Black Mobile Height Adjustable Stand Up Desk Table with Storage

10 best standing desks and their reviews

Made for those looking for a product to enhance their workspace and contribute to higher productivity, the VIVO black mobile height adjustable desk is a beauty. It is a beautiful blend of work station efficiency and mobility.

  • The strong steel frame of this product is just one of its many selling points. It has an inbuilt height adjustment mechanism with 11 possible adjustments. This means that the desk can also be used in a sitting position. This flexibility in design is invaluable, as it allows users to transition from one phase to the next
  • Shelf area, or work area as the case may be, is something that this particular product is big on. It comes with four shelves that are capable of supporting up to 33 pounds each. This, of course, ensures that users never have to worry about storage capacity.
  • Something new that this product brings to the table is mobility. Equipped with wheels that can have locking casters to make them stationery, this desk can make your work anywhere. You can literally move your workstation about with little or no trouble.
  • A great selling point of this product is that it is relatively cheap, compared to other products of the same features on the market. Using innovation, efficiency, and creativity, ViVO has managed to create a cheap solution that is still full of qua.ty..
    This cart/standing desk comes witan one year warranty. This is yet another reason to make use of a great product.
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8) BestMassage Adjustable Height Standing Desk

A height adjustable desk, this product is perfect for people with large workloads. The top surface of the desk easily holds two monitors and a wide array of other office essentials.

  • The most standout feature of this desk is the fact that it comes preassembled. For a large desk, this is very uncommon. It can be ready for work in two minutes after being delivered and is ideal for people who don’t like assembling parts.
  • With an ergonomic design, this desk has a very strong structure that keeps your work safe and secure.
  • The device slot machine on the table ensures that you never have to sacrifice your device for workspace. You can remain plugged in and still be productive.
  • Operating with a low decibel technology, the best massage adjustable height standing desk can transition from standing to sitting or sitting to standing without disturbing the serene environment office.
  • BestMassage’s adjustable height standing desk is designed for higher efficiency in the workplace Being able to transition very easily from standing to sitting throughout the day increases the efficiency of workers and provides a host of health benefits.
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9) Seville Classics AIRLIFT XL 28″ Pneumatic Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Mobile Laptop Computer Desk Cart.

The Seville classics airlift standing desk is a simple and efficient solution to low back pain. A standing desk helps to cut out hours spent sitting the office and helps to increase blood circulation and vitality

  • With an extra large 28″ top, this product provides enough space for work. Users can rest assured that their work area is reasonably enough and work can be conducted easily.
  • The desk is built with aluminum and steel. This provides an ultra-modern feel to the whole business and makes sure that the product has a sort of authentic stylish design and feel to it.
  • The product has adjustable height levels. It achieves this by using an airlift lever. Of course, this never ensures that the transition of the desk from sitting to standing is an easy one and brings no disturbance to the user or to other people working around.
  • This product is mobile, and this makes it different from several other static standing desks. Equipped with large 2.4″ casters that lock mobility, the desk becomes a great blend between a mobile and stationery workplace.
  • The product comes with a limited one-year manufacturers warranty. Of course, this us an extra incentive to buy this product.
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10) SDADI 2 Inches Carpet Wheels Mobile Standing Desk

This product is great for people interested in killing neck and back pain in the office. Perfect for computing, it is the ideal companion for people who want to switch from sitting to standing positions in the workplace.

  • The product has two inches mute ABS wheels that make sure that the entire desks can be moved from a place without making a lot of noise.
  • With a long-lasting 1.2mm steel structure, rust coating finishing, and 16mm environmental MDF, the product has a structure that string and sturdy. It is guaranteed to support hour electronic devices and work materials like a traditional desk.
  • The product is easy to install and can be easily assembled in 15 to 20 minutes. This means that buyers won’t have to spend hours on end assembling the product.
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Due to the various back problems that arise as a result of sitting still in a place for a long time, many people are switching to standing desks. These desks help prevent back pain and help invigorate the spine while working. The above-listed desks especially are some of the best standing desks available on the market today. You should get a piece of the standing desk pie, it will make your office or home stand out and ultimately rid you of back pain.

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