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10 proven self care hacks that will make you happier and more creative today

10 Proven Self-Care Hacks that Will Make You Happier and More Creative Today

Life’s an unending pursuit for “something” each and every one of us has been rooting for. That something can be money, fame, love, worth, purpose, respect and a whole lot more.

But a famous genie once said, “There’s not enough money, power or fame in the world to satisfy you. So, don’t drink from the cup.”

Have we thought of the idea that “wanting” isn’t what our life has to be all about and that we humans have to start appreciating life itself?

And once we have started to appreciate our own lives, once we have started to realize the very point that we are lucky enough to be alive, we are able to increase our happiness, confidence and creativity which are essential to taking care of ourselves, of our own lives.

To appreciate our lives, here are 11 different ways to take care of our mental and physical state that will surely increase our happiness, confidence and creativity.

Hack#1: Waking Up Early in The Morning

Have you heard of the saying “the early bird catches the worm.”? It’s definitely a good depiction of how opportunities can be grasped when we’re earlier to grab them than others.

Waking up in the morning gives you a positive outlook in being able to accomplish more tasks and learn more during the day.

It also gives you more time to rest since you are able to finish your tasks ahead. What’s more important is that it allows you to have the opportunity to do more out of that day thereby lowering your stress from loaded work stuffs which you’re unable to finish on time due to procrastination.

But just like everyone’s struggle, waking up early in the morning’s no easy task because doing it requires a very high level of self-discipline.

It’s also harder to do it when your body’s not cooperating with you or when you’re used to wake up at some sort of specific time frame.

The struggle is real but it’s not impossible to overcome it and the simplest way to wake up early is to use an alarm clock.

1. Digital Alarm Clock

This loud alarm clock made with built-in super strong wired bed shaker is great for people who want to surely wake up early in the morning. Aside from that, it has 3-level modes to choose from:  vibrator, buzzer or both. Lastly, it has a 7-inch large LED display that helps you to easily read the time across everywhere of the room.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It will wake you up without disturbing your partner or kids.
  • You can choose its volume between high, medium or low.
  • It has 7 different night lights which can help you when you’re afraid of darkness or you want to read at night.

Hack#2: Doing Some Exercises

Exercise is not as simple as it is because it can be done through walking, jogging, playing sports, lifting weights and a whole lot more.

But what’s exciting about exercise is that it does you a lot of things.  Aside from improving your physical wellness, it also improves other aspects of your being and the best part about doing exercise is that its intensity doesn’t matter.

Your mood can still benefit from exercise regardless of the intensity of the physical activity.

It has been shown that exercise can make you feel happier. That’s because when you do it, it produces changes in the parts of your brain that regulate anxiety and stress.

Aside from that, it can increase the production of endorphins that help produce positive feelings and reduce pain perception.

All you have to do is to start exercising today, and one of the most popular ways to start doing exercise is to use a treadmill.

2. Treadmill

This product is great for people who do not want to go elsewhere aside from their home when planning to exercise. Also, if you want to track your workout data, this treadmill fits your purpose. It can get you a health report through connecting it to G-Fit sports app.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It has a cushioning system that is useful for cushioning ankle, back and knee joints
  • It has foldable design and transportation wheels that allows for easy move and storage.
  • It comes with a built in safety key to that ensures instant shut-off under emergency situations.

Hack#3: Having a Balanced Diet

Food is more than what it physically is. It’s not just all about a cure for hunger.

It is actually by its very nature a vital part of every human’s life.

What we take in our body can either be a poison or nutrition for us. That’s why it’s very important to be very particular with what we eat.

Our lives are short so don’t make it shorter and the longer life you have, the more things you can do.

To be able to achieve a balanced diet, we have to have a cookbook of our own which will direct us with the type of dishes we have to eat on a daily basis. So, here’s one.

3. Dash Diet Cookbook

Dash stands for dietary approaches to stop hypertension. Although it highlights hypertension, it’s actually a cookbook for beginners to start with their everyday balanced diet routine. This cookbook is very useful to those people who want to learn how to cook healthy and delicious dishes.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It provides more than 50 dash diet recipes.
  • It features a 7 day dash diet meal plan that is effective and easy to follow.
  • It comes with an essential overview covering the basics of managing your blood pressure.

Hack#4: Organizing Your Tasks for The Day

One of the best things you can feel the moment you wake up is the feeling of being “still” since you know what you are going to do next. Peace of mind is priceless so you’ve got to have everything planned for you to worry about nothing anymore.

Organizing your tasks gives you the opportunity to be be able to remember every single important detail of your life whether it’s a meeting with a client, a vacation trip, a birthday of your loved one, bill due or your anniversary.

It’s definitely very rewarding to feel accomplished with all the work for the day.  And what’s more important is that you’ll get to have a time for yourself after all the day’s hard work.

But organizational skills are not for sale. They’re practiced over time through your willingness and persistence to achieve such skill.

Now, if you’ve got to know better about this skill, you shall first seek for a tool that will help you be organized: a planner.

4. Daily To-Do Planner

This planner is perfect for all busy people. This can help you organize you tasks, responsibilities and chores. Most importantly, it helps you monitor your health on a daily basis.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It has unique daily planners that have a convenient outline to help put some orders to your every single day.
  • Its pages have a to-do list with check boxes perfect for not missing any deadline.
  • Each personal planner has 50 sheets enough to organize your daily activities.

Hack#5: Taking a Break

Working so hard definitely gives you a lot of money which you can use to buy any stuff in the world except your life.

People always tend to forget that life’s not all about money and that your life is much more precious than money because it’s by any way priceless.

That’s why every single time we forget our worth, let’s remember that we’re worth more than the riches found in this world.

Now, in achieving a happy life, we have to work things moderately.  That’s because anything too much is bad.

There are actually a lot of ways to a break you can do like going out on a vacation somewhere out of the country, eating your favorite food, watching your favorite movie or just by simply sleeping for an 8-hour uninterrupted period.

There definitely are a lot of ways but one of the best ways to take a break is to really have a good night’s sleep.

And a product that will surely help is a comfortable mattress.

5. Memory Foam Mattress

It’s really perfect to use this for people who want a very good night’s sleep. You can have a very fulfilling sleep when you’ll use this. And the catch is, you’re going to start your day right since you’ve had a great rest the night you’ve slept on this mattress.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It has a conforming green tea memory foam comfort and pressure relieving support.
  • Its foam is CertiPUR-US Certified for durability, content and performance.
  • It naturally retards odor and bacteria because it’s infused with green tea extract and castor natural seed oil.

Hack#6: Talking to Someone You’re Comfortable With

No man is an island, a basic rule we have followed through our race’s existence here on earth.

We can’t live on our own although we have sought for independence for we’re naturally created with the need of others for they can help us with whatever goals we have in life.

But achieving our goals even with the help of other people is not easy because it’s still hard and it’s very exhausting.

We sometimes find ourselves completely burned up and stressed with all the worries, fears and failures that we face and worse, in the middle of it, life gets dim and although we try to breathe, it seems like the world has ran out of air.

But life is not supposed to be that way and it’s by no means supposed to be lived miserably.

So, to be able to breathe some fresh air, find someone you know you’re comfortable talking to with.

You can share your struggles with this person and in return, he/she may give you some advises which might help you solve your problems or give you an idea to solve problems that are to come.

You can actually talk to someone through e-mails, chat or phone and landline phone is not what is preferable so try using a new mobile phone if you haven’t had one.

6. Apple iPhone

It’s much more convenient to use a phone that you can carry anywhere since it’s very handy. This is definitely the perfect phone for anybody on the go.  You can reach out easily to your loved ones and talk to them anytime and anywhere you want.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It has an incredibly popular design.
  • It’s a light and compact phone mainly designed to comfortably fit your hand.
  • Its 4-inch retina display makes everything look sharp and vibrant perfect for any video call with your loved ones.

Hack#7: Listening to An Audiobook

If by chance you want to increase not just your happiness or confidence but also your creativity, try listening to an audiobook. Audiobooks can change the way we listen, read and learn thereby improving the literacy of young readers and those for whom English is just a second language.

Since listening is the first language skill that we acquire, 85% of what we have learned throughout our lifetime are learned through listening. So, if you may want to learn something new or just have time to relax and read some stuffs, audiobook are the perfect fit for you.

Aside from that, audiobooks help in increasing your word exposure and improves vocabulary without the struggle of reading a book all by yourself. The best part of it is that you can now enjoy reading a book with your friends since audiobooks are read aloud and all you and your friends have to do is to listen together.

There are a lot of things you learn from using audiobooks since they are immersive, educational, entertaining and instructional.

If your reason for wanting to listen to an audiobook is for entertainment, you may find it preferable to read a novel.

7. The Survivor: A Novel Based on A True Holocaust Survivor Story

This is a best-seller book perfect for those who want to get a glimpse what being in a war is. It’s a novel packed with life’s reality and lessons. Anyone who’ll read this may be thankful of how lucky he/she is for not being born in times of war.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It’s a book best to be read with a friend thereby improving your relationships.
  • It’s deeply moving and there’s so much you can learn from this.
  • You’ll get to realize what life really is and may come out as a better person after reading this.

Hack#8: Yoga

Hitting two birds with one stone, you can improve your mental and physical state in doing just one activity. And yes, it’s yoga, a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated from ancient India and is one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophical traditions.

Yoga does you a lot of things such as improving your flexibility, building your muscle strength, perfecting your posture, preventing cartilage and joint breakdown, protecting your spine, increasing your blood flow, draining your lymph and boosting your immunity and a whole lot more of benefits.

It also makes you happier through significantly increasing your serotonin levels and decreasing your levels of monoamine oxidase, an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters and cortisol.

There’s a bunch of benefits you can get from doing yoga but you’re not going to be able to start without a yoga mat.

8. BalanceForm GoYoga Mat

This yoga mat is suitable for those who want to try yoga. It has a high density foam material  and thick premium mat which comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees and elbows on hard floors perfect for your safety. It’s also lightly built to facilitate easy transport and storage.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It has a moisture resistant technology that makes the mat to be easily washed with soap and water.
  • It has an exceptional resilience which allows you to keep your balance during any exercise style.
  • Helps you do yoga the right way thereby improving your mental and physical wellness.

Hack#9: Aromatherapy

So what’s aromatherapy? It’s a holistic healing treatment that promotes health and well-being using natural plant extracts.

It uses aromatic essential oils medicinally to improve the health of your spirit, mind and body thereby enhancing both your physical and emotional health.

Aromatherapy has been believed to manage pain, improve sleep quality, reduce stress, agitation and anxiety, soothe sore joints, treat headaches and migraines, alleviate side effects of chemotherapy, ease discomforts of labor, fight bacteria, virus or fungus, boost immunity, improve digestion and lastly improve hospice and palliative care.

Aromatherapy works through skin absorption and sense of smell using products such as diffusers, aromatic spritzers, inhalers, bathing salts, body oils, creams, or lotions for massage or topical application, clay masks, hot and cold compresses and facial steamers.

To start with aromatherapy, you can buy these products in amazon and the easiest on to buy are diffusers.

9. InnoGear 200ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

This product has a natural plastic wood grain look which is a perfect fit for your workspace or home. It has a perfect nightlight for kids’ bedroom and a perfect mood light for creating romantic atmosphere. Aromatherapy is best done using this diffuser.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It’s an all-in-one diffuser that provides pleasant aromas and whisper smooth mist that creates a calm, relaxing environment.
  • It softens and moisturizes dry and chapped skin.
  • It helps you breathe better during winter.

Hack#10: Doing Arts and Crafts

Not everyone is artistic enough to be able to paint or draw. But who says art is limited to such activities?

Aside from that, art is an interactive task throughout all ages. Anyone can do art at any age.

And the catch is, anyone who doesn’t even consider himself as an artist can do art.

That is through art activities such as salt painting, sand art, face painting, evolving canvass art, collage art, mixed media collage, spin art rocks and a whole lot more.

One of the most popular art activities that definitely relieves stress and improves your creativity is origami.

And learning how to do origami can definitely be achieved through using an origami guide.

10. Easy Origami

This product is a collection of 32 simple origami projects specially made for beginners. It includes popular origami figures that you’ll surely love. Engaging to origami is a very exciting and fun art activity which needs a simple guide like this.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It contains projects which are clearly illustrated and instructed that helps you do it successfully.
  • Origami hobbyists are bound to be on their way of mastering it using this guide.
  • It improves creativity and sense of following tasks through the detailed instructions provided.

Hack#11: Being Thankful

What we have today aren’t ours but are mere blessings.

We have to be thankful for each and every moment we have spent here on earth.

Simple gestures like saying thank you every single time someone gives you something or when someone does you a thing Is a big help to improve your perspective.

You can say thank you personally or use simple notes or cards to extend your gratitude.

11. Blank Note Cards

This cute note cards are perfect for any occasion or by simply saying thank you to anyone. It’s cheap. And most importantly, it highlights the relationships you can build or keep through being appreciative.

Pros & Benefits:
  • It is exquisite, small and special and can be used for gifts.
  • It has 16 unique designs you can choose from.
  • It has a transparent envelope that look simple and distinctive and the blank inside sheet can be written easily.

Final Thoughts

There are actually countless ways to become more confident and creative as well as become healthier everyday be it emotionally, physically or mentally. But the truth speaks for itself that a thing like happiness is not achievable once we look at the perspective of a materialistic world.

Happiness is a choice, a choice we must choose above anything we have thought to be the most important thing in the world.

And happiness is simply appreciation, appreciation of the life we once had because nothing’s much better than being alive.

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