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July 2019


Life can get a little boring sometimes. We eat, we sleep, we work, and hopefully get in a little play every now and then. Millennials, in particular, are often contractors or freelancers, so even more time has to be put into the grind to find the next source of income. We all do the best we can, but there’s only so many hours in a day. It’s still important to take care of ourselves, but we often forget a muscle even if we always make time for the gym, and that’s our mind. We br

Air is a part of nature that we usually neglect in our daily lives. Many believe it’s invisible but consider turbulent winds otherwise. It is an environment that we do not take exact note of; although unconsciously we could consider its existence as kites show us they have wings and tsunamis move without fins. The consciousness of the existence of air is subjective and dependent on our individual persons. While pilots have winds, cyclones and other weather conditions circumscribed around the v

As a stationery designer and creative, if you are looking for the best stationery, I bet you, I will make that happen. Just follow my lead. You will smile when I’m done. 1. ASSORTED Metallic Stationary Paper   As a designer or creative, if you need to make your project look crystal clear then the Assorted Metallic Stationary Paper from the Best Paper Greetings is indeed the best choice. As an impressive colour blended stationery paper, it makes a very letter writing paper, a well fitting scr

A good set of headphones can vastly improve your listening experience. They can also make your daily tasks more effortless and smooth, especially with features such as Active Noise Cancellation Technology and a comfortable design. Whether you’re a student or a working professional, there’s a lot of high-stress tasks that needed to be completed everyday. Often a distraction-free zone is the key to getting through daily grind. There are various headphones on the market that can help yo

Every creative person has times when they feel blocked, unable to silence the critic inside. There are proven ways to combat this, and many have to do with getting out of your own head, such as meditation, travel, taking a class, or talking to a therapist or good friend. But perhaps the most accessible source of inspiration, guaranteed to transport you out of your mental doldrums, is a good book. There are plenty of books that tell you how to boost your creativity, but there’s nothing like a n

“Business or pleasure?” You are inevitably met with this question whilst travelling, but perhaps you are one of the lucky few to reply (somewhat smugly): “Both!”. Working and travelling is a great way to see the world, but it requires some pre-planning and, of course, the right equipment. So, whether you are established an established digital nomad, just starting out working on the road, or just curious about the best gadgets for travelling, here are the ‘nomad esse

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INTRODUCTION Sitting is slowly killing you, while standing boosts productivity, creativity and happiness.Stand up young human and take a look at our offering of the best standing desks.Standing desks are desks designed for standing. Unlike traditional models, a standing desk or table gives your back a rest from the rigours of sitting still on a chair. So whenever you walk into an office and you see someone standing while working on an unusually tall table, do not be alarmed. They do not lack cha

People in every profession can find themselves drained of motivation and needing something to recharge our batteries. Outfitted with thrilling soundtracks, stunning cinematography, and exceptional acting, movies can inspire us like no other art form. Fortunately, thanks to the proliferation of digital media and streaming services, films in every genre are only a click away. And for real-life inspiration, there’s no better genre than the biopic. Based on the true stories of ordinary people who

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