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November 2020


This article will acquaint you with the best way to use a list of ligatures. “Ligature” derives from the Latin word “ligatus,” meaning connection and bond.  History reaches as far back as the Sumerian cuneiform, the earliest type of writing, and contains several ligature examples. Many historical scripts use ligatures. Historical Uses of Ligatures Scribes have also used ligatures to speed up writing. They were a natural evolution of spoken and written language. During th

These soft skills for graphic designers will help you get on with your other people like clients. Excellent skills aren’t enough. You need people skills. Know how to work with people and how to interpret the client’s needs because you will need to work to deadlines. You must also learn how to take criticism. Apply these soft skills for graphic designers and be analytical but don’t lose your innate creativity 1. Communication And Focused Listening A client has given you a projec

Have you been searching for the best “Procreate brushes illustration” on Google? Then search no more! In this article, we have selected the 10 best you can use for your illustration. These are all designed specifically for Procreate App on iPad and are fully compatible.   We are going to be looking for brushes that cover mediums such as pencil, ink, and watercolor. Included also are sketching mediums such as charcoal and chalk and liner brushes.  We are also going to give you a se

These options for the best online course for web design can help you enhance your web development skills Web and graphic design online courses form an essential part of the evolving web development world. In this article, we’ve listed the 10 best online course for web design you can use for learning and using various web design programs. Whether you’re a beginner or have an intermediate level, these courses are deliberately chosen for you. Advance your career, learn new techniques an

Looking for “ballpoint pen Photoshop brush” In Google? In this article, we will present you with some of the best ballpoint pens and brush sets to boost your creativity and improve your technique! Those we’re about to show you are excellent choices for almost every type of drawings and programs such as Procreate. Depending on your style and the technique you’re using, we’ve selected ten items that we consider will surely provide you with the highest quality and fulf

In today’s digital age, it should be worth making an email or message memorable using the best Mailchimp templates for mobile. It is easy for us to miss relevant emails or messages if they do not catch our attention.  For businesses, mobiles have become an essential means for their contacts to view their email campaigns and design them in a way that makes them memorable and effective.  All people commonly use their phones to connect with those around them.  Emails and newsletters are quickl

Using the best Squarespace templates for therapists can surely carve out the market niche for any therapist. The best template can help ace the challenge of getting the message across to an overpopulated and clueless internet market.  Some have tried to go the traditional route of medical listings in the hospital Others advertise their services in a medical journal.  The answer lies in getting your practice into virtual platforms such for a healthy internet presence.  It is proven effective i

Mostly, when we talk about website designing, then we usually use the best Neumorphic UI kit to make the site more engaging. The working experience of the website becomes optimal when such kind of design plug-in is used. UI is a user interface kit with many graphical files (mostly in PSD format) and other resources to improve the reliability of different apps or sites. By adding UI kits to your platforms, you can give you different checkboxes, progress bars, think buttons, and other input search

With developments in media and technology, professionals from the creative industry use the best tracing app for their drawings. In the computer language, Image Tracing or Vectorization is the simple conversion of raster graphics into vector graphics.  Raster graphics are defined by pixels while vector graphics are by points and lines.  Through the medium of vector graphics, an image is expressed using geometric features that save the shape of the image. The most significant advantage of vecto

Flora brushes surely can enhance the beauty of your art work. If you are into nature-themed designs, these brushes are definitely for you. The latest brushes are available online and you can use them immediately for new creativity. Here we have given ten most loved flora brushes you can can buy and use today. 1. Foliage Brushes For Procreate 5 In this beautiful pack of brushes, there are botanical effects as well as stamps that you can use. Here you will get 80 brushes to use for different kinds

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