December 2020

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Here’s to anyone asking “does graphic design require math”. The answer is yes. Graphic artists certainly do need math in making measurements. Moreover, when they scale an image or drawing, they certainly use numbers to do this. Note that dimensions, pattern, and geometry in graphic design use Math. If ever you’re one of those asking […]

When online learning started, it’s not surprising how online courses for graphic designers have also become readily available. With the continuously expanding digital art platform, many traditional and aspiring artists want to explore the new digital medium.  Online courses, currently offered, frequently maximize the online learning experience of the students.  What’s the best course for […]

Using the best WooCommerce theme for single product will surely expand your network and grow your income. WooCommerce is a popular and ever-expanding plugin for WordPress designed for small and large online merchants. The base product is free, open-source, simple, and easy to use. It has a remarkable popularity since its launch in 2011, becoming […]

Anyone needing a good template for their analytic graphs can use these Sketch analytics templates. Sketch is a vector graphics editing app available for MacOS released in September 2010 by Sketch B.V. in the Netherlands. Vector graphics is a type of image specified by points with vector path characteristics like stroke color, thickness, or shape. […]

Let’s talk about the free digital art apps. Digital art applications are an innovative medium for artists that allow them to draw, sketch, write, color, and perform specific and complex operations to create their unique arts through mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. The most widely known digital art applications are Adobe Illustrator, Procreate, and Affinity […]

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