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December 2021


The Zulu font font options in this article are inspired by the most famous tribe in South Africa, the Zulus. They bring you authentic African flavor right to your doorstep. If you’re looking to spice up your Instagram and social media posts with a splash of African culture, well look no further. We have done the search for you and got you 10 of the best Zulu fonts you can find on the web. These fonts can be used for various concepts for posts. These posts could be for an African themed restaur

As a creative, life will be so much easier if you know how to merge two Canva documents. Merging or integration is an operation that combines one, two, or more documents, presentations, etc., in one form. There are two types of merging – automatic and manual.  In the creative process, merging documents will save you precious time and effort. This article will guide you on how to merge two Canva documents easily. How To Merge Two Canva Documents A lot of people are interested in merging Canva

The eyes are the first things people focus on in a portrait, so choosing the right Procreate eye color palettes can make them pop with life. Luckily, Procreate, Etsy, and Creative Market feature loads of selections for color palettes. But what is needed is a committed selection for iris coloring.  Here is a list of the best Procreate eye color palettes we have curated for you. With quality Procreate eye color palettes at your disposal, you can make everything from one-of-a-kind comic characters

If you’re working on an ocean related project, then you will surely find these options for Procreate ocean palette indispensable.  When we talk about the ocean, what mostly comes to our mind is blue. Blue evokes a sense of peace, confidence, and calmness you can’t find in any other color. Blue is often associated with elegance, serenity, security, and trustworthiness. Now, how great is it that you can get the chance to add other shades of blue to your existing palettes and create a

Looking for the best watercolor fonts? Don’t worry, this article will help you find the best and the only top-rated fonts! Each watercolor font was made with care and attention to details. These fonts will complete the hand painted look of your text. Furthermore, watercolor fonts are timeless looking. What are you waiting for? Get yours now from the Top 10 Best Watercolor Fonts! 1. Washington Doel Creative designed Washington Font, a well-regarded and well-stocked foundry of fonts. This fo

Here is a video on How to See Time Spent in Procreate on an Artwork! Knowing how is important for an artist and a freelancer just like you. Track Your Time in Procreate Tap on the Little Spanner & Select Canvas Information Keep track of how long you’ve been working on an artwork in Procreate by going into the little spanner. Next, tap on the canvas information. Go to Statistics Tab Come down to the bottom tab of statistics. You can see exactly how long you’ve been working on this

If you are new to digital art, you are off to a good start by watching this easy Procreate drawing tutorial! How to Draw in Procreate (an Easy-To-Follow Tutorial) Here’s a quick tutorial on how to draw cute little fruits like this! 1. Get Yourself a Fruit   Go to and find yourself a fruit. Once you found a happy fruit, take a screenshot. 2. Start a New Canvas in Procreate Now come back to Procreate and start a new canvas. Make it your screen size and insert your photo. 3.

If you are an animator and you want to know how to duplicate layers in Procreate easily, then this tutorial is for you. Watch our video now! Duplicate Layers in Procreate (An Easy Guide!) Go to the Layers Panel Simply go to the Layers panel. Select Layer and Swipe to the Left Find the layer you want and slide to the left. You will see you have your three options here. Select Duplicate I want you to tap on Duplicate. Now, you get a copy of the layer. Tap on the Selection Tool You can come into th

Do you want to know how to add brushes to Krita? We’ll guide you step by step in this article. But first, let’s get to know Krita. Krita is a free and open-source raster graphics editor . It is mainly used for digital painting and 2D animation. It offers: OpenGL-accelerated canvas Color control, an advanced brush engine Non-destructive layers and masks Group-based layer management Vector artwork support Switchable customization profiles are all include (all are supported in Windows,

In this tutorial, you’ll know how to see brush strokes on artwork in Procreate! Watch our video now and you’ll appreciate any work! See Number of Brush Strokes on Any Artwork! Did you know that in Procreate you can see how many strokes you’ve made on a given artwork? 1. Tap on Little Spanner & Go to Canvas Information Click on the little spanner. And then, tap on canvas information. 2. Select Statistic On Canvas information, go to the bottom tab statistics and you can see I

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