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April 2021

Ever wonder what is a Vector in graphic design? Today you’re going to learn precisely what we mean by the term “Vectors” in the world of graphic gesign. You’re probably here because you got a last-minute email asking for a vectorized image or design. And you’re now freaking out trying to understand something you didn’t even know existed. Or it could be that you’re taking your first steps into the world of digital art. And you’re trying to figure out why there are so many differen

Have you wondered becoming like your friends who are design majors? Are you destined to become the next Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel, or Isambard Kingdom Brunel? A career in design can lead to fame, fortune, and a chance to change the world. But, is life in the design world a good fit for you? There are three things that you should bear in mind. Considerations for Design Majors Natural Abilities Number one is your natural abilities. Do your strengths fit valuable skills in design and art? Visual inte

Get to know some very useful AI design tools for designers. They will surely help you do your work faster or make your hobby more enjoyable! AI is here to stay. And over the last few years it has come on leaps and bounds. And I’m gonna take you through some of my favorite AI design tools for designers. 1. Thispersondoesnotexist Number One is thispersondoesnotexist, which is an AI tool which generates imaginary people who don’t exist. For example, this lady. She’s not real. She

Thinking how to sell a logo design to a client? Setting up any business and keeping it afloat isn’t an easy task to do. Different brands are sprouting up, be it corporate, self-employed, or web-related. But having a logo makes a big difference in brand identity. When selling a logo design to any business, it’ll require two essential aspects to consider.  Firstly, the client must understand the benefits of having a logo design. Otherwise, there won’t be any discussion. Once

If your iMovie Library is taking up an ungodly amount of space, I’m going to show you how to delete iMovie files quickly and easily. Quick Guide Firstly, open up Spotlight by holding command space and search for movies. Then, click Enter. And you will see a little library show up. iMovie Library is what we’re looking for. So, you right click on this and click on Show Package Contents. Inside here, you’re gonna have all of the files that you need to delete. Oh my gosh! That̵

This is how to add custom fonts to iMovie very quickly. So, you might be adding some titles to iMovie. And you’re looking at a font and you’re thinking, well that is pretty damn restrictive. What To Do All you got to do is scroll right to the bottom and click on Show fonts. 2. And then all your favorite fonts will show up. 3. You can then search for something a little bit cheeky, something a little bit unusual. And then you simply select it. Make sure, now here’s the trick, tha

Are you searching for ways on how to find Paypal API credentials? Your API credentials for PayPal are hidden away slightly. And I’ll show you exactly where they are located. Step-By-Step Guide So, first thing to do is , go to Paypal, and go up to the top right hand corner, and go to Account Settings. 2. Once this is loaded, you will go to API Access, Update. 3. Now, we just scroll down and go to Manage API Credentials. 4. And then finally, all we need to do is click Show on each of these (

Do you want to create grainy gradient backgrounds with more grain than your local bakery, like these bad boys I have made here? Well you are in the right place. How To Create Grainy Gradient Backgrounds Step-by-Step Guide 1. Choose an Image So, the first thing to do is come to And find an image with colors that you like. Ah,yes. I’m going to try out this one. I think that the colors in here are fantastic! Absolutely marvelous! So, we’re going to give a shout out to Vane

Here’s the quickest simplest and easiest way to give yourself a custom Behance URL. Instructions Firstly, come into Behance. Secondly, go up to your Account Icon. Thirdly, click on Settings. Next up, you go to Behance URL and click Edit. You can apply whatever you like here. But make sure it’s available. So I’m going to pop in my brand name Delightful Design. And then you click Apply. Every link that you have previously shared to your previous URL will now be broken. So, you wo

Breaking news is: Unsplash has been acquired by Getty Images. What does this mean for the 2 million images on Unsplash? What Remains in Unsplash Unsplash has said, the library will still be free, and that we still own our images. And the license isn’t changing. But all I can say is, nothing is changing yet. Of course, no one is working on the first day and say, right. We’re gonna start putting paid walls onto the Unsplash library. No, they will take it bit by bit. My gut reaction was

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