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June 2021

The ExerSize game trains visual intelligence.  The game practices analyzing relationships between spaces. Visual intelligence is a key skill that helps in diverse areas of life: from sports to architecture By turning this practice into a game, we can improve our ability and become more effective problem solvers, creators and humans. The game was designed by myself and built by […]

People who are gifted with visual aptitude should definitely opt for spatial intelligence careers. Spatial intelligence is one of Dr. Howard Gardner’s eight multiple intelligences. This study explains that people have unique intelligence profiles based on their strengths and tendencies. Those with spatial intelligence learn best visually and think in ‘pictures’. Therefore, visual-spatial learners process […]

A question that comes up frequently on forums and career advice websites: does graphic design require coding? The job description of a graphic designer has changed a lot over the years and branched out into many specialized areas. Nowadays, graphic designers mostly do work on development of websites. Their role is no longer just confined […]

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