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December 2021

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Learn how to copy colors in Procreate and save them! Watch our tutorial now and you’ll have your own color palette! Copy & Save Colors in Procreate (3 Easy Steps!) Here’s a quick tip in Procreate on how to save colors.  Step 1: Bring up Eye-Dropper Tool Firstly, we have to do is select a color and we do this by holding our finger down to bring up the eyedropper.  Step 2: Go to Palettes Tab Once you have the color you like, come up to the color circle in the top right-hand corne

This article presents ten different Taekwondo fonts suitable for working on anything linked to this popular Korean martial arts. The font types outlined in this article are perfect for creating monograms, logotypes, merchandise, business cards, etc. The Asian inspiration is evident in all fonts.  Therefore, they are all perfect for projects that call for the Asian vibe. Without much further ado, let’s go through our top ten Taekwondo fonts curated especially for you. TAEKWONDO Firstly, Da

Are you in need of the perfect pastel color palette for Procreate? Are you looking for colors that are neutral and soft? There’s no need for you to waste time looking for the best pastel color palette on the web. We have done the legwork for you. Below are the best options for Pastel Color Palette for Procreate we have curated for you. 10 Pastel Color Palettes from Delightful Design Many interior designers use pastel colors in bedrooms. This is because it evokes calmness and relaxation. Mo

Marvel at what you can create with an organic pattern generator. Delight, too, at the many possible uses of patterns such as a device’s wallpaper, background or part of an artwork. Patterns invoke a sense of harmony and organization while taking on a beautiful or straightforward design that users find pleasing to the eye.  Graphic designers swear by the power of patterns and what they can do for marketing and overall aesthetic. You will note that patterns have not gone out of style. It do

The industrial stencil font comes in various and numerous styles. It is versatile enough for use on packaging, headlines of posters and digital presentations. Because of its availability and versatility, you are sure to find one that suits your needs and gives your project that X-factor.  Industrial stencil fonts combine minimalism with blocky geometry to create a sleek and strong visual experience.  Its clean lines help your statement stand out and speak for itself.  This post will outline t

Knowing the appropriate graphic design questions for clients will help you maintain your old ones and win new clients.  Understanding your clients would mean knowing the appropriate sales pitch to win them over.. Especially if it’s a lucrative account and will involve a lot of hard work.  This is a client that you want to hang on to and build up a great relationship with.  Suppose you play your cards right and manage the client correctly. In that case, this could lead to further campaig

Even without prior experience in 3D artwork, you will surely enjoy making one by using the best 3D Procreate brushes! Procreate is a fantastic resource for artists in every niche.  It is an app that allows your imagination to come to life with the option of creating stunning 3D designs.  While there is an abundance of brushes and tools to help you accomplish this, it is often hard to know which one is right for you.  We have, therefore,  selected the best 3D brushes to help you and your artw

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