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December 2022


Poems rendered with best font for poetry gives creates the most impact on the readers. Of all the design elements used in modern times, the font is undoubtedly crucial in creating an impression.  The real challenge of modern graphic design is often to choose the right font. There are so much art and beauty in poetry.  Apart from beauty in its message, there is also beauty in form. Choosing the best font for poetry is essential when writing and publishing. Typography is a way of communicating w

What font is cursive in Word? We all want to know which ones are they because not many of us are blessed with an elegant cursive penmanship. We rely on Microsoft Word to help us create beautiful cursive writing. Microsoft Word is an excellent tool for producing various document styles, such as stories, letters, reports, and resumes. The possibilities can be endless. Word is essentially a blank canvas for your creations that can be personalized to suit you and your audience. Microsoft Word allows

Are you looking to learn how to make money with Chat-GPT? Chat GPT is a powerful and free AI chatbot. And you can use it creatively to make money. The key to making money with chat GPT is creating a product or service out of the system. There are infinite possibilities for the type of product that you can make. Anything from eBooks to blog articles to songs, poems, jokes, or even Tinder bios. If you’re creating a service, the idea is to create a very niche use case. Market your abilities t

Are you learning how to use Midjourney? We’ve compiled all of these tutorials just for you! Write Better Prompts Midjourney Prompt Examples Write better prompts with this guide. These prompt examples will definitely spice up your AI art designs and save time! 7 Use Cases NOW Possible in Midjourney There are even important things you need to know about the new algorithm. Make sure to check this article to know more about them. Fast and Relaxed Mode in Midjourney Explained This article talks

Midjourney has announced V4A and V4B and it now supports style and stylize. All About Stylize Stylize changes how artistic you want your art to be going from zero to a thousand. Stylize allows you to either give Midjourney complete default styling control which is great for outputting images that are always going to look aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Whereas a lower stylize value gives you greater control to get more specific looks. But you run the risk of messing it up and creating things

  Do you want to learn how to use negative prompts in a Stable Diffusion Web UI? In this article, we’ll explain to you how to use negative prompts and we’ll go over more reasons why prompts are important. Stable Diffusion 2 Prompts You need to use negative prompts because then you can go from images like this… …to images like these. I’ve collected a list of some of the best negative prompts that you can use. These are collected from Emad from the Reddit communi

AI art can do many things but one thing it cannot do is hands. Look at these examples of hideously atrocious alien-like hand forms that have been generated in AI art. And this comes down to several fangs. Firstly, we’ve grown so used to hands. But in fact, they’re one of the most unusual complexes and strange objects that exist in our biological world. They want you to look at your hand. Put it up in front of your face. Imagine you’ve never seen your hand before if you look at

Here’s everything you need to know about Stable Diffusion copyright. Generative AI is testing the limits of existing copyright law and bringing up a number of new questions. Who Owns the AI-Generated Artwork? The legislation is yet to evolve and make their and to make it clear exactly what is the case of who owns the art made in these systems. So, the first thing to note is that you can absolutely use everything you create in Stable Diffusion for commercial purposes. Firstly, creating an e

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