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April 2022

How Does Art Represent Culture? Art is a representation of culture. It can be both a representation and creation of culture. Elements of a work of art can both manifest existing elements of culture and also define new aspects of culture. For example, a poem may introduce a distinct turn of phrase for a previously undefined experience whilst simultaneously building on the given constructs and trends of the time. Art can be contextualizes what we know as art in a contemporary manner. It can be see

When it comes to digital drawing, there are ample choices of apps for drawing on PC available. Finding the right software for you is arguably the most challenging part. Worry no more! This list of 10 applications breaks down some of the most popular software out there. Each of these applications is current. Most of them are on par with 2020/2021 standards of digital art and hold a stable place in the creative industry.  Some of these applications are designed for illustrators or professionals,

Are you looking for a Procreate alternative for Android? Are you looking for an app that can make design, painting, and drawing as easy as possible? In this article, we give you 10 alternatives to Procreate for your Android device.  Specially designed for people interested in art and style, the following list includes some well-known apps and some brand new ones with innovative options. Whether you are just beginning in this design world or you’re more experienced, they help you create fa

Are you looking for the best Procreate alternative for Windows devices? I have thoroughly researched the 10 best alternative programs to Procreate. Procreate is a very popular platform for digital art exclusive to iOS, but unfortunately, it’s not available to Windows users. Whether you are a novice or a professional, there is a digital art program for you! Creating artwork digitally rather than physically has so many advantages. For example, you can easily undo mistakes, you do not have to cle

Are you using Notion to write a story and are looking for a notion character template? Are you having issues finding some well-constructed character templates?  Here, you will find some suggestions for Character Templates to use on Notion. Since creating a character is no easy task, you will be able to do it easily if you use these tips. All templates you see here are free, with the possibility to support the author with a small donation.  After reading this short article, you will have all th

A creative block is an obstacle between you and your innate creative genius. But what causes creative block? Creative blocks are caused by Limiting beliefs Environmental factors Selfish motivations You can overcome each of these, simply and systematically. Let’s identify these blocks and see what you can do about them. 1 – Limiting beliefs A limiting belief is a subconscious idea sabotaging your ability to create. This could be; I’m not creative, Everyone is better than me, I can’t d

Jotting down and organizing your scribbles or meetings on a Procreate notes template will be time-saving and a creative experience.  Procreate is a state-of-the-art illustration application for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and is used extensively for drawing and painting. It’s pertinent to note that Procreate is primarily a drawing/painting application but has also found uses in note-taking. There are other note-taking digital applications for the iPad, such as Notability, GoodNotes, Noteshe

Do you like to sketch on Procreate, but not sure about which Procreate sketch brush to use? You’re spending a lot of time creating custom brushes; are you wasting your time? There are many ways to sketch; each one has a neat take on sketching, whether you choose charcoal, graphite, or chalk. Using realistic media as inspiration, we found the best brushes that can meet your ‘sketchy’ needs. These brush sets could be an excellent source of inspiration for you. You can choose the

Using the right Risograph color palette for printing can constitute your desired outcome to your content. Choosing the right color is a huge factor in any visual. By choosing a perfect mesh of colors, it can accentuate the content of your data effectively. While a poorly planned set of colors can be misleading, that can also do the opposite of attracting an audience. Color also becomes an emotional indication for most projects. For this reason, it guides your audience towards the emotion you wan

Are you curious about the best Procreate biro brush that can help you express your creativity? Procreate is the leading creative application that allows you to express your ideas on a completely new level. Among the various canvases, stamps, and tutorials that you can find on the app, it also offers a great number of different brushes. One example is the biro brush which has been a favorite among artists. It appears to be especially loved by the users of the app because it offers different sizes

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