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June 2022

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The pervading questions nowadays are: Is Google LaMDA sentient? Google AI: LaMDA, The Future Of Humanity? On June 6th, 2022, Blake Lemoine, a researcher at Google, was placed on “paid administrative leave.” The scientist was removed from his groundbreaking projects because he shared confidential conversations with an artificially intelligent chatbot. He also claimed the software […]

The best pixel font can boost your design plans and project base. With that said, let’s get right into these 10 cool fonts, ranging from the classics up to intricately designed. 1. Typeable Rhinestone RhinestoneOcean designed and created this font style. The foundry is based in Altidona, Italy, and Niccolo. This display font contains a […]

VWhat are glitch fonts or glitch art, as others would call it? Well, it’s a unique style of typography where digital glitches are presented in an aesthetic manner as part of the typeface style. Visually, glitch fonts (and art) are designed intentionally with distortions on the images. This kind of graphic style reminds people of […]

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