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June 2022

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Are you looking for a Notion journal template to start your journey in journaling? We scoured the web for you and tried and tested both the free journal templates and the ones that cost a few dollars. You will surely love this list of our favorites, the 10 Best Notion Journal Templates. Quick Peek: Best Notion Journal Templates Bullet Journal Notion Template Notion Travel Journal Template Notion Reading Journal Notion Five Minute Journal The Ultimate Notion Journal ADHD-Friendly Notion Journal T

Realistic dripping effects with the best wet paint font. We have included a brief description of each font so you can choose the most suitable for your project. 1. Dripping Font Start making striking texts with this font. The Creative Monkey Club created this font. Dripping Ink has a very intimidating style. it mixes drops with scattered letters—pretty exciting font! The dripping font is most suitable for horror movie titles or some Halloween logo. This font is compatible with Cricut and other

Are you looking for a Notion to-do list template to help you keep organized? You can always rely on a good to-do list to simplify your life. It can be a student or work-related or just everyday life that needs some organization and a more vivid outlook of the duties. Among various apps and to-do lists, the to-do list templates available on Notion are the ones that stand out. They are all nicely composed, aesthetic, and easy to use, so don’t hesitate to try the best notion to-do list template p

These are our favorite cactus fonts. If you own a Mexican restaurant, you might want to use these fonts as headings for specific categories in your menu. If you have a cactus or succulent shop, you could use it in your logo or marketing materials. Whatever you need the cactus style font for, keep in mind that you will need to choose a good one that is readable and delivers the message you are looking to send. Here we have a great selection of tried and tested cactus fonts that you can use for an

Knowing how to improve creativity skills in the workplace is primordial. Creativity plays a huge part in our success stories, whether in our careers, personal life, or hobbies. On the topic of careers, creativity is proven to be the leader toward a successful story. Lucky for us, there are numerous ways to address how to improve creativity skills in the workplace. Quick Peek: Address These Needs to Foster Creativity Psychological needs of the employees Design of the office Resources Safety requi

Are you looking for the best Notion template for architects? Have you ever wondered where they get these templates and how much money they spend on them? If so, wonder no more! Some of these templates cost money, and the prices vary significantly depending on what website they are on. In this article, you will find options for Notion template for architects, free and paid, that will be useful for them. Small Business Notion Template by ArcticPineDesign   The first Notion template for architects

Can You Add Custom Fonts To Procreate? Absolutely! It’s easy and there are a few ways to do it. You use AirDrop, drag-and-drop, or mass import all your fonts. Here’s a video guide   Can You Use OTF Font Files in Procreate? Yes: Procreate accepts the  TTC, TTF, and OTF font files.   Can I use Procreate fonts for commercial use? Yes, you can. All the fonts pre-installed in Procreate are free to use commercially. So there is no need to worry about selling products made using th

Are you looking for Procreate scales brush packs? We have gathered the best paid and free options out there. Then, we tried them so you don’t have to. So, here are the 10 Best Procreate Scale Brush options for you to download and enjoy now. Fish Scale Procreate Brush Set Effortlessly create scales, including fish, snakes, crocodiles, dragons, etc. You can focus on creating and completing projects and not spend time drawing the same pattern for hours. This brush will save you time, energy, and

Are you looking for free Procreate stamps with flowers to spruce up your artwork and speed up your workflow? You will surely love the 10 best paid and free Procreate flower stamps we listed below. As with any other brush, template or stamps you can find them for free or for a few dollars. We have tried and tested the best floral stamps and here are our favorites. Quick Peek: Best Procreate Flower Stamps Procreate Stamp Flowers set Rose Flower Procreate Stamp Crystal Flowers Procreate Stamps Set

As a result of the Covid pandemic, various infographic examples for Covid-19 have been created. These infographics convey vital information in a catchy, more understandable and condensed format. Infographics are perfect for those who don’t want to read lengthy text. Moreover, they are efficient in spreading information to the general public. They’re perfect for visual learners, as well as analytical thinkers.  Infographics target mass demographics. The entire point is to encapsulate thi

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