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July 2022

Introduction: What is AI in Graphic Design? AI in Graphic Design is a set of technologies that enables machines to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. It includes the use of algorithms and machine learning to solve problems in graphic design. It can be used for image editing, classification, color manipulation, and font design. AI allows designers to speed up their design process and create data-driven designs that are more likely to achieve business goals. Automated D

Pantone Uses Helvetica Neue Font Pantone uses the Helvetica Neue font in their logo and all products. The geometric san serif font has acquired cult-like status in the design community. And even has a feature-length film documenting its ubiquity. This premium font can be pricey if you want to use it commercially. But there are severalf free alternatives to Helvetica…   Free Fonts Simiar to the Pantone Font There are some excellent free alternatives to Helvetica; here are five of the b

You might have wondered: Can I use iPad as webcam? You might be reading this article because your standard laptop webcams does not give you quality images. Moreover, you might be seeking out a camera that will satisfy your needs. There is hope at the end of the tunnel.  You can use iPad as webcam for your MAC or PC. Moreover, you can also use your iPhone as such. This will allow you to have a high-quality video call with your clients or possible employers. It can also come in handy when you own

Are you looking for animated shadow overlay options? Using animated overlays on your photos increase the depth and feeling of your photos. We researched the overlay options in the market, so you do not have to! You can now turn boring static shots into animated masterpieces with shadow overlays.   1. OMB Animated Shadow Overlays These overlays, created by Delightful Design Studio, will add depth to your designs. There are 12 high-resolution atmospheric animated shadows in the product packag

The Jeep Rubicon Font The Rubicon font is a modified version of Eras ITC.    Where to Download the Jeep Wrangler Font? You can download the font for free here. Fonts Closest to the Rubicon Font 1. Eras Bold ITC The most common response to those seeking the details of the Rubicon font is that it is a modified Eras Bold ITC. The Eras Bold font was designed by two French designers, Albert Boton and Albert Hollenstein, and the International Typeface Corporation was released in 1976. It include

Google Translate is a prominent and certified translation service app with a beautiful, legible font for Hindi. But; Which Hindi Font Does Google Translate Use? The Hindi Font Google Translate uses Is the Arial Unicode Ms.  It is an extended version of the popular font, Arial.  Arial Unicode MS was designed to support a large set of international characters displayed correctly when translated from English.  Arial Unicode MS is a sans-serif of the Neo-grotesque class.  It was designed by Mono

Have you tried listening to art and design podcasts for inspiration? No? Good! We’ll show you how much you’ve been missing! But first, let’s differentiate art from design. Design is more about problem-solving, with successful results. In contrast, art is a form where artists express their emotions and feelings through different media. Here you can find some of the best art and design podcasts that will expand your knowledge and boost your creativity. 1. 99% Invisible Roman Mars

Are you looking for Procreate comic template choices to create comics? You will surely love the 10 Best Procreate comic template options we have gathered for you. Luckily for you, we’ve done the legwork and compiled the ten most awesome comic template options out there. Scroll on to find a template pack that will boost your comic artwork to the next level!   1. 80 Procreate Blank Comic Book Templates This template pack from CreateMonsterCo offers a decisive answer to your frame layout woe

Have you been searching for Procreate fashion brushes to level up your designs and save time? You will surely love these Procreate fashion brushes we curated for you.  We have lined up both paid and premium brushes to suit your budget. Without further ado, here are our favorite fashion brushes.   1. Fashion Alcohol Marker Brushes-20 Brushes Total  Take your designs to the next level!  The possibilities are endless with different colors, tips, patterns, and brushes.  This is a necessary

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