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August 2022


Some of you have asked me to do a video on copyright and Midjourney and this is what I found out in the Midjourney Gitbook instruction manual. There is a section on copyright and trademarks. Now I need to give you a little caveat here that I am not a lawyer or a copyright expert and I will only give you my rudimentary interpretations of what it says on the website. So what it says is that you need to know the rights you give to Midjourney. Can I Sell Midjourney Art? Yes, you can. Midjourney sta

Why is spatial reasoning important for survival? This is because there are many daily activities that entail the use of spatial reasoning. Just think about these seemingly ordinary activities. How can you fit your books and other school supplies in a backpack? How can you tie your shoelaces snugly? What do you do to find your way inside a shopping mall? All these tasks rely on visual skills, which is tantamount to your spatial reasoning. Most people are unaware that spatial thinking affects how

  Here’s a quick video on Midjourney image prompts guide. We’ll look at using URLs and also upload your images directly into the Discord chat. Pick an Image So the easiest way to use images inside Midjourney is to copy an existing URL off the internet. So you can go to which is a free collection of open source images collected and shared by the photographic community. All you need to do is select an interesting image. Click on it. Go to full screen. The trick here i

Here is how to get a cool process video out of Midjourney just like this. It’s super simple. Add Your Imagine Command All you have to do is enter your Imagine command and the prompt that you want. For example, warrior, mermaid, and princess. And then, at the end make sure to add the command video. So, you have to put in: dash dash video. (–video) Then all we do is wait patiently for this to load. Press Add Reaction And then when that’s done, to get your video, you have to go up

If you would like to delete an image from the public gallery in Midjourney so that you can keep your work private and stop people from attempting to copy or steal it,  this is how you do it. Go to Image Generation All you have to do is go to Image Generation. Search for the Cross Icon and Tap It Then, go up to Add Reaction and from there search for the cross. So you can just put a little X in the search box and it will show up. Want to Master Midjourney? My course is perfect for anyone wanting

Here is how you can upload images directly into the Discord chat with Midjourney which you can then use as a basis for a prompt for generating new images. It’s very simple. Click on the + Icon in the Message Bar All you have to do is go into the Message bar and click on the + icon. Click on Upload File Then go to Upload File, and from here you can choose any image. But make sure it’s less than eight megabytes. Then you can send this message into your Discord chat. Tap on the Image in

Are you looking for the perfect Procreate makeup brushes for your portrait and unsure where to go? We have scoured the internet and tried various brushes, so you don’t have to! After a thorough search, we narrowed it down to the top 10 free and paid options to help you find the perfect tool for you. From blush and bronzer to highlighter and eyeliner, here are the ten best Procreate makeup brushes. 1. 1000+ Procreate Brushes by AnywaySmileStudio  Get an incredible variety of brushes and c

Are you looking for the best Apple pencil sleeve on Amazon? Apple Pencil is a fantastic product that allows for sketching, drawing, and note-taking on iPads. It is much more than any other styluses. Apple Pencil has advanced features that many styluses do not have, such as pressure sensitivity, tilt detection, palm rejection, and programmable buttons. Many Apple Pencil users encase the pencils inside sleeves or cases to protect them. We searched Amazon and tried many Apple Pencil Sleeves, so you

Knowing what makes you a good graphic designer is crucial if you want to make a career out of it. Generally, to be a graphic artist, you need to be creative. Hence, graphic designers tend to focus on the technical skills of the profession, overlooking other equally important skills. You may be a fine arts degree holder with honors, but you’re still not convinced that you’re a GOOD graphic designer. Then, do ask yourself the following questions: Do I find it difficult to interact with

Here are some quotes about finishing a project for inspiration when facing setbacks. Completing a project that you will be proud of could sometimes seem daunting. Reading motivational quotes can help you stay on track. Are you curious about what influential people said about completing their daunting tasks? Then look no further! We scoured the web for you and gathered the best quotes from authors, philosophers, soldiers, captains of the industry, and musicians. Reading a couple of these quotes a

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