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20s font

10 Best 20s Fonts to Add Some Art Deco Vibe to Your Text

The 20s fonts remind us of several major social and cultural trends during that period.

This era experienced many industrial, lifestyle, and political growth, like women could vote.

Moreover, jazz became more popular, Art Deco became a significant influence on newly constructed buildings, and movies and sports gained more popularity. 

This article will help creative designers to create art reminiscent of the Art Deco period by using the best 20s fonts. 

Listed below are the top ten fonts from the twenties. 

1. Overlander

20s fonts

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Okestone Creative Shop, located in Victoria, Australia, designed this font. 

Tom is the founder of this creative space.

The font is a strong Art Deco typeface with bold and dense lettering. 

Overlander is perfect for branding, logos, wedding merchandise, business cards, and quotes that want to reflect the ’20s and 40’s on their palette. 

The font is only available in the Latin script and does not need any special software to use it. 

Use this in software that can read standard fonts. 

Overlander is inspired by the train “ The Overland” that runs in Australia, from Melbourne to Adelaide.

This train first ran in 1887. 

The Overlander font has 126 downloads on Etsy and has five-star reviews from delighted customers.  

Pros & Benefits: 

  • The font runs with any application from the Adobe Suite like Photoshop or Illustrate. 
  • This font offers a commercial license.
  • It is available for instant download and is easy to use. 

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2. Monte Carlo 

20s fonts

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New Tropical Design Studio, located in Byron Bay, Australia, created this font.

This is a modern contemporary font that is easy on the eyes.

Furthermore, you can pair this with a variety of other classic fonts like classic serif and minimal sans serif.

Monte Carlo would be perfect for magazine titles or logos that want to grab a high-end designer-client based on fashion or automobiles. 

This font is a unique caps font with two uppercase letters, with every letter having an alternate style that stands out. 

In addition to that, this font is available to download in the form of HTML. Hence it can be used as a regular font. 

It also has punctuations, numbers, and multilingual accents, and letters included. 

The letters on this font, like M, Q, and L, have unique ligatures. 

Monte Carlo is perfect for situations that require an ornate elegant look.

Though quite curvy, it is still legible.

Pros & Benefits :

  • This font is straightforward to use.
  • The unique letters will stand out and catch the clients eye.  
  • Monte Carlo is very much on-trend and has a classy, elegant vibe. 
  • This font supports multilingual accents and letters.

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3. Bellochero

20s fonts

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Bellochero comes from the Winston Type Company.

It is an alternative foundry of the multidisciplinary designer D.S Sjahputra. 

Combined with modernist style and craftsmanship, this font is very sleek.

Moreover, it has a semi-modern feel, making it very elegant and sophisticated. 

Bellochero would be suitable for headings, logos, certificates, labels, and signs .

It suits products that could use some elegance to its design and fit a client who wants sophistication to the product.

This font is available in Latin and Tagalog scripts.

It is available in more than 80 languages, including French, Italian, Danish, Welsh, Filipino, and many more. 

The distinguishing features of this font are that it is streamlined and straightforward with clean shapes.

Bellochero consists of more than 340 glyphs.

It includes capital sets, stylistic sets, unique ligatures, numbers, punctuation, and catchwords. 

This font was created both manually and digitally by hand.

However, this font is only available in PDF or OTF file types .

This means that the user needs to use the font as an image and can not use the font as letters. 

Bellochero is a single, open typed font released in 2019.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Bellochero has an elegant and sophisticated look.
  • It was released very recently (2019) and is “on-trend.” 
  • The font is available in a variety of different languages 
  • Bellocherp has a unique design.

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4. Cameo Appearance


20s fonts

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Nick Curtis designed Cameo Appearance.

He has created eleven hundred fonts in the past fifteen years and has over three million worldwide downloads.

He works with Ilene Strivzer, who owns The Type Studio. 

This very decorative font gives off a fancy art deco vibe with bold and thick block letters that are easy to read. 

For every capital letter, the font is presented in a decorative box.

Every small letter is a simple block capital version of the capital letter. 

Cameo appearance would suit product labels and illustrative book covers.

It suits products for very young range of clients. 

This font has about 41,864 downloads in total and is favorited by 337 people. 

Cameo appearance includes six signs, numbers from 0 to 9, and the Latin script. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This is an entirely free font
  • It is licensed under the 1001 fonts free for commercial use license.
  • This font offers a license for commercial and personal use.
  • The font is very decorative and eye-catching.


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5. Engebretche 

20s fonts

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Engebretche is designed by Raymond Larabie, a Canadian font designer who lives in Japan.

Engebretche is inspired by Sans Serif and has been remodeled with bold and expandable styles, so it looks more graceful. 

This font suits a poster, banner, or business card that wants an Asian- western fusion. 

This font supports various languages, and math symbols, fractions, and numeric ordinals are included. 

The Engebretche is a remodeled version of the original Engebretche regular. 

The remodeled version is a complete start over with new spacing and kerning.

Note that it is inclusive of a web-friendly horizontal precision.

After being remodeled, the letter S has been made more graceful.

The makers created some accents.

Therefore, it is now more inclusive of languages.

The italics used to have slanted dots, and now it has been changed to round dots.

There is a new ”@ “ symbol and a new Indian rupee symbol.   

Engebretche is gonzo journalism inspired early 20th century sans made in 2000. 

This font has 41,418 total downloads and is favorited by 757 people.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Engebretche is entirely free of charge. 
  • The font includes a license that allows free commercial use.
  • It supports ebooks, apps, and the web. 
  • The font is available in different forms like italic, bold, expanded bold and many more. 

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6. Sesquipedalian

20s fonts

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Firstly, Sesquipedalian is designed by Nick Curtis, working with Ilene Strivzer, owner and founder of type studio, for the past fifteen years. 

Secondly, the font is very wide in appearance and gives off a very vintage retro feel to it.

Thirdly, this font would be suitable for movie posters set in the early ’20s to ’50s as it gives off a very retro image.

Fourthly, the font supports various languages, including Dutch, Fijian, Uyghur, Albanian, and many more.

Fifthly, a fan letter logo inspired sesquipedalian for Torre’s Buckdrukerei in Vienna in 1919. 

Sixthly, Sesquipedalian was uploaded on September 22, 2009, and has 25,020 downloads and 97 favorites. 

Finally, the term sesquipedalian was made to describe the words “ a foot and a half long,” and you can see it reflected on the design itself. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • This font is free of charge for commercial and personal use.
  • It offers a license under the “ 1001 fonts free for commercial use.” 
  • The sesquipedalian is very eye-catching if used on posters. 
  • The font supports a variety of different languages. 

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7. Glimmer of Light 

20s fonts

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Sanskerta, who is a modern contemporary designer, conceptualized this font.

This font has a wild and majestic typeface .

It has a very artistic feel, with unique ligatures on the capital letters.

The Glimmer of Light font suits a wedding card for someone who wants an exquisite yet modern theme for their wedding. 

The uppercase letters of this font have extended ligatures.

On the other hand, the lowercase letters are a block capital version of the uppercase letters. 

This font also supports a variety of numerical symbols and all the numbers and is available only in the Latin script. 

The inspiration for this font comes from the “Art Deco” period.

The large variety of stylistic alterations makes this font very versatile. 

The font is available for personal use only .

It has a five-star rating on with over 15 store ratings, all from satisfied customers. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This font is very modern and on-trend
  • The glimmer of light has outstanding ratings and reviews from satisfied customers. 
  • It is free for personal use.
  • The font is downloaded as an HTML file.

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8. Landsdowne 

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Paul Lloyd, an Australian Designer, created this font.

He has a foundry with the name of Greater Albion Typefounders.

Landsdowne has a very retro look with thin block letters and is a vintage all-caps typeface. 

It is the perfect blend between clean and vintage-themed type work, inspired by old advertisement letters. 

This font suits retro posters or a blend of old advertisement themes and new ones. 

This font includes twelve symbols, numbers from 0 to 9, and all uppercase letters and lowercase letters.

It also has more than four hundred seventy glyphs.

They give a robust, sharp, yet clean feel without sacrificing the element of a vintage touch. 

Landsdowne includes multilingual characters like Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Italian, Irish, and many more.

It also has open-type features like alternate characters, stylistic sets, tilting and terminal forms, swashes, and ligatures. 

You may utilize this font for free for both commercial and personal purposes.

Moreover, it has over forty thousand downloads.

However, the font is only available in the Latin script and has regular and slanted styles. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Landsdowne is very minimalistic and consists of retro-themed letters
  • This font is free for personal and commercial use.
  • The extended version with multilingual characteristics and italic versions are for sale.
  • This font contains both uppercase and lowercase letters.

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9. Benguiat

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Firstly, the ITC foundry by Edward Benguiat, designed this font.

Secondly, he is a graduate of Columbia University and The Workshop School of Advertising, New York.

Thirdly, Benguiat is an art deco display font with an Art Noveau influence.

Fourthly, its inspiration comes from the undulating, curving forms of lilies and vines but with sharp edges. 

Fifthly, the art nouveau era typefaces inspire the unusual forms of the letters in Benguiat. 

Sixthly, there are numerous distinctive details in this font:

  • Uppercase A and B
  • Diagonal bar of the lowercase E
  • Loop of the G
  • Slightly curved tail present in the K

Seventhly, this font would is perfect for display and advertising work for the food sector,.

Moreover, it is especially best for chocolates or book covers that are themed in the 20’s era. 

Eighthly, the font family consists of three weights at two widths each, with complementary italics. 

Ninthly, the Benguiat falls in the Serif category.

Tentlhy, the creators made it in 1977 with two more variations. 

The Benguiat pro makers released it in 2008.

It supports Central and Eastern European characters.

Note that the Benguiat Gothic has a much extreme x-height. 

Finally, the Benguiat falls under one of ITC’s traditional typeface families. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • This font has unique letters that stand out and have a history to them. 
  • Benguiat is available to purchase in bundles, giving a good deal on the price. 
  • This font is free for personal and commercial use after purchase.

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10. Fenice 

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Aldo Novarese designed Fenice.

He is an Italian designer with the Compass d’Oro or the industrial design award. 

The font has a contemporary structural style blended with fine serif.

The designs of Didot, Bodoni, and Ibarra inpired this font.

Fenice would be suitable for applications that require an economical use of space, either for resumes or rental applications.

The Fenice is also perfect for branding projects, product packaging, homeware designs.

Moreover, it is also suitable as a text overlay to different kinds of background images. 

This font contains eight styles, has a range of weights, and supports Western European languages. 

Even being a neoclassical design where the fonts usually have a relaxed tone, Fenice has a warm tone around it. 

Fenice looks like a font inspired by the fashion labels from the twenties. 

It offers a design that goes well with the fashion branding aesthetic from back then.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Fenice accommodates today’s technology and typographic needs.
  • This font is straightforward to use.
  • Any design could benefit from the use of this classic design.

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There is a wide variety of fonts in this list.

You will find fonts that are wide and short to fonts, long and thin.

A variety of events, phrases, or objects inspired them.

Professional designers created these fonts.

While some are free, most of them cost money and are available for both personal and commercial use. 

A few recurring characteristics of the fonts to keep in mind while choosing for this theme is that the fonts are all in block letters.

Most of them are in upper cases. 

In addition, a unique ligature for certain letters is a recurring theme.

All of them look very elegant and sophisticated. 

Final Thoughts 

The fonts from the twenties give off a very retro-modern vibe with mostly art deco styles. 

An event, monument, or art phase mostly inspired the 20s fonts.

The designers that have worked to produce these fonts as seen in their stunning styles.

My favorite font is definitely “ Glimmer of Light” by Sanskerta.

This is because this font is modern and elegant.

But at the same time, it still reflects a vintage, retro theme.

Another reason this font is my favorite is because of its ligatures. 

They are unique, especially B, E, and L.

When you see these letters in a word, they make the word look majestic and extravagant. 

Lastly, the fonts are unique, making any modern work with the retro or vintage theme very subtle yet elegant. 

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