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3D illustration resources for UI design

10 FREE 3D Illustration Resources for UI Design

Are you looking to include some beautiful 3D illustration resources for UI design?

Well, here are 10 free resources just for you.

Iconscout Illustrations

Do you want to add magic to your designs? With Iconscout you can do that.

Other than their icons Iconscout also offers illustrations, 3ds, and Lottie animations too.

Discover 6k+ free, beautiful, trending 3d illustrations, that you can use in your website, app, or any of your projects.

The unique feature about Iconscout is that it’s fully integrated with Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, Illustrator, GSuite, and MS Office.

So you won’t have to leave the platform to find and use their assets.

With a stunning library of design assets contributed by designers and artists from all over the world they also provide integrated tools and editors.

This helps you with varieties of assets with enough functionality for necessary modifications.

Both Free and Premium versions are there– at least for the moment.


My first recommendation is Shapefest, which is a fantastic resource.

It has over 160,000 png 3D shapes that you can use to create, abstract, geometric illustrations like this.

They do have a premium set, in that way you’ll have a much larger array of different shapes.


Next up is 3DDD.

An incredible set of 3D Illustrations colorful and playful characters will help you create awesome websites and applications.

They have a demo, which will allow a demo for free.

And they include some illustrations, with a lot of personality.

I love the quirky little noses they’ve got and the fact that they’ve got no necks.

I mean who needs a neck in this day and age.

Superscene 4.1

Coming in at number three is Superscene 4.1.

This is an illustration constructor.

And so you get huge variety of different elements that you can combine in unique and original ways.

You can curate your own narrative with this wonderful 3d elements.

I think it’s absolutely stunning.

It’s one of my favorites for the aesthetics.

I like the way they’re flying in the air.

I mean, who needs to stand on the ground anymore.

In the free pack you just get a little bit of a sample.


Here we have Handz in different gestures.

I can imagine using these app previews and YouTube thumbnails to show where to press and click.

And so they also have a premium version.

But the free version is actually very comprehensive.

I am very thrilled with what you do get within the free version.

You basically get a lot of different skin types and gestures.

3D Illustration Pack

And next up, we have a nice 3D Illustration Pack, which is located in UIFREEBIES.NET.

It’s more of a polished, finished set with some very specific scenes.

See if it fits in with your app, color scheme, or if you’re just looking to doing a proposal.

Okie dokie.

Next up, we have a delightful 3d illustration set.

BAM Free 3D Illustration Kit

And Bam!

And you have a lovely variety of different icons.

They work fantastically for explaining on potential onboarding screens or information screens where you just need to add that extra little touch to your designs.

And I mean it’s nice that it’s not restrictive, I think .

You could probably, play with hue levels on each of these images, get some different tones going in.

So, little quick tip for you, you can take these illustrations and you can easily adjust the hue in Sketch or your favorite design program.

And you can get a completely different color theme very, very quickly.

These were the originals, and I am not so keen on these colors.

And I, here I’ve changed the hue to…I’m not entirely feeling this.

But it’s an equivalent of before.

And then here’s a really fluffy pink and green version, which I think is, yeah, it’s pretty cute.

I think, probably you’ll have a nice little app with this.

I’ll just show you how to do this.

All you have to do to do is take the image.

Come to Color Adjust in your Sketch palette and lighten around the hue.

And you’ll get all sorts of color.

So, there you have it.

There’s a quick tip for adjusting the color palette of icons, free icons very quickly.


Okay, next up we have Slam.

We had Bam and now we’ve got Slam.

They have 16 free illustrations for you.

These are a combination of different technology-based items.

So you have your chip and pin pads.

You’ve got laptops.

You’ve got buzzers, speakers, phones, hard drive, tablets, bins and what-not.

These will work really well as action items on your app as you can see here, and all these tiny icons.


Next up, we Chloe!

I think, I think this could work.

My only hesitation on her is her face.

I do find it to be a little bit creepy, but I think the bodies have been executed fantastically.

3D iPhone Mockup

And finally, we have a 3d iPhone Mockup Library which includes lots of hands holding different iPhones.

So, they’re fantastic for displaying your app .

Final Thoughts

They are my top 10 Free 3d illustration resource libraries, for you.

I’d be really curious to see what you make with them.

And if you have any other resources, pop in a comment below. Have a delightful day.

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