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5 drawing styles you need to try

5 Drawing Styles You Need to Try: Enhancing Creativity

Here are the 5 drawing styles that you need to try!

Enhance your creativity by watching our video!

5 Drawing Styles that You Need to Try!

Hello, my beautiful Procreate friends!

Here are five styles that you should try out.

1. Children’s Illustrations

Number one is Children’s Illustrations.

Here is one of my favorite illustrators, Quentin Blake, and some of his work.

I adore physicians and the feeling that comes out of this work.

How shocked these parents are and how much fun this little lad is having with his drumsticks.

2. Surrealism

Next up is Surrealism.

This is a piece by Salvador Dali.

There is something beautiful about trying to create a realistic form of something that could never exist.

Unleash your imagination and see what happens.

3. Abstract Art

5 drawing styles you need to try

Next up, we have this piece by Piet Mondrian.

It is a very reductionist, minimal abstract piece working only with straight lines, vertical, horizontal, blue, red, and yellow.

But what can you do with such constraints?

Can you create something that is meaningful?

That is engaging?

And is it beautiful like this?

4. Single Line Drawing

5 drawing styles you need to try

How about giving single line drawings a go?

These are some of my own.

I particularly enjoyed this video, as it gives you the chance to reduce something to pure essence in just one line.

5. Anime

5 drawing styles you need to try

And finally, why not give anime a go?

Here is a screen from Studio Ghibli and  Hayao Miyazaki. 

These are beautiful, emotive narration pieces and I simply adore these stories.

So there you have it!

There are five styles to try and let me know if there are any others that you are going to give a go to soon, and have a delightful day!

Final Thoughts

Go out of your comfort zone by trying new styles!

With these 5 drawing styles, you can enhance your creativity.

We hope this article piqued your interest.

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