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5 ways to be more creative. Try these creativity hacks now!

5 ways to be more creative. Try these creativity hacks now!

What is it about creativity? Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not…

Whether you are cooking a meal, making up a children’s story at bedtime, or working on your latest novel, that creative spark that makes everything so much better can sometimes be hard to find.

Creative inspiration can come from the strangest of sources. Some swear by taking a walk and a break, other’s say immersing yourself in art (literature, paintings, a good movie) can get the creative juices flowing again!

But what if you could boost your creativity with the simple click of a button?

Read on for some tried and tested best-buys for nourishing that creative spark.

1. The Artist’s Way Starter Kit

The Artist’s Way Starter kit includes the book, ‘The Artist’s Way’, a seminal book on the subject of creativity, and a ‘morning pages’ journal. bound together in one attractive package for a bargain price.

An international bestseller, this book eschews the Artist’s Way, a twelve-week program that you can dive right into!

Millions of readers have found this book invaluable, and for good reason; it’s a truly inspiring work.

For those seeking means to be more creative, this book is provocative – it evokes a desire in the reader to surpass obstacles, be that writer’s block or poor time management, that might prevent them from being creative.

First published ten years ago, this updated and expanded anniversary edition slightly reframes the Artist’s Way to accurately reflect this century.

This edition features a new introduction by the author, Julia Cameron, who reflects on the impact of the Artist’s Way on her own work, explaining that she keeps row after row of journals containing her Morning Pages on the wooden bookcase in her writing room.

She’s kept these pages for more than twelve years of her life!

These Morning Pages, she says, have been her companion on many travels, and acted as a consolation in times of hardship.

The pages, she says, provide advice, humour, and sanity – from within.

Truly there is no better way to know yourself than to write a journal. The Artist’s Way guides the reader along this road, allowing them to discover themselves, their hopes, their fears, and begin to develop their words as their own sage companion.

The Artist’s Way Morning Pages Journal is laid out simply and clearly, prioritizing the day to allow the writer to make an entry each day.

As Anne Lamott puts it, The Artist’s Way is ‘not exclusively about writing […] it is about learning to pay attention.’

This is, after all, what being an artist is all about – whether as a writer, painter, videographer or musician, art is a means of viewing and capturing the world in a beautiful way.

That perspective is then shared with the rest of humankind through artistic mediums.

Julia Cameron’s introduction and instructions on how to use the journal combine to provide the creative soul with a powerful tool to unlock their creativity, and begin to express their individuality.

The user may even discover things about themselves they have never before uncovered, as they move their hand across the page.

But don’t take our word for it – try this no. 1 means to being more creative out for yourself.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Unlock your creativity with this combined Artist’s Way book and journal
  • Bestselling book on creating art and creativity
  • Updated Anniversary version
  • Journal designed to prioritise days and enable smooth writing
  • An instruction guide to seeing the world through an artistic lens

2. Aura Cacia Essential Solutions Oil Blend, Creative Juice, 0.5 fluid ounce

Often, becoming more creative is just all about creating the right setting.

From decor, to music, to even the smell of your room, creativity simply cannot flourish without the right environment.

Aura Cacia essential oils claim to inspire and nurture creativity with an uplifting blend of citrus, spice, and mint aromas.

Essential oils can be evaporated in your home – ideally in your office, study or beside your favourite writing armchair.

In aromotherapy, these aromatic compounds are believed to be healing and can induce relaxation. Once you are sufficiently relaxed, your creativity can fully awaken.

Aura Cacia essential oils are extracted from their respective plants directly.

Citrus oil, derived from the lemon tree, has energising and motivating benefits, whilst also being cleaning and refreshing.

Spice oil – such as clover oil – is a de-stresser, treating a wide variety of ailments, killing bacteria and leaving the ingester healthy and ready to work.

Meanwhile, mint oil is said to relieve headaches, and has strong antiviral, antibiotic and antioxidant properties. Mint oil will leave your head clear and fresh, perfect for creating art.

They are guaranteed 100% pure, containing no synthetic preservatives, colours or fragrances.

With a child-resistant safety cap, you don’t have to worry about your kiddo chowing down on spicey citrus oils (which, although 100% pure, are probably best not ingested) or spilling your precious, rather pricey-literally-creative-juice.

However, fear-not-damage-by-spillage: essential oils, unlike fatty oils, evaporate completely without leaving a stain or residue.

This brand is also associated with Frontier Co-op, a brand responsible towards both people and the planet.

The Frontier Co-op are a member owned co-operative, meaning that they are owned by businesses and individuals who directly participate in the business. This allows Frontier Co-op to provide high quality, ethical products, and become increasingly sustainable.

They have even developed new organic sources and support natural living spaces!

Use their essential oils to cleanse your body, refresh your mind and relax into a more creative disposition.

Pros & Benefits:
  • 100% natural and free from synthetic preservatives or fragrances
  • A blend of citrus, spice and mint oil with antioxidant, de-stress and energising properties
  • Child-proof cap
  • From Frontier co-op, an ethical, organic and trustworthy brand

3. Genius Joy – Sertonin mood booster

Mental creativity inspired by The Artist’s Way, it’s time to turn now to practicalities – that is, how you can biologically prompt creativity in your body.

Essentially, a healthy (and imaginative) mind cannot exist without a healthy body. Think of yourself like a spaceship, requiring the right kind of petroleom to allow the explorers inside to head deeply, and safely, into outer space…

Perhaps not the most cutting edge analogy, but hopefully you’ve caught the drift: take care of the vessel, and your creativity will flourish.

Hack your body into a more creative disposition with Genius Joy’s nootropic serotonin booster, which claims to be a ‘brain-boosting mood enhancer’.  

In case you’re not familiar with brain chemistry and neuroscience, serotonin is the chemical in our bodies responsible for happiness.

Serotonin is actually found predominantly in our guts (that is, our digestive system) but the serotonin in our central nervous system is what affects our mood.

Low levels of serotonin are associated with mood disorders, like anxiety and depression. Higher levels of serotonin contribute to healthy sleeping, eating and digestion habits. 

The better your level of serotonin, the better – yep you guessed it – your level of creativity will be!

The serotonin enters the body as an amino acid. This means it can be physically supplemented.

Genius Joy’s serotonin booster vitamins are formulated with Sam-e, Rhodiola, ginseng and eleven more vitamins and minerals that will help you focus by elevating your mood.

Sam-e, for example, is a compound found naturally in the body which helps to regulate hormones. 

Rhodiola, a herb supplement derived from the eponymous plant, is a natural adaptogen; this means that, when consumed, it helps the body adapt to stress. 

Ginseng, meanwhile, is well known to boost energy, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and promote relaxation.  

Genius Joy also contains vitamin B-12 and vitamin D, which are both crucial to a healthy mind and body. And, since our bodies don’t make these two vitamins, it’s important to take supplements to ensure you’re getting enough of them.

L-theanine, a vitamin believed to improve sleep quality and stabilise moods, is also contained in these vitamins. 

Last, but certainly not least, 5-HTP is an amino acid which is primarily responsible for boosting serotonin levels. Our bodies use 5-HTP to produce serotonin, so the benefits of supplementing your 5-HTP intake are huge.

Genius Joy has it all!

So, bin the antidepressants and boost your serotonin levels naturally with this vitamin mixture. 

The benefits range from increased focus and cognition, reduced brain fog, reduced anxiety and an elevated, improved mood. 

When we are happy, we remove obstacles in the way of creativity: we feel energised and eager to begin our work.

Life, after all, doesn’t always go our way… However, once external factors are removed, happiness generally centres around our levels of serotonin and, consequently, dopamine.

Every event in our life: finally getting the number of that cute person you’ve been eyeballing at the library for weeks, getting that promotion at work you’ve been working so hard for, being reunited with your family after a long time apart…

This all triggers a natural product of serotonin, enabling greater motivation, a better attention span and more energy.

You work harder, for longer, and with less tiredness.

The flip side of this is when negative events occur in your life: you’re fired or dumped. 

Your serotonin production and dopamine (happiness) levels go down. 

Yet with the proper mindset – knowledge about, and respect for your serotonin levels – you can manage your own happiness and never let negative occurrences get you down

Genius Joy is the first product like this and is designed to be a natural ‘cheat code’ to mood improvement and creativity. 

Each ingredient is proven to make a lasting difference to our bodies and brains.

It’s a healthy alternative to stimulant-based prescriptions doctor’s pass out all too often lately.

Choose a holistic approach to creativity with these Genius Joy vitamins.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Nootropic serotonin booster
  • Natural
  • Contains 5-HTP, vitamin B-12 and vitamin D
  • Contains several other herb extracts and minerals
  • Boosts mood, combats anxiety and stress

4. Indus Classic salt lamps – set of 2

Do you recall earlier we noted the importance of your environment in stoking creativity?

Well, nothing sets the mood of a room more than a rock salt lamp.

The warmth of the glow provided by these lamps is mesmerizing, and the natural beauty of the crystals makes them an addition to any room.

Your loved ones will be flocking to your study/ art space to bathe in the light of your lamps!

Imagine the scene: you’re writing in the pages of your journal, by the serene glow of your salt lamp, the dimly lit room the perfect spot to relax, rest your eyes and let your imagination flow.

Indus Classic, crystal salt lamps come as a set of two and are sold in a range of colours, from light peach to red.

They are set on a very attractive wooden base, and of course an on/off switch power cord and polarised plug.

They even have a quick release bulb for easy bulb-changing.

Interestingly, no two Himalayan salt rock lamps can ever be the same – they are uniquely hand-crafted, carved out of pink salt, straight from the rooftop of the world.

The benefits of these lamps goes beyond decor and atmosphere.

These salt lamps act as ionizers – that is, they change the electric charge of the circulating air – by soaking up humidity.

This purifies the air in the room.

For those unfamiliar with chemistry, Ions are naturally occurring compounds which carry a charge because they have an unequal amount of protons and electrons.

They are caused by changes in the atmosphere: like storms, rain, waves and heat.

Himalayan salt lamps produce ions by attracting water particles – these then evaporate off as a salt solution when heated up by the lamp.

Ions can also be created artificially, by man-made air ionizers.

Natural ionizers are far more beneficial than man-made machines, so a salt lamp is a beautiful alternative from mother nature.

There is research to suggest that higher levels of negative ions (salt lamps form mainly negative ions) in the atmosphere can alleviate depression and sleep disorders.

What’s more, salt lamps are believed to be able to soothe allergies, reduce fatigue and help you sleep.

This is because the salt in true Himalayan salt lamps is harvested from the Khewra mine in Pakistan, and so is hundreds of years old.

These age-old mineral containing salt crystals are particularly helpful for people with allergies, asthma, or other respiritory diseases.

The ancient practice of halotherapy teaches that those with chrnoic respiratory conditons benefit from spending time in salt caves due to the prescence of salt in the air.

This is the same reason people with lung conditions were often sent to the seaside!

Lastly, these salt lamps will neutralise artificial environments.

This means the dim light from the lamps promotes relaxation at the end of the day, as opposed to harsh, bright electric lights which keep you awake.

Unlike artificial lights, salt lamps do not affect your bodies production of melatonin, meaning when you are done creating for the day you will drift off easily into a deep sleep.

Pros & Benefits:
  • Himalayan rock salt lamp set of two
  • From the Khewra mine in Pakistan
  • Unique and hand made
  • Neutralise artificial environments
  • Dehumidify air
  • ionise air currents
  • Reduce stress, create a relaxed mood

5. The World’s Largest Sketchbook

Just look at the design of this beautiful sketchbook! It’s enough to make you want to start creating right away!

This spellbinding Bella-cover sketchbook contains six hundred pages, making it – as the name suggests – the largest sketchbook in the world.

Okay – one of the largest, did you never hear of artistic license…

For those sitting thinking sceptically: ‘I can’t draw, how on earth will a sketchbook help me be more creative?’

Give it a try!

Doodling and sketching is scientifically proven to make you focus and spark your creativity.

Recent research in neuroscience and psychology has illustrated that people who draw are often better at understanding new concepts and focussing, as they employ these skills when they sketch.

Scribbling engages ‘default networks’ in the brain, which usually need external stimuli to remain active.

Basically, doodling wakens up dormant areas of the brain and enhances our cognitive ability.

Drawing has been promoted by many CEO’s of huge businesses, from Ford to Apple to Disney.

Possibly, we could say that we all have the ability to be entrepeuneurs and innovators, but we are trapped in the mundane daily routines and responsibilities of our respective realities.

Sketching helps us break that routine – even if briefly – and let our creativity flow freely.

Forget everything your teachers told you in school, when they scolded you for filling your notebooks with doodles, thinking you were not paying attention.

Doodling actually helps you focus, during tasks such as long calls or meetings. Your hands are occupied whilst your hearing is obviously not, allowing you to reflect on the task at hand.

Drawing can also solve problems, as it causes us to analyse information differently and awakens new networks in the brain. This can aid that ‘eureka!’ light bulb moment creators are often waiting for.

And, doodling helps us work through challenging times. Drawing, like writing, helps to de-clutter the mind by aiding self-expression in the form of pictures or designs.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Bella sketchbook and start today.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 600 pages
  • A non-reflective all-purpose paper with a fine uniform surface
  • A size of 8.5 inches in width by 11 inches in length
  • Suitability for all styles of drawing including pencil, charcoal, and ink
  • Designed to be as beautiful on the outside as the works of art inside!

Final Thoughts

Creativity can be nurtured in a variety of ways – from reading inspiring literature on the subject, to boosting your mood with natural serotonin enhancing vitamins.

Create the perfect setting with Himalayan rock salt lamps and essential oils.

Lastly, let your creativity flow through the pages of your Morning Journal or sketchbook.

Armed with the right tools, what are you waiting for? Go forth and make art!

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