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aboriginal font

10 Best Aboriginal Fonts (Expert Picks)

An aboriginal font manifests the culture, beliefs, practices, history and national identity of a group of people.

Furthermore, the font expresses all these in a very creative way.

It may not be that  useful for corporate purposes, but it will surely look fantastic on texts about ethnicity.

The following fonts will guide those who want to explore and experiment with a new art style. 

All of them are available and some of them are free to use. 

If you’re looking to use some aboriginal font, you might want to try out the following fonts we curated for you.

1. Tribal

aboriginal font

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Tribal is a product of TeaFont, which specializes in creating handwritten fonts. 

However, Alla is the seller of this font from Etsy. 

With over 1048 sales and 58 admirers from Etsy, it is undeniable that graphic artists and designers love the services and products of TeaFont. 

It currently holds 4.5 out of 5-star records and approximately 43 good reviews from its users.

This font is a creative one with a unique and sleek appearance. 

It has a leaf-like design on each letter creating an imaginative item to meet the standards of your creative mind. 

The design can be complimentary with arrow elements commonly seen in creative journals, calendars, notebooks, calligraphy, and typography artists. 

Additionally, it has narrow patterns to provide sufficient space and avoid font disturbance despite being an Aboriginal Font.

Considering its readability and creativity, this works best in chic cafes, coffee shops, and dessert shops. 

This is useful as menu font in a restaurant headboard or chalkboard-like menu themes. 

Tribal may look adorable for some children, making it appropriate for children-related invitations and parties, too. 

This a fun font for any journal and scrapbooking purposes. 

It is only available in capital letters, so it is most appropriate to use as headlines.

In addition to the capital letters, Tribal also offers numbers.

It is downloadable as a high-quality font, specifically 3000 X 3000 300 DPI. 

You might want to clear up space in case your device is nearly full. 

There are available tutorials on how to use and set-up the font. 

The package is flexible enough to create embroidery patterns perfect for personalized gifts. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Creative and chic
  • Supports high-quality designs
  • Useful in embroidery patterns
  • Supports multiple design application

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2. Wadeye

aboriginal font

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Holke 79 is the creator of Wadeye. His name is Borja Holke, and he’s a motion graphic designer who loves to experiment and put crazy and extraordinary ideas to life. 

His career started in 2018. 

Now, he has several online accounts, in which case his Instagram account has over 11 000 followers as of now.

Wadeye, according to Holke, resembles the art of Keith Haring to create an Aboriginal Font. 

As an introduction, Keith Haring’s artworks look doodly and consist of a massive amount of lines to create a subject or an object. 

Similarly, Wadeye looks doodly and has numerous features and lines to achieve the Aboriginal look. 

There are many extra elements found in each letter.

If you’re looking for an experimental and crazy but useful font, 

Wadeye is a good recommendation. 

This is appropriate to use in doodly materials and artsy-themed cafes or food and beverage enterprises. 

This might look good as wall decorations or even in some merchandise, such as t-shirts, headlines, pillowcases, and mugs.

Wadeye is under a commercial license, and it’s available for download as OTPF. 

Aside from the alphabetical letters, it’s also available in numbers, but it can only be used as capital letters. 

It’s compatible with desktop, e-publications, and application use. 

Wadeye has only one style, particularly Regular 400.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Experimental and creative font
  • The commercial license is easily available
  • Doodle and artsy

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3. Solaris

aboriginal font

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Victoria Strukovskaya designed Solaris. 

She is a typeface designer and a graphic designer as well. 

Strukovskaya specializes in creating display fonts and digital art brushes. 

She has several online websites and accounts, which you can see and explore how she uses some of her brushes and fonts in her artworks.

Solaris is a tribal font family. 

Solaris Symbols consist of combinations of dots, lines, and curved elements to achieve an Aboriginal font. 

This is a display font composed of geometrical patterns to accomplish a tribal look. 

Solaris is a unique and aesthetically pleasing yet readable font despite its creativeness. 

Moreover, each design has its unique style.

Solaris is perfect to use for postcards, music albums, book covers, brochures, and even photo overlays.

It works best for any decorative materials, such as t-shirts, mugs, and room decorations. 

For branding purposes, this might also work as packaging fonts of teas and other products.

It supports approximately 11 languages, including French, Italian, and Danish. 

The file is available for download as PNG, TTF, OTF, WOFF, PDF, and JPG. 

This is under a commercial license, in which the Desktop License is the most recommended to purchase. 

There are references on how Solaris can be used.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Readable font
  • Creative, decorative, and stylish
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Flexible to use

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4. Hippie Gypsy

aboriginal font


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The Hippie Gypsy Font came from Cloutier Fontes. 

Steve Cloutier founded Cloutier Fontes in 2010, which started with five fonts. 

Currently, Fontes has over 200 fonts. 

Even the biggest names in the business industry, such as Walmart, Subway, and Kellogs, used some of their fonts for marketing purposes. 

Steve Cloutier is from Canada.

Hippie Gypsy was recently updated last 2018. 

Clearly, the design even resembles its name – Hippie Gipsy. 

Each letter is filled with doodle features and tribal designs to incorporate with the Aboriginal theme. 

Besides, it is not geometrically polished, leaving some decorative and curly edges. 

Hippie Gipsy is bold and available in capital letters alone.

The Hippie Gypsy Font is a bold, intense, and creative font. 

This is not the best choice for corporate and professional materials. 

Due to its unique and robust characteristics, Hippie Gypsy is perfect for typography materials and street art. 

With over 17 000 downloads, this is definitely an excellent font for creative purposes. 

This may fit for t-shirt designs and street-style themed materials.

Fortunately, Hippie Gypsy is licensed for non-commercial use. 

This is available to download for free at Font Space. 

If you are looking for its commercial license, you may refer to their customer support system. 

Since this is a free font, they are accepting donations through Paypal. 

This is available in 55 characters and 53 glyphs. 

For an Aboriginal Font, this offers a good variety.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Bold and intense
  • Available in several glyphs and characters
  • Free download
  • Doodle and tribal appearance

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5. Dali

aboriginal font

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Dali Salvador is another font from the massive collection of Cloutier Fontes. 

In fact, they belong to the top designers of Font Space, having over 232 fonts and 3.9 million downloads in total. 

Cloutier Fontes proves how versatile their fonts are, considering that huge business brands have been their clients as well.

This is a sans serif font. 

In contrast with the Hippie Gypsy, which also belongs to the creation of Cloutier Fontes, Dali Salvador is less intense and bold. 

This has fewer fill features as well.  

Dali has a combination of solid fills and random curve lines to serve as a design fill in each letter of the font. 

Additionally, this is more geometrically polished. 

As observed, the letter i has a unique feature, which resembles a small letter i.

It’s appropriate for typography and street art materials. 

This is usually used as headlines for minimal and not wordy texts. 

If you’re familiar with some Disney movies, such as Moana and Coco, Dali Salvador is somehow similar to the fonts and features as seen in those movies. 

This depicts tribes and may symbolize their culture.

Dali Salvador is available in 39 characters and 36 glyphs. 

This is still useful and versatile despite being available in lesser characters in contrast with Hippie Gypsy. 

Since this is also from Cloutier Fontes, this is not licensed for commercial use. 

Hence, you need to send them your concern, which can be done through Font Space. 

This has approximately 9000 downloads and available for free download.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Bold and intense
  • Available in several glyphs and characters
  • Free download
  • Doodle and tribal appearance

Download Now!” ]

6. Skramline

aboriginal font

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Out Of Step Font Company designed Skramline. 

With over 76 fonts and approximately 600 000 downloads, the company proves they can be a game-changer in typeface design. 

Artists may subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest updates of free fonts and newly-released designs, promos, and discounts.

Skramline is not as readable as other Aboriginal Fonts. 

It is mainly made up of lines connected together to form a complex and abstract-looking font. 

This may be categorized under sans serif since it neither possesses a foot nor a tail at the end of each letter. 

It does not have any curved lines, so it is not for reading purposes. 

It is aesthetically pleasing for artists who are looking for an extremely unique kind of font.

Due to its aesthetic and structure, this is appropriate as headlines. 

This may be perfect for branding materials, such as logo designs and packaging. 

Skramline is perfect for t-shirt designs because of its chic feature. 

Sometimes, artsy cafes and food businesses use these kinds of fonts as an additional aesthetic and to add a modern ambiance to their place or merchandise. 

With over 5000 downloads, this font is surely loved by artists. 

Similar to Cloutier Fontes, this is available for download for free. 

Still, Out Of Step Font Company receives any donation through Paypal. 

Skramline is under the license of creative commons or non-commercial use. 

You may need to contact the designer if you’re looking for a commercial license. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Aesthetically-pleasing
  • Minimalist
  • Free to download
  • Geometrically-polished

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7. Odinson Font

aboriginal font

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Iconian Fonts designed the Odinson Font in 2007, but it was recently updated last April 2019. 

The typeface designer has over 1.7 million downloads in all of their 607 fonts available in Font Space. 

With that huge audience, Iconian Fonts surely is a commendable typeface designing company.  

Dan Zadorozny is the main designer and creator of Iconian Fonts.

The Odinson Font looks like a handwritten font with a non-geometrically polished finish. 

This has only three styles, particularly outline, regular, and light. 

Each style has a unique feature. 

There are additional line designs for some letters, such as N, H, and E. 

This is not as readable as it seems to be, but this is an aesthetically pleasing font for creative and chic designs.

This kind of font is usually used for typography and calligraphy purposes. 

Odinson Font might be appropriate to use as designs for merchandise, such as mugs, t-shirts, pillowcases, etc. 

The outline styled Odinson Font may fit minimalistic designs for room decors and food and beverages enterprises. 

The font may also be appropriate for street style art.

With over 8000 downloads, this font is a hit for artists. 

This is free to download, but the commercial license requires donation. 

You also need to contact the designer to acquire the right. 

This is a three font family-style with over 219 characters and 181 glyphs. 

With this, Odinson Font is a flexible and versatile font to use for almost every artwork. 

Suppose you’re not familiar with downloading and setting up fonts. 

In that case, this might be a problem since there are no available tutorials.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Aesthetically-pleasing
  • Minimalist
  • Free to download
  • Wide range of characters and glyphs

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8. Elder Magic

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Elder Magic has the same creator as the Odinson Font – the Iconian Font. 

Iconian Font gives away over 1000 free fonts. 

You may refer to their official page for more information and the latest updates. 

They constantly post the latest font designs on their page if you’ll love their typeface creations.

The Elder Magic font looks similar to a typewriter font, only a little extra, and there’s more features to look out for. 

This is a geometrically pleasing font, which comprises a combination of geometric lines and curved lines. 

For instance, the letter M has a triangular design, along with the letter E and G. 

Different styles have varied characteristics; you might want to explore them first.

This font is appropriate for typography and street art purposes. 

Elder Magic is not the best choice for corporate, professional, and lengthy materials since its features do not meet a readable font’s standards. 

It is useful for art campaign materials, such as posters and headlines of billboard materials. 

This may be similar to tribal fonts, useful in branding materials of clothing and merchandise businesses.

Elder Magic is a four font family, mainly Italic Style, Regular Style, Shadow Italic, and Shadow Regular. 

Each style’s characters differ, but it ranges from 207 to 210 characters and 166 to 169 glyphs. 

There’s very minimal differences, which is a good thing. 

This is under a freeware license and commercial license.

You need to contact the designer privately for the commercial license.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Typewriter features
  • Versatile
  • Free to download
  • Wide range of characters and glyphs

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9.  Linotype Tiger

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Linotype Tiger has two designers, mainly Joerg Ewald Meißner and Gerd Sebastian Jakob. 

These designers have created over 250 fonts, some of which are award-winning. 

Linotype is the foundry of Linotype Tiger, which is also the one who organized Linotype’s Second Type Design Contest.

The typeface designers described the Linotype Tiger to be a mysterious font and filled with secrecy. 

This is not a readable font, but Linotype Tiger is a creative font. 

Similar to the characteristics of a tiger, this font is bold, competitive, and unpredictable. 

It is geometrically polished and consists of straight lines and sharp corners. 

There are lines inside each letter to depict an actual tiger.

This font is perfect to use for school or academic publications, specifically for university organizations and clubs. 

It’s appropriate for both digital and print materials, but this is commonly seen in online campaigns and Facebook profile frames. 

It’s best to use headlines alone due to its unique and strong characteristics; moreover, this might be hard to read in small and lengthy paragraphs. 

It’s a five family font consists of Brave One, Brave Two, In Wait One, In Wait Two, and Tame. 

It’s available for desktop, digital ad, ebook, mobile app, server, and website use. 

You may choose to buy each style separately, but a bundle is available, which comprises all font styles. 

In contrast with other fonts in this list, this is not available for free download.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Flexible to use
  • Award-winning designers
  • Strong and mysterious style
  • Perfect for headlines

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10. Cali Choco

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Cali Choco came from the creations of Graffiti Fonts. 

Matthew Napolitano designed Cali Choco. 

He also works as a typeface designer and website designer in High Ground Industries. 

He is a full-time artist from the United States, and he has created over 37 font families. 

The Chicano Style became the inspiration and determinant of the font name and style. 

As observed, this looks like a spray paint font, which is commonly seen in street arts and bay area streets. 

It’s characterized by rough patterns and carefree designs to depict an actual spray paint appearance. 

It’s not readable due to its unique characteristics, and it’s not geometrically polished as well.

Cali Choco’s inspiration is appropriate to use in typography and Chicano Style art materials. 

This looks good to use with a skull, flower, and religious elements in both printed and digital arts. 

It might also look good as tattoos, t-shirt, other merchandise designs, and even in-wall and art murals. 

It’s also appropriate to use as sticker designs for cars and motorcycles. 

Despite having only one style, Cali Choco is still useful in almost every artwork. 

The licenses available for Cali Choco includes Desktop Font License, Digital Ads License, Web Font License, Mobile Application use, and Server License. 

This is not a free font as well.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for Chicano Style
  • Flexible to use
  • Spray paint features
  • Strong and rough characteristics

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Final Thoughts

Among this list,  my personal favorite is the Solaris because it is intricate-looking and flexible. 

Not to mention that among all the fonts mentioned, it’s one of the most legible. 

Solaris is a safe choice for artists who struggle to decide which one to purchase or use. 

However, all of them are excellent aboriginal fonts.

How about you?

What would you choose?

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