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About Us


We are Delightful Design Studio 

Since 2014 we’ve sold over 10,000 templates to creatives. We like to make designers lives easier. 

If you have any questions or comments reach out at:

We believe that nurturing creativity will help to meet the challenges of our time. So we provide the best tools for digital artists. 

We also have a Youtube channel with tips and tutorials.

Our founder is Samson Vowles a British designer, you can learn more about his background here.

I am Samson; I dance, I write, I design!


I have an addiction to broccoli and 99% pure chocolate.


For human energy units, I make time-saving tools for designers like you.


I was working the corporate rat race as a UI designer for an Insurance company in Munich, Germany.

The 9-5 grind didn’t do it for my soul.


So I quit and booked the next flight to… Guatemala!


I wanted to work for myself, and creating tools for digital designers seemed like an excellent way to turn my skills into sellable products.


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