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abstract background generator

10 Top Abstract Background Generator Options

Do you need an abstract background generator for a new project?

We searched the internet for you to give you the best generator around.

These background generators are the best option for digital creatives.

They do all the work for you, while still delivering eye-catching designs.

Without further ado, below are the options for the best abstract background generator.

1. Creates Beautiful Background

To quote the old British saying, ‘Background Generator‘ does what it says on the tin exactly! 

If you’re looking to generate an eye-catching background, but you’re not sure how this tool allows users to choose from multiple styles. 

These include ‘colorful,’ ‘graphics,’ ‘galaxy,’ ‘changing light,’ ‘poly,’ ‘dreamy,’ and ‘bars.’

Think first about the purpose of your background. 

A playful graphic design or changing light display is suitable for informal purposes.

If you intend to use the background for work or business, stick to neutral tones. 

Can’t get enough of how great your image looks? 

Look into the ‘Repeated Background’ option to tile your graphic. 

This design can be repeated both vertically and horizontally.

If you’re feeling a little uninspired, the website has a dedicated section of suggested graphics titled ‘7 Excellent Background Image Creation Style Templates You Can Choose’.

This includes a vibrant pastel image aptly titled ‘Colorful,’ a starry design named ‘Graphics,’ and a background called ‘Galaxy,’ which is out-of-this-world.

Do you need to overlay your design with writing?

BgGenerator lets you choose from several text effects to help get your message across.

These include a’ Shadow 3D’ effect, a transparent design for a subtle look, ‘back light’ for text with mystery, and ‘metal text’ for anyone who loves hard rock.

BgGenerator makes this super easy to do. 

If you don’t like your text effects look, click the ‘undo’ button and start again.

The background generator is compatible with most operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux), so don’t worry about missing out!

2. Offers Diverse Designs does things a little differently from most of the background generators in this list.

Users first pick a color from black, white, blue, or red to form their image’s core.

Next, users will see an array of stunning designs in their chosen hues.

These range from a textured, triangular look, a spacey geometric graphic, a gradient that blends to white, a ‘drop in the ocean’ style image, and a plain background.

This tool’s beauty is that if you don’t like how your choice looks, you can see it in a different color!

If you like a little backstory to your background, might be the generator for you.

The developers of discuss at length the story behind their four color choices.

Black is often under-utilized by webmasters, claim, who fear the color is too flat. 

However, with the right choices, you can make this color stand out! says white is a great choice for readability. 

Blue is’ the color of the vast ocean’ and was chosen by 33% of survey respondents as their favorite color.

Finally, red makes us’ halt and pay attention.

Good to know if you want all eyes on your background!

So don’t wait around. 

Go and choose from those four colors now.

3. Background Image Generator Creates Amazing Device Backdrops

Ready to get technical?

Background Image Generator‘ has advanced tools in blending, so you can merge multiple colors based on your preferences.

Colors that blend well include red and blue.

There is an extensive drop-down list of patterns to create a range of designs.

This includes ‘Arab Tile,’ which creates a breath-taking Middle Eastern look.

Another includes ‘Arches,’ which evokes a 1920s Art Deco feel.

If you’re still not satisfied with this, take a look at the ‘blend modes’ on offer.

This overlays your design with further effects to create a more tailored design.

For instance, you may choose to add’ Softlight’ to your ‘Arab Tile’ to produce a more mysterious look.

Further technical tools include ‘pattern intensity.’ 

This allows you to toggle how vividly the patterns in your image appear – whether bold and vibrant or subtle.

Next up is ‘noise.’ 

This is initially turned down to 0%, but users can toggle this to add grain to their background image.

Noise adds all-important texture to images.

With this tool, that texture is totally in your control!

Want to go completely nuts? 

Click ‘Invert Pattern’ and see your design go upside down!

Despite the advanced tools on offer, this is a relatively simple generator and great for those new to graphic design.

Give this one a go if you’re getting to grips with background generators.

4. HalftonePro Doesn’t Do Things By Halves

HalftonePro stands out for some reasons.

First, you have the option to upload your original image to be converted into a random background.

Maybe you have a photo of your family or friends you want as your laptop background, but you’d like to give it that extra ‘je ne sais quoi.’

With this generator, you can do just that!

Overlay your image with fun, quirky patterns and effects.

You have the option to try before you buy with a selection of sample images to use.

There’s even an adorable picture of a kitten for you to play with!

Furthermore, if file formats are important to you, HalftonePro has many benefits.

This generator allows you to export files in a PNG format.

PNG is generally agreed to be one of the higher-quality formats for images, allowing you to save beautifully rendered pictures.

You can also save these designs into formats imported into any graphic software, including Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape, and Illustrator.

If money is no object, there’s also a paid version for you to download images in the SVG format.

This stands for Scalable Vector Graphics.

SVG are files that allow you to display vectors on your website.

The benefits of SVG include being able to scale an image up and down without losing any quality.

Designers will tell you this is a great choice for responsive web design.

Also, try ‘HalftonePro POLYGONS’ for vector low poly generators and ‘HalftonePro STRIPES’ for vector stripe patterns.

You will find links to both of these over at the main site.

5. Waterpipe.js Designs Are Smoking-ly Hot

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!

Waterpipe.js allows the user to create stunning smoky designs.

This is a unique approach to background images and one sure to attract attention.

Like many background image generators, this tool allows you to select color gradients, so you can be precise with how your image looks.

Input these as HEX codes.

The generator offers further advanced tools.

Are you looking for a bold smoky background or one more mysterious?

Opacity is the tool for you.

Toggle for how opaque you would like the pattern to be – from 0% to 100%.

The generator starts at 15% opacity, so you can get a good idea of how the opacity tool works.

When it comes to smoky backgrounds, size matters!

Waterpipe.js allows users to increase the size of the smoky design, from a tiny sliver to one that fills the entire screen.

You can increase the smoke size by a whopping 300%

That’s not all!

This generator allows you to create up to five smoke streams to have multiple designs intertwining.

Don’t settle for less!

6. Polygen and Its App-solutely Amazing Backgrounds

Who says desktop users get to have all the fun?

PolyGen is an app available for download on iOS and Android that allows users to generate background images!

You can create these abstract graphics automatically or by hand, depending on how motivated you feel.

These generated patterns can then be used as mobile or desktop wallpapers, avatars, or cover photos for social media.

PolyGen has created a Tumblr gallery of images to show users what can be done with the app.

Creatives can create amazing photos of animals, food, or natural landscapes with this generator.

Better yet, the brains behind PolyGen have penned several informative pieces so you can understand the app in greater detail.

The developers go into how you can make the perfect ‘low poly gradient’ on the app.

It walks users through the process of choosing colors, then generating patterns, and lastly, locking in your favorite attributes.

Spoiler alert: the results are pretty great!

If you’re not satisfied with how your colors look, fear not.

You can reorder the colors within the app.

Hold down the hue of your choice and pull it to your chosen location.

If you’re not interested in customization, this app allows for true random generation of designs.

Open the app and tap ‘Abstract Colors.’ 

You will soon see a random but beautiful pattern.

If this look isn’t to your liking, hit ‘refresh’ (in the lower left of the interface), and you will find another random background.

However, it’s always better to learn on the job. 

Download the app now and try generating a background yourself.

7. Japonizer: Say ‘Kon’nichiwa’ to Fantastic Backgrounds

Do you like your backgrounds with something to’ say’?

What if that something was ‘kon’nichiwa’?

Japonizer is a generator that allows you to create background images from traditional Japanese patterns.

Japan boasts some of the world’s most beautiful patterns, inspired by its rich and vibrant history.

Many of the countries’ most recognizable patterns (cherry blossoms, ougi, water motifs) are inspired by Japan’s seasons or its Kimono patterns.

These traditional patterns first appeared around the 9th and 10th centuries, according to historians.

Japanese traditional patterns come in different categories, including abstract, nature-based, animal, and plants.

What will you choose?

The Japonizer project’s masterminds have offered many stunning designs, including birds, clouds, and geometric designs.

As with many background image generators, users can choose the size and ratio of the image to fit their needs.

You can also download the background image as a PNG – generally considered the best option for high-quality pictures.

It has something not all image generators allow: Japonizer lets you share your favorite background through a permalink.

This is a great option when you want a second opinion on a Japanese-themed background image before you hit ‘download.’

8. Patternify: The Best Option for CSS Experts

Want to get your background just right?

Patternify is a CSS pattern generator that puts customization at the forefront.

Users are given the option to draw their patterns themselves.

This can be done on a minute scale, allowing you to get every detail perfect.

These patterns can then be customized with HEX colors and opacity (toggle how opaque you’d like the image to appear on a scale of 1 to 100).

Not sure what pattern is right for you?

No need to worry!

Patternify offers a whole range of effective visuals.

You may opt for an ‘old school design,’ mostly consisting of stripes, circles, or zigzags.

Is ‘cute’ your thing?

Opt for a spotty colorful design for an adorable backdrop!

The fun doesn’t stop there!

Patternify has grouped further designs under their ‘miscellaneous’ tab.

These designs include hearts, smiley faces, LGBT+ pride flags, musical notes, and even skulls (spooky!).

This background generator is perhaps the most customizable of all in this list.

Users can access the CSS Base64 code for their designs, allowing them to understand their design on a very precise scale.

If you like what you see, the generator allows you to Facebook ‘Like’ or Tweet it to your followers with social buttons on the homepage.

9. TartanMaker: Highland Glory for All Backgrounds

You don’t have to be Scottish to love tartan.

It’s one of the best-loved patterns in the world, evoking a cozy and rustic feel, whether it’s sported on a kilt, a winter scarf, or … a background image!

That’s why you must consider TartanMaker for your background generator needs.

The generator provides users with three bands (band 1, band 2, and band 3) representing the crisscrossing designs of a traditional tartan pattern.

You then get to choose how these bands appear by selecting from a HEX color picker.

Love the traditional red, green, and yellow tartan pattern?

Just go ahead and input those values!

Are you a fan of the Cher Horowitz yellow, white, and black pattern from Clueless?

Find out where those colors lie on the HEX color scale and input those into the TartanMaker generator!

Need further inspiration?

TartanMaker has a helpful gallery of the best tartan patterns to get your creative juices flowing.

These include a vibrant Irish-themed pattern called ‘Leprechaun’s Gold,’ a patriotic ‘Constitutional America’ theme, and even one named ‘plumb crazy’ (this one you have to see to believe).

TartanMaker has even put together a ‘Hall of Fame’ complete with their all-time favorite designs.

So don’t hesitate.

Get started now!

10. No Stars, Just Stripes for Stripe Generator

A zebra can’t change its stripes!

If you’re someone who prefers stripes over spots, Stripe Generator is the tool for you.

This generator is easily customizable to fit your needs.

Users can drag a toggle from 0 to 50 to decide the size of their stripes.

Need to ‘read between the lines?

You can adjust the spacing of your stripes to allow for wider gaps.

Pick the color of your stripes with the HEX color picker.

Every color in the rainbow (and beyond) is available for you to choose from.

Want to give your stripes a bit of an edge?

Striper Generator allows users to add a shadow to their design, with a toggle that is adjustable from 0 (no shadow at all) to 20 (super-duper shady).

Done customizing your design but want to see your stripes from another point of view?

The’ stripe orientation’ option is worth looking into.

Turn your design upside down, or flip it on its axis for a unique look.

If you’re reading this at Christmas time and require a festive background, why not try a candy cane stripe background?

Pick ‘FF0000’ in the HEX color picker for a ruby red and ‘FFF5F5’ for a creamy white.

Now, doesn’t it feel like Christmas?

If you’re impressed with your design, save it and download it to your computer.

If you’re super-duper impressed, the brains behind Stripe Generator have included donation links to help them keep the lights on.

One final tip?

You can share your design with the ‘SHARE’ option, near the preview option.

Final Thoughts

Have you generated a wallpaper from an abstract background generator?

You’ve read up on what makes these background generators so compelling. 

Now it’s your turn to get started!

Use your knowledge of HEX colors, blending, and CSS to create unique graphic designs.

Be prepared to amaze anyone who sees your Zoom backdrop, smartphone lock screen, or desktop wallpaper.

Get started on it now!

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