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adobe portfolio vs wix

Adobe Portfolio vs. Wix: Which is Best For Me?

Which site is better for creating my site; the battle between Adobe Portfolio vs Wix.

We all love the opportunities for creating sites where we can show our work to large audiences.

When our work gets views from people worldwide, all the hard work that we go through becomes valuable.

Although it was difficult and expensive to create websites for your work, nowadays you have many sites for building your website without having to go through too much trouble.

Website builders let you create your website without having to deal with coding and creating everything from scratch.

Two popular websites that you can use for these purposes are Adobe Portfolio and Wix.

So, Adobe Portfolio vs Wix, let’s look at each of them separately and decide which one is best for you.

Adobe Portfolio

adobe portfolio vs wix

Description and Features

Adobe Portfolio belongs to the Adobe Creative Cloud collection of several apps and services that help creators with photography, graphic design, web development, and video creation and editing.

More information on the services offered by Adobe Creative Cloud is available here.

Adobe Portfolio provides services for editing websites and provides users with online status.

It allows users to build their websites and to collect their work on the website.

The main goal is to have all user projects on one personal website, which you can show to potential employers.

The site targets mainly people who have creative work, and they want to have it all in one place.

 It is a great way to collect all of your past creative projects in one personal portfolio.

The great thing about this personal portfolio is that it is on a website, ensuring the user’s online presence.

Adobe Portfolio contains many ready-to-use layouts that you can select based on what kind of portfolio you want to achieve.

Selecting a specific layout does not mean that you will have the same as others since you can always customize the layout and make it special and unique.

After you reach your unique website design, you can check whether it works for all devices since it adjusts to different screen sizes.

The editing process is easy and painless, making it easy for any creative vision to come to life.

Adobe Portfolio allows the user to create a unique URL based on the users’ wish and protect their page with a password.

You also have the possibility of linking Portfolio with the Behance platform, where you can show your creative work to the world’s largest audience for creativity.

You can access Portfolio for free if you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

Creation of a Project

Adobe Portfolio makes the editing and publishing process easy and fun.

First, the signing in process is different for two groups of people.

If you have worked with Adobe’s other apps or services, then you have to use the account information from there to sign in.

For first time users of Portfolio or Adobe, you have to sign up for a new account.

Second, you continue by selecting a layout given by the system, and then you start editing it based on your preferences.

Remember that even after you have uploaded your work, it is not late to change your layout, and you can still save your work.

After the editing, you start to upload your projects or creative work.

At this step, you can create galleries where you can group your projects as you want to showcase it.

You can experiment a lot here to see which groups or categories would best emphasize your work.

Besides your projects, you can also add projects from other sources such as YouTube.

After you finish the upload and all the work is on the portfolio, you can add descriptions to the galleries.

The descriptions can detail your work, tell why it is important, and emphasize any other achievement that you reached through those projects.

Even at this point, if there is anything that you do not like related to the design, you can always change it.

After all these steps, if you feel like you reached the perfect portfolio, you can finish and save your project.

Meanwhile, you can also sync to Behance if you would like your portfolio to show up in there too.

Before publishing, you can personalize your URL or any other thing that you wish.

After you finish all of these, you can publish your portfolio.

Pros and Cons

One of the main pros of Portfolio is that it is user-friendly and allows the users to edit their layouts easily.

Also, creating the portfolio is convenient since you can do it in a few steps, and the upload of the creative work is quick and easy.

Another advantage is that all the content you upload is automatically ideal for any screen size and device from which the viewers look at the content.

There is a wide variety of layouts that the users can choose, and they are stylish and pleasant to look at.

Portfolio offers up-to-date use of security means to help protect your accounts and projects.

It offers sync with Behance, where your project can get a bigger exposure and an integration with Adobe Lightroom.


You can use Portfolio for free if you already have a subscription to Adobe, which is great.

The great thing is that even if you’re not an Adobe user, you can still use the Portfolio by paying $9.99 monthly.

One of the disadvantages of Portfolio is that their pricing system is inflexible since you only have two choices: you can either pay $9.99 monthly (the advanced plan is $12.99 monthly) or $52.99 monthly for the Adobe package.

Another disadvantage is that Portfolio does not contain eCommerce features for users who want to sell their work online.

What’s more, there are only a few things that you can change after you select the layout, such as the way you organized the texts and the galleries.

Portfolio also fails to offer up-to-date SEO settings, making it difficult to customize your project, which could reach large audiences.

One other disadvantage is that when you upload videos, the interface seems to slow down, making it problematic.

Finally, if you use too much text, Portfolio doesn’t seem suitable for that, which might decrease the quality of your portfolio’s design.


Reviews claim that Adobe Portfolio is the ideal portfolio program for all users: beginners, more advanced users, and professionals.

Beyond that, the fact that the users can use it together with Behance and Lightroom offers advantages for all users.

Another point the reviews mention is that there is a need to use Adobe Portfolio since it is the perfect way to create a space where you collect and show your work.

Also, they mention that you should be careful when you think that you’re doing enough by posting your projects on social media.

This is wrong since you might not be reaching the large audience that you could on other platforms.

What’s more, many people do not use social media for different reasons, which means that your work cannot reach them.

Adobe Portfolio is the right platform to use when you want to show your work’s organized way for large audiences.

Reviews emphasize that creating a portfolio in Adobe Portfolio gives you the power to create the narrative of your projects so that you have the opportunity to share their meaning.

In addition to attracting more audiences, Adobe Portfolio makes you look more professional.

It is always a positive impression when you can submit your portfolio to a potential employer, which could help you get a job more easily.

While people expect Portfolio to be a site that contains all the possible settings and tools, Portfolio offers settings at a basic level.

Portfolio’s main purpose is to be a simple and basic website, which allows you to organize your work easily and efficiently.

It is a good and efficient way to make your projects visible to the world without any other party’s interference.


Description and Features

With its foundation going back to 2006, Wix is among the best programs to create websites in the world now.

More information about the history of Wix is available here.

Wix is a website builder since it includes all features and settings needed to build a specific website.

This means that it is much bigger than simply creating a portfolio website.

Usually, website builders have two categories, one being a platform that provides a simple layout, and you can edit them, while the other category being a platform that incorporates Artificial Intelligence features.

The website of Wix contains both of them together.

Wix has reached a user-base of more than 180 million users, and it has reached more than 190 countries of the world.

It is the best way to create a website even if the user lacks knowledge of coding.


Wix is also ideal for all user-bases, independent of whether they are beginners or professionals.

By providing theme templates, Wix makes it easy for different businesses in the industry and industries to use its website builder.

It has more than 500 templates for specific industries such as hotels and hospitality.

For getting an idea of how this works, you can look for more information on the hotels and hospitality industry template by clicking here.

Wix offers up to seven plans that you can buy based on your needs, but they offer a free plan.

It also offers a guarantee that the money will be back in two weeks for any of their plans.

Each of the plans targets different needs based on whether you’re a small business, a bigger business, or a blogger.

Of course, there are monthly plans and yearly plans in which the yearly plans are beneficial.

The website you create with Wix will automatically adjust to different screen sizes.

Wix is a cloud-based site that can help you create the best website possible while providing SEO tools and other benefits.

Creation of a Project

Before explaining the steps, let’s look at the different ways you can choose to build your website.

Wix Editor is where you can find many templates, and you can edit them to make them unique.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence designs a website for you after you answer a series of questions about your project.

For all those users who love coding, there is also Corvid by Wix, which allows you to code your website and design it as you wish.

As a first step of the process, you have to create an account with Wix to sign in.

The website will ask you some questions about your website, and after you answer them, you’re all set to go.

At the next step, Wix asks you whether you want to let Artificial Design Intelligence create a website for you or you want to continue by designing and editing on your own.

Artificial Design

If you chose the Artificial Design option, Wix again asks you specific questions about your project.

After this, you get a template from the ADI, and they take you to their Editor page.

Here, you can also bring edits and changes that make your website look the way you want.

If you decide to design your website on your own, you will go to the Wix Editor page.

You will get a lot of templates to choose from, which then you can further edit.

At this point, you can also determine who can access your pages, use metadata for SEO purposes, and determine how it will look when you share it on social media.

When you’re uploading content, you can upload photos, videos, slideshows, etc.

You also have the chance to create a blog on your website where you can post as a blog manager.

Wix contains many apps that you can access and use for your website, such as the online store app for conducting eCommerce activities.

As the last step, you only need to publish your website.

Pros and Cons

One of the advantages of using Wix is how the user can choose to create a website.

Even those who have no experience creating a website can choose the Wix ADI feature, which gives them a ready-to-go template that they can further edit.

Another advantage is that Wix has many templates specific to the industry, so if you don’t have time to deal with it, you cannot afford a designer to deal with this safe by using Wix for building your website.

Their pricing offers are flexible since they offer a wide variety of options, which gives the users the freedom to choose.

It contains many elements that collect everything in one place, such as the eCommerce option, SEO tools, and security features, which make the users’ experience easy and quick.

About SEO tools, Wix also gives you analytics on how well you’re doing in reaching audiences.

One of Wix’s main disadvantages is that you cannot change the layout of your website after you publish the website.

Another disadvantage is that you’ll get tons of ads that can disrupt your work if you’re on the cheapest plan.

What’s more, the SEO tools that Wix provides Wix aren’t up-to-date tools that make it harder to reach the intended audiences.

If you want to use the analytics offered by Wix to check whether you’re reaching viewers, you have to change your plan and pay more.

It is also a disadvantage that if a user wants to use another website builder instead of Wix, they cannot transfer their website even though it took time and money to create that.

If you take a price plan to use all sites of Wix, this will be impossible since one plan covers only one site.


A review states that Wix grants you the kind of freedom in designing and editing your website that no other website builder does.

Reviewers also emphasize the huge convenience they have from getting ready-to-go industry website templates, which make their work much easier.

The number of themes that Wix offers is also beneficial since the variety and selection is convenient for the users.

Users also appreciate that they can use Wix to create professional-looking websites even if they don’t have any prior knowledge in coding or website building.

In this fast-changing and demanding world, users love that Wix can solve their website needs with very few time requirements so that they can get back to doing business.

Wix’s SEO tools’ inclusion is useful since they can construct their websites in a way that reaches the largest audiences.

What’s more, the eCommerce option is also a popular feature since many users want to sell the products they create so they can do everything in one place.

The fact that Wix offers many other features makes users love Wix even more.

You may use features such as bookings (where you can offer bookings for anything for your audience), art store (Sell art pieces), and restaurants (online menu, delivery options), among many.

Users also like the option of adding a unique domain name to your website, which can make their website personalized and outstanding.

However, many reviews mention that not being able to change their template limits their creativity since there might be a need to change it due to changes in the users’ businesses.

Also, reviews mention the inconvenience of building your website from scratch if you transfer your website from Wix to another one.

Final Thoughts

So, what’s your verdict on Adobe Portfolio vs Wix?

Which of the two is better for you?

Each of these programs contains advantages and disadvantages.

Adobe Portfolio is to go if you’re a beginner and to look to achieve your website goals in the cheapest way possible.

Although Wix contains a lot more features than Adobe, which can bring many benefits, you have to pay for all of them separately, which in total can add up to a large sum of money.

With Adobe Portfolio, you can create a modern, professional portfolio project easily and affordably.

We hope that this article helped you in deciding which of the two to use.

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