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Find the Right Adobe Product for You in 5 Minutes!

Adobe products abound in the market.

Of course, we all know Photoshop – but what do the other Adobe apps (there are 50 plus of them!) do?

Many are capable of doing the same thing.

I’m going to explain some of these apps, so you can pick the right tool for the job.

1. Photoshop

So let’s start with Adobe Photoshop.

This is the software you want; if you need to manipulate photos, use it to enhance and retouch photos. 

2. Lightroom (Photoshop Lightroom)

Next is Adobe Lightroom, which is a photo editing app similar to Photoshop.

However, it is particularly made for doing minor edits like color and balance and others of large collections of photos.

It doesn’t have pixel-level control found in Photoshop, but that also makes it far easier to learn.

Professional photographers use it as a photo management system for efficiently cataloging, organizing, and post-processing thousands of photos.

3. Illustrator

Then, there’s Adobe Illustrator.

Photoshop works with raster art which means that all photos are stored as pixels.

Illustrator works with vector art, which means that the artwork is stored as an equation.

Vector art can be enlarged while keeping its quality.

Illustrator is great for making icons, logos, technical drawings, illustrations, and graphics.

4. InDesign

Adobe InDesign is what you need to create fabulous layouts and design pages for newspapers, magazines, books, etc.

You can do this for both the digital and printed versions. 

5. InCopy

Next up is Adobe InCopy, a word processor that partners well with InDesign.

You write and edit with InCopy and do your creative design work with InDesign.

Then, you can share your work with your team, which, interestingly, you can do with InCopy.

Most other Adobe products do not allow collaboration.

6. Adobe Bridge

If you are looking to organize your photos and designs, then Adobe Bridge can do it for you.

This is your go-to app for managing your assets, like doing batch keyword or metadata edits or renaming files.

In addition, it’s a required partner for several Adobe products like Photoshop.

7. Adobe Premiere Pro

This app is suited for those who want to edit videos using a timeline panel.

You create and polish videos in no time with this app. 

8. Adobe After Effects

Well, if you want to create a blazing fire background, then look no further.

You can make one hot inferno with this app.

This powerful software allows you to craft amazing visual and motion effects.

9. Adobe Media Encoder

It is used for video conversions into other formats.

Thus, you get the flexibility of storing your media on any device.

10.  Adobe Prelude

If you’re looking to do some pre-editing work on several video footages like screening, tagging, and organizing, Prelude is the software to use.

You use this in tandem with Premiere Pro, where you do the real editing. 

11. Adobe Audition

It is where you do sound editing, recording, and mixing.

This is also the go-to tool in coming up with cool sound effects.

12. Adobe Flash Professional

You use this to create interactive web games and animations, which can include script and sound. 

13. Adobe Flash Builder

Adobe Flash vis a vis Flash Builder – the latter is a tool used by developers to create animations and web games focusing on programming.

In contrast, the latter focuses on animation per se.

14. Adobe Scout

This is the perfect tool for developers who want to profile and analyze content like games made with Flash.

15. Adobe Character Animator

This is an Emmy award-winning software perfect for animators to apply captured live expressions on 2D animations using a webcam.

16. Adobe Dimension

This is the go-to software of graphic designers to combine 2D images with 3D-creating photorealistic images–great for making product prototypes and abstract compositions.

17. Adobe Fuse 

This is a discontinued Adobe product used to create and customize 3d human models with clothes, hair, color, etc.

18. Adobe XD

This is a UX and UI, vector-based design tool used to create mockups for apps without tedious coding. 

19. Adobe Dreamweaver

It is for those who would like to create a website quickly and manage it sans coding.

It presents a visual perspective of your code, can generate commonly used codes, and allows you to edit them

20. Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Pro

Both apps belong to the pack of productivity tools of Adobe Acrobat.

The Reader is used to view, comment, and read PDF files, while Acrobat Pro is for creating, editing, printing, and managing PDF files. 

21. Adobe Creative Cloud

Gain access to all the Adobe Apps by buying them from Adobe Creative Cloud.

Price varies depending on the type of plan you get.

22. Adobe Stock and Typekit

For creative projects, Adobe Stock and Typekit are a must. Adobe Stock will gain you access to curated stock videos, images, and 3D assets, while Adobe Typekit offers an incredible number of fonts.

23. Adobe Behance and Portfolio

These two apps are all about art promotion.

Adobe Behance is the social media platform to join for designers looking to be connected with fellow artists and explore their works.

Now, if you want to showcase your work, then Adobe Portfolio is the best venue for this.

24. Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements

This is the perfect app for digital scrapbookers or those who want a no-frill photo editor, create, organize and share photos. 

25. Adobe Spark

If you want to extend your creativity to videos and not only photos, go for Adobe Spark.

Get to design social media graphics, photos, and videos using this app, simple and easy to use.

26. Adobe ColdFusion

For developers looking to create web applications, Adobe offers the ColdFusion developing tool.

But note that, like the Dreamweaver, they may not be the best in the market for this task(but of course, you may contest that). 

27. Adobe Experience Cloud

This app is the Google Analytics counterpart for Adobe. 

28. Smartphone Versions of the Desktop Apps

Adobe has also launched the smartphone versions of their desktop apps like The Adobe Illustrator Draw, Photoshop Fix and Mix, Adobe Spark Video, Premiere Clip, and Lightroom.

Final Thoughts

Adobe definitely got everything you’ll ever need for any project you’ll ever have.

You can count that each one will do what it promises to do.

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