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affiliate programs for designers

10 Best Affiliate Programs For Designers: The Top Options Reviewed

Affiliate programs for designers can help you make money.

These programs are cost-effective and can help you stand out better than the others in the same market niche.

You just have to sign up on your affiliate program and start earning!

One of its benefits is that it can give extra income.

It is a low-risk investment to improve your market growth, especially when you’re just starting a small business.

Signing up on affiliate programs is one of the best initiatives to do If you are running an online business and need to earn more than expected.

It is good to understand how affiliate programs work to be able to consider what’s best for you.

Are you curious about the top 10 affiliate programs for designers that can help you gain additional income?

Let’s find out more.


Moo offers the opportunity to earn a commission while promoting or advertising their products through your website.

It provides a variety of designs that will suit your theme. 

You just have to promote their products through their link or banner posted on your website to earn.

What’s good about this is that you can promote it on all of your content-based articles, blogs, and other related content on whatever website you have.

The more clicks and purchases their products have, the better commission you can get.

It is one of the best affiliate programs for you to consider with around 8-12% of the 1st paid order of customers going to your commission and 1-2% for returning customers.

Also, it has 24/7 support that you can get in touch with if you have any queries or problems, or if you need help for better utilization.

A set of instructions is provided for an easy-to-use guide so you’ll be able to conduct the ways of adding some links or banners to your website.

Thinking of ways on how to increase your revenue?

Moo can make your dream happen! 

If you’re not familiar with Moo, you may click this link to find out more.


Is your niche all about ‘house’ design?

Then you might want to consider Houzz for a better engagement.

Like any other affiliate program, Houzz offers a commission rate for every click of their link by the viewer.

A 5% commission rate is going to be applied to every product that the customer has availed through your website. 

Throughout the reading, you have to make your audience stick to your website and lead them to click the “Houzz” link to get commissions.

In this affiliate program, you and the viewer are given 30 days to shop for you to get a commission.

The downside is once the 30-day period to shop has expired and the customer hasn’t availed anything, you’ll not get a commission. 

The challenge here is to make the customer amazed by your posted content and make sure Houzz’s links are visible to them.

What’s good about this is that every time you get the client to buy a product, you’ll be getting a more massive commission for having paid for every click.

Sound interesting, right?

If you have questions with Houzz, feel free to click this link for more information.

Eddie Bauer 

Are you a fashion designer with a website that has pure fashion content for women, men, and kids?

Or do you need a new way of increasing the chances of having commissions on your content? 

Eddie Bauer is one of the affiliate programs to make money by redirecting viewers to their website.

It has a good quality of products, which adds up to making your content more appealing and entertaining.

It offers assets that are exceedingly creative for your content such as regular newsletters, exclusive offers, and other incentives.

Like the other affiliated programs, it also has a 5% commission for those who get to refer customers with a cookie duration of 7 days.

If you’re interested in having this Eddie Bauer on your website, click this link.


Did you know that Canva also has commission rates?

Most of the designers use this, especially the students who need high and excellent output for their work.

If your content is inclined with designing, it is imperative to consider Canva as it has a massive influence worldwide.

Canva has a $25 commission on every product that has been purchased by a customer or if the customer signed up with Canva Pro through their link from your website.

It is convenient because you only need to create traffic on their website to get commissions.

You can promote your website wherein people can click the link Canva has provided through social media.

There is a 30-day cookie-based tracking and your commission will be released within 30 days from the first day a customer has clicked the link.

Do not hesitate to consider this affiliate program to be linked on your website as many designers out there seek a quality product for their purposes.

If you want to start earning commissions from Canva, you may visit this link.


PicMonkey is also the most used by many because of its unique features for graphic designs.

If you’re a blogger and your niche is all about the ways and platforms to consider for the best editing tools, you may include this affiliate program for additional commission.

You’ll be having a 30% commission from the initial purchase of the product of a customer who clicked the link provided on your website.

Another good thing about this is that every time a customer has purchased additional products or keeps availing again, you’ll be given a 15% commission.

It has a 45-day cookie wherein you’ll still get credit if someone avails the product later.

You may also earn through referrals.

You’ll earn a $20 commission every time someone you refer annually subscribes to it.

PicMonkey also helps you to build and solidify your presence on social media; thus, they have very reasonable commission rates for designers who tend to earn on their websites. 


You may click this link for a 7-day free trial.

Mighty Deals

Are you a designer whose blogs are all about what kind of layout to use for creative templates, designs, sketches, fonts, icons, and any other related content?

Or are you a customer who seeks a professional or original design for your business or personal reasons?

Through Mighty Deals, you’ll be gaining a 25% commission on every product that has been purchased by a customer that was tracked through their link on your website.

Many can join such as developers, designers, deal sites, coupon sites, bloggers, and anyone attached to their social media.

But how are you going to get paid after all?

You should have a minimum of $50 commission which will be released through your Paypal account after 30 days.

It also has terms and conditions to consider before signing up, like having a website, Facebook, Twitter, blog, and other social media sites

Are you interested in earning an extra monthly income through Mighty Deals?

You may join here!


InkyDeals is one of the best sites for design deals comprising the presets of Lightroom, UI kits, fonts, icons, brushes, vector graphics, website themes, photoshop icons, and other elements.

You may earn a 25% commission from every referred customer who purchases a product through their link on your website.

One of the good things about this is that you’ll get a chance to have a 70% commission on selected products only.

InkyDeals also has premium design resources to offer.

It has good qualities and resolutions that are available and obtainable for customers’ satisfaction.

For all you know, customers want to avail products that are high-quality and worth the pay.

So if you’re going to put a design content-related affiliate link on your site, you might as well choose it as it has a good reputation.

It also has bundles, collections, and unlimited designs to offer which you may use as an inspiration for your content for a more appealing way of capturing the audience. 

All those interested and have a niche related to this or are inclined on social media may sign up now!

Click this link for more details.

Elegant Themes

Looking for templates for your website?

Elegant Themes gives you a quality product for your content!

Aside from templates, it also provides people with money through affiliate program.

Their link will generate income for you in every click and so as purchases a customer has made in its website.

You’ll be getting a 50% commission on every sale that the customer has made through the tracked affiliate link on your website.

They are paying over $3,000,000 per year to 30,000 affiliates on this platform.

Giving the site more traffic will bring you the excellent commission you never thought you’d have.

As merely as promoting through your social media, you are able to create traffic on their website.

If you’re having a hard time setting your profile or need some help setting up your affiliate blog, this link may help.

99 Designs

99 Designs is a crowdsourcing website where graphic designers and clients meet for a proposal or contract to work on.

It is an affiliate program professional designers are working for a paid job and are required to deliver a good quality of graphics for their clients.

You’ll get a $50 commission if a client starts to have a contract with the designer through their link on your website.

For you to generate more clients viewing your website and clicking affiliate links attached, you have to render effort in making all of your social media loud and active always.

Publishing their link to your website and having more traffic will give you hundreds of dollars or even thousands!

Satisfied with the information provided by 99 Designs’ affiliate program?

Join now!


DesignCrowd is a crowdsourcing platform for clients and designers to have a conversation for a paid contract.

There is a short online application for you to be one of the affiliates and all you have to do is promote their website through their links to be included on your website.

Like the other affiliate programs, it also has commissions that earn $35 per sale – a good start for beginners!

The features of the banners of DesignCrowd are beautiful and appealing to the eyes of the customers and that is why you should consider it as one of the affiliate links to be incorporated in your website.

If you’re having content regarding designs, then this affiliate is solely for you!

The more related the affiliate program is to your content, the larger the possibility of clients to be interested and receiving a good commission.

You may contact DesignCrowd for more information or if you have any queries in mind to be asked. 

Final Thoughts

These 10 affiliate programs for designers can help you increase your income and have the potential to grow massively.

Some of you are asking how to heighten sales on your website. 

Well, this is as easy as counting 123, but it requires a lot of effort to stand out and help you pay off your bills. 

Through the broad scope of social media you have, you’ll be able to directly disseminate the information you want to convey to your target audience.

It’s so easy, right?

But the challenge here is, how are you going to make sure that they will click the affiliate link on your website and purchase products from it?

You should pick an excellent strategy for that. 

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