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ai art exhibition

AI Art Exhibition : What Not to Miss

Going to an AI art exhibition is a novel and thrilling way to experience art.

Artists are increasingly using AI to create new and innovative art. 

The following list of AI art exhibitions is not exhaustive but it is a good way to get your feet wet in the world of AI art.

1. AI More Than Human

ai art exhibition

AI: More Than Human is a groundbreaking examination of artistic and scientific advancements in artificial intelligence that examines the development of the bond between people and technology.

Yoichi Ochiai, Mario Klingemann, Massive Attack, Chris Salter, Joy Buolamwini, AND MANY MORE artists, scientists, and researchers have new commissions and projects featured in this exhibition.

Exhibition Details

What: AI More Than Human

When & Where: A Coruña, Spain (5 Sep 2022 – 5 Feb 2023)

Guangzhou, China (25 Jan 2022 – 10 Jun 2022) 

Know More Here: Barbican

2. Artificial Imagination

ai art exhibition

Suhail Doshi

The works on show in “Artificial Imagination” were created by picture generators and feature eight artists who used AI.

The painters employed a range of techniques.

While some used the tool’s suggestions to create sculptures or images, others used their phrases to generate their art.

Sohail Doshi, August Kamp, Fang Yuan, and many more are among the featured AI artists.

Exhibition Details:

What: Artificial Imagination

When & Where: Bitforms Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA (26 Oct- 29 Dec. 2022)

Know More Here: Artificial Imagination

3. Refik Anadol: Unsupervised

ai art exhibition

Refik Anadol

More than 200 years of MoMA art are interpreted and reimagined by Refik Anadol using AI Unsupervised. 

Anadol is well-known for his innovative media works and public installations.

He has created digital artworks that change in real-time, continually generating novel and bizarre forms that cage viewers in a gigantic installation.

Exhibition Details

What: Refik Anadol: Unsupervised

When & Where: Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), Manhattan, New York City, USA ( 19 Nov 2022 – 25 Mar 2023)

Know More Here:  MoMA

4. Art and Music in Light of AI

Anna Ridler

This ongoing exhibition of AI art features musicians and artists who use AI to produce startling uniqueness and innovation.

To develop creative work that neither of them could have imagined on their own, they use AI as a tool, a partner, or a muse.

Many diverse artists, including Anna Ridler, Daniel Ambrosi, Refik Anadol, Scott Eaton, and others, have pieces on display in the gallery.

Exhibition Details

What: Art and Music in Light of AI

When and Where: Ongoing, The AI Art Gallery (online)

URL: The AI Art Gallery

5. FutureFantastic Festival 2023

A selection of artworks and installations created in collaboration with artificial intelligence will be on display at the FutureFantastic festival in Bangalore in 2023.

The exhibition will emphasize the seriousness of the climate changes happening right now. 

The artists all focused on the theme of climate action through different artistic practices, such as interactive installations and performances. 

The featured artists include Tiny Domingos, Tiz Creel, Monica Hirano, Tajinder Singh, and many others.

Exhibition Details

What: FutureFantastic Festival 2023

When & Where: Bangalore, India (2023)

Know More Here: FutureFantastic Festival 2023

6. FMR Festival 2023

FMR – art in digital contexts and public spaces is a biennial festival for artistic processes and positions.

The growing digitalization of daily life implies an extensive bonding of the physical and digital worlds.

FMR depicts contemporary artistic ideas in these scenarios.

Exhibition Details

What: FMR – Festival for Art in Digital Contexts and Public Spaces

When & Where: Linz, Austria ( 6-11 Jun 2023)

Know More Here: FMR 

7. Libertas Collections


In 2022, Libertas launched LibertasART, an online art platform.

She was the first artist to use the Diffusion Algorithm to produce the Spectrum series of works, which portray spectrum art from a machine perspective.

The gallery features 7 collections: Space Wars, Wall on Mountain, War and Spectrum Series, plus Bored Ape Series 1 & 2 and Kooning AI.

Libertas, a digital artist, is from the metaverse.

She is always considering how creative people can be.

She believes that access to artistic expression, which should not be restricted to traditional forms, should be universal.

Exhibition Details

What: Libertas Collections

When & Where: Ongoing, online gallery

URL: Libertas Collections

What Is AI art?

AI art is a form of art that uses AI to generate new and unique art.

It is a recent trend in the world of computer-generated art.

AI artists use artificial intelligence to generate original artwork, which can be anything from paintings to sculptures.

They are often trained on datasets with millions of images, and then their algorithms are used to create new pieces of artwork that mimic the style they were trained on.

AI has been used to create art since the early 1990s, but it is only recently that we have seen an increase in the use of artificial intelligence to create art.

The first AI art exhibition was held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, curated by Alexei Shulgin and his team who are also founders of arts collective Unseen.

The exhibit showcased works from various artists including those created by artificial intelligence, highlighting just how creative AI can be when given access to tools like paintbrushes or a camera lens.

Final Thoughts

AI-generated art has been around for some time and technology has improved significantly.

It can be compared to the early days of photography, when people were amazed by the new art form and how it could change their perspectives on life.

Artists are increasingly using AI to help them in their creative process.

This is a new way of working and it is not yet clear what the artistic implications will be.

AI art exhibitions are an example of the use of AI in the art world.

They have been popping up all over the world and with each one, we see a different way that artists are using AI to help them create their work.

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