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ai design tools for designers

5 Time-Saving AI Design Tools for Designers Like YOU! AI for Web, UI & Graphics

Get to know some very useful AI design tools for designers.

They will surely help you do your work faster or make your hobby more enjoyable!

AI is here to stay.

And over the last few years it has come on leaps and bounds.

And I’m gonna take you through some of my favorite AI design tools for designers.

1. Thispersondoesnotexist

Number One is thispersondoesnotexist, which is an AI tool which generates imaginary people who don’t exist.

For example, this lady.

She’s not real.

She looks real, but she’s not.

We can simply refresh the page, and now we get this rather solemn looking dude.

So, what you might use this website for is generating profile pictures that you can use in your designs without any fear of infringing on anybody’s copyright.

Another really interesting facet of this platform is that it often combines male and female faces.

So, you get some very interesting androgynous faces.

Now, this is the type of man you will find driving a bus.

Here is a vampire who will eat your face.

This is a young Diego Maradona.

A guy who plays water polo.

This girl is a lizard.

This is a child-man.

This is Frida Kahlo’s grandmother.

This man will shoot any live vermin in your garden for a fair price.


Next up, we have app

Now this claims to create your logo using AI.

All you have to do is insert your brand name, and then pick a few, a little keywords.

For example, I put in design, tech, bright, fun.

And something random like, let’s put in curry and then giraffe.

Let’s see what happens.

So, I put in my brand name which is Delightful Designs.

And we’re now going to choose a color theme.

I’m going to go with high contrast.

And now we’re going to see this website generate me a brand new logo for my business.

How remarkable!

So, what do we got.

Generated Logos

Hmmm, this is a little bit dull, I would have to say.

There’s not a lot going on.

It’s just using rounded font and applying a slight gradient.

It’s kind of minimal.

But I’m gonna go on.

This is a little bit more interesting actually, I’m quite enjoying this.

It’s a bit quirky.

It’s a bit Pac Man feel going on.

This is a kind of cheap logo that you’ve paid someone on Fiverr to bash out in three minutes.

Now this has to be one of the worst, most generic logos I have ever seen in my entire bloody life.

It’s got some snow theme coming through repetitively.

I don’t know why I would have a snowman in my design, logo.

I don’t need a couple of boomerangs on my logo.

If I was a pharmacy that would not be my logo.

And another light bulb.

What is it with people and light bulbs?

If there’s something I despise that is using a light bulb.

Wow, this site loves icons to do with light and bulbs.

And there’s another light bulb!

But you may want to play around with it.

And there could be elements at least to start getting your brain tickling.

It’s not working quite yet, but maybe down the line it could.


Next up, we have, which is a bloody marvelous URL I’ve ever seen one in my entire life!

Great job on that.

I adore a good URL hack.

So, what it does is it will use AI to remove the background of an image, which is fantastic.

Because how many hours do we spend on Photoshop, removing background.

So, I’m gonna pop one in of my own and we’re gonna do a little test.

Obviously, you can see here that it has removed the background very well.

I’m pretty impressed, but has not done quite so well with fine details such as hair.

Another thing to bear in mind, that you only get to download a standard sized image.

And you have to upgrade to get the HD image.

We’re gonna have to try this with another photo.

Maybe something a little bit easier. We’ll see how it gets on with an image of a flower.


I think that’s pretty good.

You can see that it has done particularly well with a single object on a high contrast background.

So, if you’ve got something simple to use, I can highly recommend it.

If you have an AI tool.

Please leave a comment in the comments.

That’s where you put a comment.

Let me know what you think of my video about you, AI.

If you’re listening. I know you are.


Next up, we have,

And what letsenhance claims to do is take an image of yours.

And it will upscale it, allowing you to increase the resolution of an image which seems like a fantastic claim that will massively come in useful in a number of situations.

I’ve had lots of clients ask me for a higher res photos.

So, say you are creating something in Procreate, a piece of digital art and you want the max size possible that you want to print it out as large as you could feasibly do.

You could insert it in here and it would upscale it, the reason it has an option for digital art.

So, what I’ve done to test this out, is I’ve inserted four images of the same image and different sizes.

And I’m asking, to upscale these four times. So we’re gonna give this a test.

So, let’s take a look at how these photos managed.

This was the original photo that I used and I inserted that with four different resolutions.

The first was just 10 pixels large.

That is absolutely tiny.

And now we have upscaled it.

And it is upscaled, but it has lost some of the resolution.

Upscaling Images With 100 Pixels

The next one that we tried was originally 100 pixels, and it’s been upscaled to 400 pixels.

And I see here that it’s a pretty good job, I would say.

When you compare it to the original large scale image, it is increasing it in an effective way.

So, I’m pretty impressed with that.

And let’s go to the next one, which is going from 400 all the way up to 1600.

Wow, that’s really impressive.

When you compare it to the original, there’s almost no discernible difference.

There is a little bit of a loss of detail on the edges of the leaves.

But, that’s actually remarkable.

So, you see here if you’ve got an image that’s already 400 pixels large.

It’s gonna work really well.

Now, here’s a big boy.

Now, this is probably where it becomes into its element.

So, we picked an original image that was 2975 pixels.

And we’ve increased it now to almost 12,000 pixels.

We’re gonna take a look at this.

And it looks absolutely stunning.

So, zooming in now.

Wow! It’s, it’s done a fantastic job actually increasing this to 12,000 pixels.

So, yeah.

Put them up to, if you are looking to increase the size of a digital art, or a photo element.

And it is already at least 400 pixels in size.

This is going to be a massively useful, useful tool.


Here we have

This is a platform where you can submit your own photos, and it will use AI to reinterpret them as artwork, in particular styles.

As you can see here, I’ve been reinterpreting my own little face.

And ,and this one has turned me into Medusa.

This one looks like I’m underwater.

And this one looks like I am badly applying some makeup.

And here we turn this flower into something that looks akin to a risotto.

Why might you use this?

Well, you can create some interesting illustrations for your website. You can give a set of photos, a similar look and feel.

You can use it to create some abstract, digital art forms.

For me, I think you’d have to play around with it for a bit longer.

The experiments, I’ve used here are of debatable quality.

But it’s something that has potential.

And I can totally see it taking off in the future.

Runner up:

Okay, next up we have a site of Autodraw.

And what Autodraw claims to do is to guess what you’re drawing and turn it into something that looks more like what you were originally trying to draw.

So, you might use this if you’re trying to put together a quick sketch of a concept, and need some help, making it look like the thing you want it to look like.

So let’s give this a go. I’m gonna try something simple like a banana.

And we’re gonna see if it’s gonna guess. It does! It got banana!

Good job!

So, let’s get the banana and see how’s my banana… Great!

Now we’re gonna try a something that’s little bit more complicated.

Maybe a, let’s go for a giraffe.


How’s my giraffe drawing skills?

Maybe the neck will give it away.


It got a very thin neck. Hmmm…Oh my gosh!

It got giraffe! Fantastic!

We’ve got a giraffe and a banana.

What else can we try?

Let’s try something even more challenging.

I want to try a rocket.


It doesn’t look much like a rocket.

Maybe, we’re trying to give it some more help.

A little window will help.

No, it says bat.

They want a bat for some reason.


We’re gonna do a bat.

Oh, there is a rocket.

It looks more like a rocket, but it’s done pretty well.

I think this is pretty good.

However, the drawings aren’t exactly, fantastic works of art.

I mean they would be great if you are just trying just to put together a little sketch to show some content.

But as a real tool to use and design at the moment, it is not something that is going to be helping you.

Final Thoughts

Smash that Like button.


Hit that Like. Like. Like. I like it. I like. Like. I like it. Like it. I like it a lot.

I said I like it. Like it. I like it a lot.

I am robo designer. ‘Am robo designer. Robo.

I hope this article gave you some idea on useful AI design tools for designers.

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