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DALL•E 2 Is Taking Your Jobs! Designers, Artists, Illustrators Beware

AI image generator DALL•E 2 is days away from public release.
This is going to change the landscape of the creative industries forever.
Suppose you are an illustrator, a designer, an artist, or a photographer.
In that case, you need to know how this will impact your career and industry.
We can see that DALL•E 2 can create these stunning realistic images in any desired style, be it illustrative or photo realism.
And it can do this in a matter of seconds for a very minimal cost.
The pricing structure is going to be about 15 cents per image.

AI Image Generators to Make Some Jobs Irrelevant

Sam Altman, the CEO of Openeye, the company behind DALL•E 2, has some worrying things to say on his blog.
It’s essential, to be honest, that it’s increasingly going to make some jobs not very relevant.
This would also mean that it’s going to make some jobs irrelevant.
It’s going to take jobs, and this may seem alarmist.
Still, it’s nothing new technology has been taking jobs for centuries and centuries.
It is the idea of technology to make our lives easier.
Some say that a decade ago, AI was expected to impact physical work, cognitive work, and maybe creative work.
It now looks like it’s going to go in the opposite order.
This is very interesting because I remember reading many studies that said that the least likely jobs to be automated are going to be creative jobs: graphic design, photography, and illustration.
I even found this website which visualized a lot of the evidence.
And it said the likelihood of a graphic designer job being automated was four percent compared to an airline pilot, which was 32 percent.
We are much closer to automating a lot of the work of graphic designers than we are to replacing the pilots and our skies.

Effect of AI Image Generators on Other Industries

The industries I see that will be immediately affected by this are stock photography.
It’s going to be so easy to put in the exact prompt of the image you’re looking for and generate it for free or next to nothing.
The cost compared to licensing similar images on iStock will be incomparable, especially if you’re looking for some illustrative content for a blog or a book cover.
This means it will also put the work of illustrators up against the wall.
It’s not going to be pretty.
And although it will take some time to become ubiquitous and well used, it will undoubtedly lower the value of the creativity that illustrators can provide.
There’s no other way to look at it than that.
And finally, what if you’re looking for a piece of art or want to create a work of art?
You can easily find some stunning original works that you can essentially claim as being your creations.
So how this affects the art market remains to be seen.

How To Use Dall-e 2 to Create Value

So the real question is, what can be done about this and how to use DALL•E 2 to create value?
Well, one thing you can do is set up a service to manage the use of DALL•E 2.
You could advertise on Upwork, Fiverr, or any freelance services and create illustrations, photographs, and artwork.
And then use AI image generator DALL•E 2 to understand these nuances, get the best results from it, and sell those back to your clients.
People will still be looking for people to use DALL•E 2, too for them.

And for me, the way to approach this situation is to consider DALL•E 2 as a tool that we can use in our toolkit.
It doesn’t do anything of value by itself.
We have to apply it to the real-world situation that will put value.
I can also imagine people busting out endless amounts of stock photography and essentially putting those on stock websites right now.
It will start generating some income while going through this transitionary period.
Please let me know if you have any other ideas on how to use DALL•E 2 creatively.

Using Dall-e 2 with Other AI Tools

I have been thinking a lot about how to combine DALL•E 2 with other AI tools.
For example, the AI writing assistants like Rytr and Jasper are becoming powerful.
How can we create narratives that include imagery and text to create a consistent narrative?
You could ask Jasper to write you a short story and then ask DALL•E 2 to illustrate that story as you go along.

Ai Image Generators and Their Implications

So what does the future hold for AI and humanity?
It is essential to understand that AI is accelerating very fast right now.
And it’s going to have far-reaching implications.
We need to be aware of what is happening because we won’t be able to possibly predict some of the issues that technologies like DALL•E 2 will create.
For example, you can ask the AI image generator DALL•E 2 to manipulate an image in moments.
Previously you would have to do it on Photoshop yourself, which would be an uphill task that would also take some knowledge.
But now, you can do it in seconds, leading to the problem of being skeptical of every single image we see.
Also, manipulating people by sending them photos of things they appear to have done but have not done.
Creativity seems to be much less human than we would have first liked to have thought of.
This can be a hard blow to take, especially for those in the creative industries.
I certainly thought that my sense of creativity set me apart as a very human, conscious, and intelligent.
But now I realize I’m nothing more than a set of biological programs.

Final Thoughts

I hope you’ve enjoyed this video.
Do let me know your thoughts on AI and if there’s anything that you’re interested in particular.
Why not Subscribe, Like, and Comment because it’s great for my ego.
My biological systems will love it.
Have a delightful day!

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