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10 Best AI Logo Maker Apps (The Best Artificial Intelligence Logo Builders)

Just how can an AI logo maker work for your brand?

There are many ways to establish your brand.

Logos are the easiest way to do it.

However, you may think that you do not have the creative skill to make one.

Or, it maybe you just want to get an idea first before you can polish it to your very own logo.

No need to sweat it out.

This is where artificial intelligence logo maker apps can come into the picture and save the day!

Here is the list of 10 of the best AI logo maker apps to get you started with your branding!

1. Kreateable


Kreateable is an online logo design company of repute that enables users to bring to life a compelling and unique logo in minutes.

This online logo maker presents you with open canvas customization concept to design logos using millions of icons, logo combinations, fonts, full-color spectrum tool, and various other elements.

You get an array of logo options in different file formats and variants with the unlimited logo download facility.

On top of that, the user also gets the post-purchase free logo editing feature and unmatched technical support at just $49. 

Create Logo in a Minutes

You simply need to enter your business or brand name, choose a logo from a huge library of templates and designs options, customize your logo in numerous ways, and instantly download your high-resolution files for unlimited use.

Your logo is designed for different file formats including PNG, PDF, EPS, and SVG.

These logos are designed to fit all social media platforms.

What’s even more fascinating about Kreateable logo design platform is that they offer you free editing for 10 days after purchase! 

Build the perfect logo for your business and let your brand shine like never before!

  1. Professional templates
  2. Variety of logo options, variants, and formats
  3. Perfectly fitted logo for social media
  4. Logo editing after purchase
  5. Great technical support
  6. Easy to use interface
  7. Unlimited download logo

Using this AI-enabled logo designing platform, you can create high definition, distinctive, and unique logo for your brand in literal seconds.

You are spoilt for over 3 million icon choices, millions of logo combinations and 1000’s of fonts.

There is an army of the technical support team to assist you in each step.

You get access to unlimited downloads and full ownership of logo.

Everything you get for just $49.  

2. Brandmark

ai logo maker

Brandmark offers free services.

But they also have paid packages.

These packages depend on the personal customizations you want to add for a special touch.

You can make your logo on their online website. 

They have ready to be used design assets.

Try making your logo for free, no installation required, just your internet browser!

What can you do?

  • Export your design to file formats like SVG, EPS, PNG, and PDF
  • Edit and customize
  • Quickly scale text and image size

Basic, Designer and Enterprise Packages

All of these packages are one-time payment only.

Then, you can avail of the specified goodies for life.

Yes, you heard it right!

Absolutely no monthly hidden charges!

You get your logo with full copyright!

Moreover, you can also revise your work anytime, even after you’ve purchased it.

Brandmark Tools

AI Color Wheel

Have you already thought about how your logo will look, except how colors should play?

Well, you can upload it provided that your design is flat (less than ten indexed colors in Photoshop).

AI would suggest different color variations.

You can customize the color scheme by adjusting the color wheels.

Logo Rank

This tool is perfect if you are already ready with your logo.

You will see how it rates based on:




Overall look

Logo Crunch

There may be times where you have to resize your logo into smaller scale.

This is necessary for lower resolutions such as when displayed as merely a hyperlink icon in web pages.

This tool can simplify your logo by:

  • Removing fine details
  • Filling holes
  • Thickening or adding more strokes
  • Boosting thin lines

Font Generator

Brandmark also suggests complementing variations of your fonts like how it does with the color wheel.

Simply input a starting font, and the app will generate variations using Google fonts.

3. Brandcrowd

ai logo maker

Brandcrowd prides itself with more than 10,000 logo designs.

They were crafted by top designers working in a community.

They have logo designs available for a wide range of industries like:

  • Food
  • Photography
  • Pets
  • Technology
  • Wedding
  • Real estate
  • Many more!

Simply type your company name.

Then, AI would generate logos for you to choose from!

From there, you can customize and edit.

Base your edits on how you want your logo to subtly embody what your business offers to society.

It’s fast!

It only takes a few clicks!

Then, you can be ready in as fast as two minutes!

Free Services

Brandmark is offered to everyone at no price.

This is because they want to help entrepreneurs launch their start-up businesses.

Without shelling out money, you can:

  • Download your logo without any watermark
  • Create high-resolution files for your website and vector files for the best printing quality
  • Use files with transparent backgrounds
  • Choose from different logo variations

However, if you want to incorporate complex design inputs, you can consult with Brandwork’s in-house designers.

In that case, you would have to subscribe to the Senior Designer add-on for you to get the perfect logo.

Full Copyright Ownership

You may wonder if you can get your copyright when you only used this app for free.

The answer is yes.

Brand work gives you the universal license for official logos to be used commercially or non-commercially.

If you want to trademark this logo, you need to buy the exclusive license from the designer.

Then, Brand work will transfer the copyright to you.

Everything will be clean.

Brand work will remove the logo on their site so others won’t be able to duplicate it.


Imagine you already have the perfect logo.

Your only challenge is to get the business letterhead to match.

Brand work doesn’t just stop in logo making.

They can help you display your logos in:

  • Business cards
  • Banners
  • Covers
  • Social media pages

They can even print your logos across different merchandise products, stationery, and office supplies!

4. DesignEvo

ai logo maker

Creating your logo may be a daunting task,.

This is especially if you are just business-minded but not gifted in graphic design.

You may even hire a graphic designer to do the work for you.

But here’s a more practical alternative.

You can take advantage of logo maker apps powered by artificial intelligence.

This AI logo maker app is free for everyone.

So there’s no more excuse for people to say they have zero skills in logo making.

No software download, no payment, and no monthly subscription prerequisites.

More than 10,000 Templates for Free

Simply type your keywords.

You have abundant options to choose from the available 10,000+ templates.

They have a long and comprehensive category list to choose from.

What if you’re not satisfied with it and want to add your personal touch?

Then, feel free to customize it with the colors, fonts, etc.

More than 100 varieties of fonts and icons are available for you.

Cloud Memory

Save all your work into your account for reference later.

You can make edits as many as you want at any time.

Once you choose a template, you can customize it by adding icons.

DesignEvo will even offer suggestions from popular searches.

You can also add text for your company name and slogan,.

Then you can also edit the typography as classic fonts or as art letterings.

Furthermore, you can add:

  • Badges
  • Decorations
  • Lines
  • Solid shapes
  • Outlined shapes
  • Banners
  • Symbols

Lastly, you can:

  • Opt for transparent background color
  • Go for the more exciting solid and gradient colors

5. Logo AI 

ai logo maker

This AI logo maker app starts by asking for your logo name.

Then you also need to supply a brief description of your business.

AI will take over and create a design that will match the keywords in your description.

Logo AI guarantees that they produce unique new logos for every single customer they serve.

All their tools are of professional-grade with multiple file-formats available. .

You can freely :

  • Tweak aspects of the layout
  • Search and add more icons
  • Choose the appropriate font

Logo AI has claimed that they have created logos for every industry niche.

Basic, Professional and Brand Logo Packages

Yes, creating a logo is free.

But not everything is absolute.

When you are satisfied with your logo, you can pay logo packages depending on the services you want.

For the Basic Package priced at $29, you get the primary logo:

  • In black and white or inverted colors 
  • 800×600 Resolutions downloadable in JPG and PNG formats

For the Professional Package priced at $59, you get:

  • Higher resolutions of JPG and PNG formats
  • Vector format in PDF for excellent printing quality
  • Logo icons and profile
  • Auxiliary MS Word and MS Powerpoint templates
  • A brand guideline

For the Brand Package priced at $99, you get:

  • Everything from the previous two packages
  • Plus, you get to collaborate with Logo AI’s in-house designer

Logo AI does not only stop at creating your logo.

After you’ve made the purchase, the app will create your own brand asset page.

This is where you can have access to logo files.

So, this will help you create matching marketing materials like business cards, posters, etc.

Here, you can also make unlimited changes to your work at any time.

You can also download your logo in different file sizes, in black and white, or vibrant colors.

6. Design Iconic

ai logo maker

Whereas other AI logo maker apps in this list only require a brand name and a slogan, Design Iconic requires you to indicate your business industry, your name, your business name, your business slogan, your email address, and phone number.

Although the process of creating a logo is free, everyone must create an account where you can save logos.

If you are satisfied with your logo design, they will send the logo with the necessary documents to your email address.

Give it a try, more so especially if your business is included in their comprehensive portfolio list.

They were already featured in business news platforms like Time, Bloomberg, Forbes, Business Insider, Inc., VentureBeat, The Next Web, and TechCrunch.

Basic and Premium Packages

Now, if you are satisfied with your logo design, you would have to pay for it through any of these two packages:

  • Basic Package – this Package, which costs $10, is recommended if you want to go the right way of elevating your brand.
  • Premium Package – this Package costs $20. It is recommended if you want to grow your business globally.

You can go to their website to get the full scope of each Package.

As of this writing, Design Iconic has a limited offer of 50% off the original prices.

So, hurry now and avail of this limited offer!

Professional Logo Making Process

First, you will have to create a brief about your logo project indicating all your requirements, preferences, and references to aid the design experts.

Second, the design experts would analyze your brief and ask similar questions to single out your priorities and your expected outcome.

Third, sketched logo designs will be made and shown to you for your review.

Fourth, design experts will make the final touches according to your instructions.

Lastly, the final logo design will be delivered to you at a specific delivery date with the corresponding full ownership copyright.

7. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brand’s specialty is projected towards online marketing, which is very useful for the digital age at which we’re in.

Typical branding tools such as branded merchandise, business cards, vector images, holiday logos, presentations, logo editor, and brand book are being offered.

But since they are leaning towards online marketing, what’s unique with Tailor Brands is they also offer social tools such as media size logos, advanced analytics, scheduled posts, design posts, and Facebook assets.

Website Builder Tool

They also allow you to build a professional website using their easy-to-use web builder tool.

The best part is how your website can be designed automatically based on your created logo.

You are free to use their logo-making tools provided that you create an account.

Download your logo at low resolutions, but anything more than that, you have to shelve out for a monthly subscription to get your money’s worth.

Logo Making Process

Logo making feels personalized with Tailor Brands because whereas other logo making apps ask for your business name, slogan, and industry, they ask more questions to get a feel of your preferences.

First, they ask what you are working on, whether you sell products, if you’re an influencer, if you run a place, if you’re working on a school project, or if you provide services.

Second, you’ll have to choose your business (e.g., online or in-person).

Third, you indicate your business industry with a brief description.

Fourth, you would have to specify your preferences, for example, do you want your logo to be icon-based, name-based, or initial-based?

Lastly, you are going to take a series of preference tests based on fonts.

Just wait a few moments as the tool designs your logo, creates business cards, and plans your social posts.

This process would only take at least 3 minutes, and you’re good to go!

8. Logopony

They create logos that you can use for websites, business cards, eye-catching designs for social media pages, merchandising materials (e.g., t-shirts, packaging, stationery, and stickers) are more advanced, a logo for your app.

Logopony doesn’t use templates to create your logos.

Instead, they have collected various icons, fonts, and colors from professional designers.

Different logo styles are also available, from abstract, gradient, icon to text logos.

Rest assured that you will acquire all the full ownership rights once you purchase for their professional Package.

Basic and Premium Packages

These packages will surely maximize the value of your money.

All are in one-time payment modes only, with unlimited edits and downloads, as well as instant access at any time.

  • Basic Package – simply includes one simple logo in low resolution and without transparent backgrounds. The one-time payment package costs $20.
  • Premium Package – the scope includes a lot of features such as multiple high-resolution file types, resizable files for excellent printing quality, fonts, color palettes and gradients, professional watermarks, social media kit, business card designs, logo resize tool, unlimited changes and downloads, instant file access, full ownership and access to more than a million images and icons. The Package costs $99. But as of this writing, they are offering a 40% off sale for a new limited offer of $65.

Company Name Generator

There’s no shame if you’re still not clear what your company name is.

Logopony has got you covered!

Simply enter keywords that relate to what your business is about, then AI will generate several unique and catchy company names.

It could be trendy and witty, or it could be wholesome and professional.

They could generate a lot of options for you to choose from.

9. Logoshi


Logoshi was made out of the personal experience of the founder.

He was trying to create a logo for a website wherein he started from scratch, spending days conceptualizing, and working out the graphic design process with Photoshop.

When he was finally done, he received not-so-flattering feedback from his wife.

His next action was consulting with professional designers, but they were too expensive, and some didn’t turn out the way he wanted it to be.

With his web programming skills, he decided to create Logoshi to address similar problems that he had encountered.

Logoshi will provide you with all logo formats for different platforms, may it be for websites, printed in merchandise, printed in billboards, or in business cards and posters.

They can create high-resolution images up to 3800×3800 pix in size, which is more significant than what you get from your phone camera.

Your custom logo goes with social media banners applicable across websites like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etsy, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Vector image formats will also be provided so you can print it from small-scale materials like business cards to large-scale ones like that of billboards, without affecting the image quality.

Like other AI logo making apps, simply type your company name, choose a color palette, and that’s it.

You can then customize your chosen logo with a wide variety of layouts, fonts, and colors.

Basic Logo and Pro Logo Packages

No monthly subscription is required.

Pay once, and Logoshi guarantees you no spam emails would fill your inbox.

  • Basic Logo Package – this Package costs $5, which only gives you your logo in high-definition in black print. Other than that, you would have to buy the Pro Logo to enjoy the coveted features.
  • Pro Logo Package – this Package regularly costs $50. For more info, you can view the full list here.

Logoshi also has a money-back guarantee feature.

When you are not satisfied, design experts will fix your logo for free, or even return every penny you have invested in the worst scenario.

10. Looka

Looka is another one of those AI logo maker apps that is free, but you have to pay.

It basically means that you are free to use their AI-powered logo-generating tool for a test run.

You know, like you’re on your rounds of window shopping.

This is very useful if you are gifted with design skills but only look for ideas to latch into.

However, if you are satisfied and want to download your logo to put it into actual use, you would have to pay: one-time payment mode or monthly subscription.

What does Looka have to offer?

  • Generates hundreds of logo mock-up designs
  • User-friendly editor for customization
  • Export to high-resolution file types in PDF, SVG, PNG, and EPS
  • Multi-color variations or black and white print
  • Has more than 40 different logo versions for your social media profiles
  • Generates 19 business card templates with your logo
  • Instantly sends your logo to a local printing service
  • Features a drag-and-drop editor for web designing

Pricing Packages

Looka offers two types of packages: one-time payment and monthly subscription.

The one-time payment works for logo packages, while the website packages, which need continuous improvements, would have to be paid monthly.

Logo Packages

  • Basic – for one PNG logo file, you’ll have to pay $20
  • Premium – for $65, you get multiple high-resolution file types, various color variations, unlimited edits after purchase, full ownership, lifetime technical support, and brand guide
  • Enterprise – this Package includes everything in the Premium package with additional social media kit and business card designs for $80

Website Packages

  • Starter – recommended for personal use such as for blogs, portfolios, and social media profiles. It costs $10/month.
  • Pro – recommended for private organizations. It costs $20/month.
  • Business – recommended for e-commerce selling. It costs $30/month

Runner-up: Wix

Logo making is just one of the full range of services offered by the Wix company. 

Wix is in the league of leaders in website creation.

The team consists of diverse creative individuals from 8 different countries.

Thus, Wix is your go-to mall for related services that go with launching a business.

Don’t just stop in logo making when they also offer services in starting blogs, web hosting, domains, search engine optimization, online stores, and many more to mention!

Logo Branding Process

First, add the name of the brand and specify preferences and requirements.

Second, share your design style so the algorithm could come up with designs that align more to your taste.

Third, choose from the options and customize away until you’re satisfied.

Lastly, download high-quality image files and print them to your marketing materials.

Brand Building Tools

Why stop at creating your logo when you could sprint to strengthening your brand?

Don’t stop the momentum, and keep the wheels turning!

After getting the perfect logo, get hold of the vector files so you could print your logo design in any size.

Once you get the vector files, print them to your merchandise products.

You can order branded merchandise through Wix, and they deliver straight to your doorstep!

Next, you would have to create an audience and spread awareness to create a buzz in your community.

Creating a website and getting your domain name would be the next logical step to boost your presence in whatever business industry you venture on.

Lastly, continuous improvement is crucial if you want to stay in this competitive game.

Grow your business online by getting a personalized SEO plan, being informed, using proper strategy through analytics, and taking advantage of email marketing.

Final Thoughts 

Take advantage of technology whenever you can like the AI logo maker.

Artificial intelligence has come a long way.

AI can fill in the ‘skills’ that you think you don’t have.

Do you have any suggestions for the AI logo maker apps that you have used?

Have you used any of the logo maker apps in this list?

Feel free to comment and discuss!

Do check out too some of our articles for more informative readings.

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