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ai tools for content creation

7 Must-Have AI Tools for Content Creators! 🤖

Here are 7 AI tools for content creation that will blow your mind!

Welcome to the future of content creation!

With the latest technology, we can now incorporate different multimedia experiences into one place, creating stunning and unique content with just a few clicks.

We will introduce you to some of the best content creation tools that can help you elevate your game.

Tool 1: Runway ML Gen 2, A Video Tool with AI-powered Features

ai tools for content creation

First up, we have Runway ML Gen 2, a video tool that allows you to paint different styles over video clips.

This amazing tool allows you to create impressive special effects on zero budget.

You can either type a prompt or use an image as a reference to apply an image style overlay onto the video, changing the aesthetic completely.

It’s fantastic for creating very aesthetic animation styles.

And the mask mode allows you to select single objects in a scene and give them a unique look.

It’s currently available in beta, and you can apply for it.

However, the original tool created by Runway ML is available to all, and this has a number of AI-powered tools.

You can simply remove video backgrounds by selecting an object in a scene, and it will identify the different layers that exist in your video.

You can also rearrange the composition of your scene by adjusting what content exists.

For example, you can paint objects quickly.

Beyond that, it has automatic subtitling and AI audio cleanup.

The great thing about Runway ML is that you can access it right now.

It’s not in the beta stage, and you can sign up and use this tool straight away.

Tool 2: Soundraw, An AI Music Generator

ai tools for content creation

You might want to add some audio to your video, and for that, we have found Soundraw, which is an AI music generator.

What we love about this is that you can quickly generate unique, compelling tracks in a matter of seconds.

To start, choose the length, tempo, and adjust the mood, everything from angry to dark or dreamy or elegant.

You can also start off with the genre, such as Lo-Fi hip-hop.

Once it’s loaded, you’ll get music.

And what you can do is adjust the thematics of this by changing the tempo, instruments, and theme.

If you want to dive in for greater control, you can turn on Pro mode.

This allows you to adjust the tempo, beats per minute, and the exact instrumental compositions of your piece.

You can create as many songs as you like for free, but if you want to use them commercially, you can subscribe for $17 a month.

Tool 3:, A Realistic Text-to-AI Voice Generator

ai tools for content creation

The next tool we want to introduce is, which is the most realistic text-to-AI voice generator.

With its built-in emotion algorithm that detects the tonality within a piece, it applies different emotional intonations.

Then, you have a variety of voices, each with its own emotional repertoire.

For example, Emily’s voice sounds friendly, while Axel’s voice can sound angry or excited.

This tool also has a huge library of different voices.

It’s perfect for creating voiceovers for your videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and even virtual assistants.

Tool 4: Podcastle AI, Podcast Enhancer

Now, if you’re working on a podcast, and you’ve just created the voiceover and the audio, you might want to put that in Podcastle.

It is a podcasting AI tool, which allows you to automatically remove noise as well as filler words.

So it will identify if you’re saying Ahh or Uhmm and it will quickly clean them up.

Tool 5:, An AI Art Generator

Next up is which is an AI art generator specifically for game design.

However, it is usable for a whole host of other situations.

You might have been using Midjourney and Stable Diffusion for your own image generation.

But I think Leonardo is the strongest player on the market right now.

That’s because it has a user interface that is more approachable than the locally run Stable Diffusion.

And it also has more features than Midjourney, with the ability to train your own models.

You can currently join the beta for free with 250 free images every day.

Tool 6: Kaedim 3D, Image-to-3D Generator

Next up is Kaedim 3d which allows you to create 3D objects from images.

And as you can see from their example, all you have to do is upload an image and it will create 3d models for you.

This is a great image-to-3D tool.

It does not have a free starter plan.

But you can try it out for just $6 where you get three generations.

From the premium trial, you get four generations and an unlimited polycount.

It’s not a cheap product if you want the full premium pricing, but if you’re a 3d developer, this can save you a lot of time.

You can also imagine taking jobs from gig platforms like Upwork and Fiverr.

Tool 7: Tome, AI-Powered Storyteller

Next up is one of my favorites which is Tome which is an AI tool that is going to replace PowerPoint presentations.

You can simply enter a prompt and it will generate not only the content, and images but also the layout for a presentation.

Here, they put in Cloudhop, a new flying bus that transports people and it immediately created the structure of the presentation, images as well as some usable content.

We’ve got a presentation fleshed out, complete with images created with Dalle.

So if you’re wanting to quickly flesh out a concept, then this is a great starting point.

You get something that looks professional In a matter of moments.

Final Thoughts

These AI tools for content creation can help you elevate your multimedia experiences to the next level.

With these seven AI tools, you can create stunning art, videos, and presentations, add realistic voices, and generate compelling music tracks.

We see the future of content creation moving towards almost one single platform for all our content creation needs.

The line between video, audio, and text is blurring, and with these tools, the multimedia experiences that we’ll be able to create are endless.

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