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almanack of naval ravikant review

Almanack of Naval Ravikant Book Review: No Filler Book

Here’s The Almanack of Naval Ravikant review that you might be searching for.

It’s quite simply the best book I’ve ever read in my life.

It is a tantalizing read filled with as much dense and beautiful information as I have ever come across.

There is absolutely no filler in this book.

There is no wasted space.

It is concise and dense and beautiful read.

Glimpses of The Author in the The Almanack

Naval is quite simply a remarkable man who has a unique ability to re-articulate some of the most important findings in humanity into approachable and concise language.

He is unafraid of so many things.

And he’s unafraid to go into the grave.

And that comes out his book.

Naval has left a profound reasoning on my mind.

He has the belief and conviction in what he says that allows me to change my own mindset.

Improving Efficiency By Using Your Leverage

One of my favorite chapters, talks about the importance of leverage.

This Almanack of Naval Ravikant review talks about this salient point.

Using your leverage is about how we can use some of the technologies or tools available to us to massively increase our output.

There is a horrendous thought that prevails in culture at the moment.

That the more hours you put into a project, the more you’re going to get out.

The harder you work, the better results there will be.

But this is a fallacy.

Because we exist in the age of technology and leverage.

The leverage can be either money, it can be labor, or it can be technology.

For instance, it could be a book, a website, a movie, a film that can be reproduced, millions of times at no extra cost to the inputs that you are inserting.

It’s a revolutionary way to change your mind.

Growing up, I started off delivering newspapers at the age of 12.

And each day, I was paid two British pounds which is probably about $3 a day for my two hours work every single morning.

I did this 364 days a year, with only Christmas off.

And there was no way to improve my efficiency of delivering newspapers.

This is your introduction to the job market capitalism.

And it programs you.

It programmed me at the beginning to see wealth as an hour worked, as an hour paid.

But that is not how this game works.

And as soon as you move on to that next level up the ladder to entrepreneurship, and you’re using other tools to increase your outputs, you are moving in a new lead, in a new way.

You become a different animal.

Positivity Is a Winning Attitude

Another chapter that resonated with me so deeply was the chapter on happiness- where Naval talks reframing every potential negative situation in a positive manner.

For example, if you are late for your bus, you might say, well, now I’ve got more time to enjoy the flowers.

Or if you lose your phone down the toilet, you say well at last I am free of that damn awful beast I was addicted.

This is the time I need to reset and evolve.

Final Thoughts

This book is perfect for anyone looking to improve their life.

It delves into everything from capital accumulation, to the philosophy of happiness.

I adore this book.

It’s free.

You can download a PDF or an audio guide for no cost at all.

I particularly recommend the reading list right at the end of the book.

It has a wonderful list of books that helped Naval and that I have now begun reading for myself.

You should read this book, if you are looking to become wealthy and happy.

And that should be everyone.

We hope that this Almanack of Naval Ravikant review has helped you find your path to wealth and happiness.

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