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app to make quotes for instagram

10 Best App Options To Make Quotes For Instagram

Do you want to use an app to make quotes for Instagram without sweating it out?

We have lined up the best apps to help you out.

“Immortalizing” the Best Moments of Your Life

We all have photos of the magical moments of our life.

Naturally, we want to post them in Instagram or other social media apps.

With the emerging trend of quote images on social media, you will need a beautiful caption for your post that inspire others.

People love to engage with impactful graphics that are pretty self-explanatory and inspiring.

Captivating quotes are the total game-changers that can turn your favorite sayings into winning Instagram quotes.

Consider grabbing a few ideas before rushing to post your Instagram photo with just a one-word caption or an emoji.

It’s a natural human tendency to share your feelings and emotions with others on social media.

Be it a moment of happiness or capturing the incredible beauty of a beautiful sunset in your post.

A well crafted-caption might be the main focal point of any Instagram post that can multiply its impact by quite a bit.

A relevant quote that is the perfect caption to a great photo could easily go viral in social media.

Post useful stuff with totally mind-blowing Instagram captions that your viewers will like. 

Blow away your Instagram followers with memorable quotes that speak for themselves.

Straight-to-the-heart quotes can take your post to the next level.

Moreover, you can always get your followers see the way you want them to view it.

Many Instagram quote maker apps are available with lots of functionalities.

So let go of the clutter and opt for one of them to help you with your quotes.

Amp up your beautiful images with short and memorable captions to give your photos a new meaning.

Create some incredibly gorgeous images with these cool apps.

Anyone can use this: business owners, influencers, brand promoters, or just an everyday Instagram user

You can even share these edited photos to other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr.

The Instagram quotes maker apps can also be used to create a beautiful background for your quotes with any photo you like. 

We have a handful of Instagram caption maker apps to help you create your lovely quotes,.

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the options for the best app to make quotes for Instagram.

1. Canva

Many businesses use canva to create high-quality business quotes to achieve their specific marketing goals, like driving sales and building up a brand affinity.

Canva is a highly-functional and easy-to-use graphic design tool to create awesome templates for your quotes.

Just download the app, sign up, log in, and immediately get started with a wide range of fonts, sizes, backgrounds, colors, and alignments to customize your text.

You can try adding animations to your text to level-up your Instagram quotes game.

You can do a lot of marketing with canva from posts, flyers, blog graphics, brochures, ebooks, banners, and others.

Here is a quick guide on how you can use this quote maker app:

  • Download the app, or create a free account, choose the Instagram post from the available templates in the dashboard.
  • You’ll notice plenty of free layouts, many free and paid background images available to choose from.
  • Separate sections for free elements, shapes, and text are also available to select the style you wish.
  • You can upload your images by selecting the upload tab.
  • Once your image is uploaded to canva, you can then start to create your Instagram post.
  • Edit the image to the way you want by applying custom filters, text, contrast, adjust size, and colors.
  • If you want, you can use its pre-made layouts or text-based pictures to your advantage.
  • Publish your changes and fill your Instagram feed with amazingly rich content connecting to your audience at the same time.

App Details: Compatible to be used on iOS, Android, and web apps.

2. IntraText

The IntraText editor allows you to add beautiful text to your photo and hopefully gain a bunch of new followers, comments, and likes.

Create beautiful graphical text messages with various font types, frames, colors, emoticons, and multiple backgrounds before posting to the network.

Style it up with beautifully branded content and share it with the world on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

Decorate your pictures with your favorite text to make a famous quote.

It has tons of different fonts and backgrounds to spice up your visual content, whether you want to inspire others with an inspirational quote, convey a brand message, or just make your travel snapshots more exciting.

It enables you to send posts instantly to Instagram and share your thoughts with all of your viewers.

Generate your quotes from different fonts, styles, colors, and backgrounds, and forward it to your friends in just one click.

Here is a quick guide for how to use it:

  • It’s available for free download.
  • Once you download it, simply open it and type in a message.
  • Style your text from the available font by choosing the one you love the most.
  • Select a suitable background from the variety of options available.
  • Give your text a lovely color shade.
  • Resize your text to the way you like.
  • It gives ease to select photos from Facebook Album or photo gallery.
  • It’s the best quality that allows you to export your caption pictures directly to Instagram.

App Details: Compatible with iOS, Android 2.2, and higher.

3. Text2Pic

Text2Pic is an App with multiple ranges of fonts and effects.

Apart from that, it has a sound feature, and you can either use a music file or your own voice to make your quote image more hilarious to impress your friends.

It enables you to make beautiful text pictures with lots of features, not just gather meaningless likes but to start meaningful conversations, create connections with your followers, and generate lots of engagement.

Create a beautiful text design that stands out, avoid using the same tired old lines and fonts everybody else is using.

This app can also be used for creating logos and auto-connects with social media to update your posts seamlessly.

Here is the guide to use the Text2pic app:

  • Firstly, download the app.
  • Choose your image that you wish to create a quote for.
  • You will find an option for a transparent background in the app if you want you to opt for it.
  • Select your text style from the multiple available options.
  • Various kinds of photo filters are available, select the part you want to add with the slider option.
  • With its feature of Word Art templates, you can generate a ton of likes.
  • Select from gradient, watercolor, and gold foil font effects to make manual customization for a unique look.
  • It has a Free stock image library powered by Pixabay.
  • Now instantly upload your creation with a sound effect that fits your mood. 

App Details: Compatible with iOS 8.0 and up, Android 2.3 or higher.

4. Word Swag

Add Swag to your Instagram captions with Word Swag App that transforms your captions into elegant words written on a beautiful picture. 

This app includes millions of free backgrounds powered by Pixabay, some preloaded quotes, and some world-class text effects like stamp, gold foil, and watercolor to create something marvelous.

When it comes to adding quotes, it will be easy to create a beautiful piece of art with word swag that you can share with your friends via Instagram. 

Its notable features are a perfect tool for graphic designers and bloggers to create breath-taking artistic pictures with accurate quotes.

For business promotion, also it gives some cool features like adding multiple versions of logos, which is excellent for promoting your business.

Follow the guide to use Word Swag:

  • Download the app.
  • Open an image you want from your camera roll and select a style of your choice.
  • Type in your quote in the text editor to create a true masterpiece. 
  • It arranges your text automatically in a pretty cool way to frame your image.
  • An “Invert” button is available to make your text transparent. 
  • It offers some fresh graphic fonts and layout combinations to create inspirational quote images.
  • Click on the color pallet to select a variation and pick your color.
  • Add an image filter that suits your vision.
  • You can also adjust the brightness and transparency of the background.
  • Your picture with a quote is now ready to be shared on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr.

App Details: Compatible with iOS, Android.

5. InstaQuote

InstaQuote can be your go-to app for turning your words into art and sharing them with the world to encourage and motivate others.

Bring your words to life with this user-friendly quote generator app using beautifully designed templates, high-quality background collections, and unique font choices.

Great quotes always do well across Instagram, there’s nothing better than a picture telling its own story.

Who doesn’t wish to come across a motivational or funny quote to create the appropriate mood for the day, it enables you to design cool phrases with just one tap.

It’s effortless to use this app; it allows you to customize your words with the most unique and creative fonts to add emphasis and attract other Instagram users.

Here is a quick user guide for InstaQuote beginners: 

  • Download InstaQuote for free.
  • Upload your picture; you can also upload from Twitter, Facebook, or choose one from the app.
  • Choose from the collection of high-quality background packages available.
  • Customize the text size, line spacing alignment, position, and frame width to obtain professional results.
  • You can use your pictures in the background.
  • Choose the “Use As Background” feature to coat different fonts.
  • Select a unique font style of your choice from the package.
  • Customize the contrast, saturation, hues, brightness, or blur your background as you like.
  • Finally, upload it and share your thoughts on Instagram to give some positive vibes to your friends and family.

App Details: Compatible to iOS or Android.

6. FaceGarage

FaceGarage is a secure browser tool that comes with three basic approaches from general color, your image, or available theme preset packages to choose from.

This online app focuses on creating visuals with text quotes overlaid quickly to let you do the job in a jiffy, and the best thing is that the photos are not embedded with a logo or watermark.

It’s many fabulous features like the shadow effect that lets you play around with the picture quality to break the monotony and boost the engagement with new quotes that are visually captivating.

A simple click allows you to customize your quote image, font styles, color schemes, and the formatting so that you can compose the visual quote precisely as you need and place the text within the image as you wish to convey your emotions, ideas, sentiments, thoughts, and reality to your viewers.

It lets you automatically upload your photo to Instagram, so you don’t have to download it and then upload it to impress your followers.

How to the user guide for FaceGarage:

  • It’s a free online web app, open the webpage.
  • Select the Instagram quotes creator.
  • Click on options to choose your favorite theme.
  • Type in your text, and you’re all set.
  • You can also choose from various features like colors, effects, filters, frames, GIF convertors, symbols, and characters.
  • Pick anything that suits your quote to get your final image ready to publish and grow your Instagram following organically.

App Details: Available on browsers – Web App.

7. Text on Photo Square

Text on Photo Square is the quickest way to turn your thoughts into stylish photo text designs and share them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks.

Make your photo say a thousand words with stylish fonts, creative text placement, and much more cool features for almost every emotional moment.

It’s most loving features are not only to generate outstanding quote images but also to enhance the visual experience by adding quotes on videos as your winning combo to collect a massive number of likes.

Make your photos awesome, giving them a deeper meaning and easily upload your video by merging an inspiring quote with it for superb visual appearance to grab the attention of your Instagram followers…

Try Text on Photo Square quote maker to keep it short, but sweet and punchy so they never get bored.

Quick guide on how to use Text on Photo Square quote maker app:

  • Download the app.
  • Choose from the exclusive fonts to make your photo incredible.
  • Fine-tune to adjust line space, text alignment, frame width, scale, rotate, wrapping, and font size.
  • Change text color patterns, background colors, shades, and opacity from the color palette.
  • Rotate photos 90°clockwise, 90°anticlockwise, or any angle.
  • It supports SLO-MO videos.
  • With it’s an extraordinary SQUARE FIT feature, you can fit your photo’s height and width to make a square photo.
  • Save to your camera roll and share it to Instagram or anywhere you want.

App Details: Available only for iOS.

8. Textgram

Textgram is the most straightforward app to create and share beautiful text pictures that will tempt your viewers, relatives, followers, and associates.

It is the most lovable app with lots of stickers and emojis to customize and modify your flawless pics.

Make your picture more snappy with Textgram Quotes Creator and enliven your feelings in the form of text quotes, original text, wishing quotes, story quotes, or smiley quotes.

Share your text or name photograph in vogue with entertaining stickers and amusing textual styles to demonstrate your feelings and sentiments to your companions.

Textgram helps you decorate and format your text in a beautiful look, whether creating a personal greeting message or graffiti.

User guide for Textgram:

  • Download the Textgram App.
  • Write your message in the box and then click on the buttons to alter your quotes display format.
  • Select the Templates tab and choose the one you wish to make your quote foundation more alluring.
  • Go to the Stickers tab to choose from the entertaining and adorable smiley stickers to make your quote more appealing.
  • Utilize the hand gestures to adjust the size, color, alignment, and position of the elements within the frame.
  • The unique feature “text reflection” can be used with the slider control.
  • After you are done with formatting, save it as a picture and share it on social networking sites.

App Details: Available for Android 2.1 and higher.

9. Quote Maker

Quotes Maker is the best quote creator app to whip up professional looking image quotes for Instagram or any other social media.

It’s free to create beautiful and well-put quotes to tell your unique story and communicate the true essence of your purpose to touch one’s soul.

Quote maker lets you create inspiring, motivational, funny, tragic, or beautiful quotes that always work best to convey the exact message you want to imprint on your audience.

Create a share-worthy quote that can lift your spirits throughout the day and leave an everlasting impression on your viewers that too in no time.

Find the best-suited graphics, fonts, styles, structural layouts, and vibrant colors to create a perfect quote, whether it’s for your professional or business requirement, brand promotion, or personal event.

Some professionals use it to create stamp-like effects, mission statements, or business motto for their brands.

Here is the quick user guide:

  • Download the App for Free.
  • Choose from the premade designer templates or use your photo.
  • Simply drag and drop your images on the chosen template.
  • Apply the quotations of your choice on the photo from the quotes library.
  • Add entertaining stickers to your photo.
  • Adjust font color and font size for your quotes.
  • Easily apply frames to your picture.
  • Give photo effects like contrast, saturation, blur, and brightness to your background.
  • Adjust the shadow effects in the text.
  • Share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, or other apps.

App Details: Compatible to Android, iOS 8.0, or higher.

10. Jusgramm

Jusgramm is a free app that gives you multiple package options including a wide range of 

stickers, backgrounds, and fonts to choose from.

It is the best text app ever to do cool things with your quote images making them more productive, expressive, and stand apart from others.

This app not only allows you to add text on photos, but it also lets you add numerous kinds of frames, themes, font styles, stickers, photo card backgrounds and adjust the font size to make your photo more impressive.

Excellent app to go to if you want to give special effects to your texts, especially your quotes with no watermark.

Images created on Jusgramm can be sent via iMessage, or you can easily save it to the camera roll.

Know how to use it:

  • Download the app for free.
  • For using this app, you need not register or sign-in to your Instagram account with the app.
  • As soon as you launch the app, you will see a text box appear in that you have to type the text.
  • After you are done, tap on the tick mark option at the top right, which will take you to the editing area.
  • Now, you can add from the frames, themes, and stickers available.
  • Scroll from the right to left and make desired changes.
  • Your edited text will show up in the middle of the screen.
  • Adjust the font-size value.
  • Tap the icon in the extreme right to share, if you are satisfied with the changes.
  • Share your content on Instagram with just one click.

App Details: Compatible for Android 2.2 or higher, iOS.

Final Thoughts

The strategic use of image quotes can be used to vitalize the contents of your Instagram post and boost user engagement.

This is not to mention that you can use quotes to influence people.

You can use quotes to get more followers, likes, and comments if you take the time to understand your follower’s interests and aspirations.

Know what is trending and how you can relate it to your audience.

Whether you are a brand or influencer, these apps are your creative arsenals to engage your current customers and attract new ones.

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