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arabic font for instagram

10 Best Arabic Fonts (Expert Picks)

If you are trying to expand your reach to Arabs on Instagram, why not use this Arabic font for Instagram that we’ve collated?

Most especially if you are trying to relate to some ethnic Arab cultures!

Well, we got you covered!

 We prepared this article especially for you to highlight the 10 best Arabic fonts that you can use to grow your business. 

You’ll find that we divided them into two groups, Arabic letters and Latin letters (The English alphabet). 

Keep in mind that each font is distinctive in its own way so when you’re about to make a choice, try to keep your brand’s identity in mind. 

So, without further ado let’s hop right into this Arabic font for Instagram!

1. Kaleem

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Let’s start off with the Arabic lettered fonts and here we have our first one titled “Kaleem” which translates to “The talker”.

You can see that this font is of a different kind already even for Arabic ligature.

This is because when the talented Mostafa El Abasiry created this font, he kept the traditional Islamic and Arab calligraphy in mind.

Moreover, these methods of inscribing words and letters follow strict rules and guidelines when it comes to managing space and is limited to a confined area per word. 

The beauty resulting from these rules is found in the recurring symmetry that occurs in the font.

Also, the Kaleem font does not follow the normal seamless flow of letters that the Arabic language is famous for.

Instead, the ligature in this font is shorter and more rigid.

As a result, it gives the characteristic look of design and calligraphy.

If you are managing your Instagram account and would like to showcase some Arabic calligraphy in your designs, we strongly recommend this font as it will take your account to a whole new level.

Usually, your target audience will be Muslims as this font might not be understandable by people who do not read Arabic.

Lastly, this font comes in two weights which means that you can use it for branding in bold as well as decorative in light or bold.

Pros & Benefits:

  • There is an artistic infusion of geometric shapes with the font.
  • Endless design possibilities can be used.
  • The resemblance to the fonts used inside of mosques will give the Muslim audience a sense of familiarity and belonging.

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2. Moltaqa 

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Next on our list of Arabic Font for Instagram resembles the authentic Arabic-Islamic transcript with the characteristic Arabic ligature. 

The ever-creative Mostafa El Abasiry designed this font. 

Moltaqa font is named after the Arabi word for “Rendezvous”.

It will take you on a journey to meet the past where this font was the essence of all Arabic literature. 

As an Arab, the first time you look at this font gives you peace as it reminds you of simpler times when you were still a child going through old Arabic books.

Moreover, this font itself is more infomercial.

It’s being used to convey messages or provide us with important information. 

More importantly, the Arabic alphabet is common with both Urdu and Persian alphabets.

This means that your targeted audience just got bigger!

 You can use this font in whichever language of those 3 to attract your new customers by informing them about your business or product.

In addition, this font can also be used as the main information giver on your business profile on Instagram so people become more aware of your services. 

The best feature of this font has to be how readable and easy on the eyes it is. 

Lastly, you can also take advantage of the two weights (Regular and Bold) that it comes in!

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is easily readable.
  • Moltaqa supports Arabic, Urdu, and Persian.
  • It has an authentic Arab-Islamic look.
  • This font is most suitable for spreading information.

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3. Ebhaar

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Here we have our second font titled “Ebhaar” which is the Arabic term for “Sailing”.

Indeed, it is a name well thought out as the font does take you on a witty and fun journey of ups and downs through the curves of its ligature just like the waves of the sea. 

Much like the authentic Arabic font, this font uses Arabic letters which makes it again useful for Arabic, Urdu, and Persian readers. 

What makes this font stand out from normal Arabic fonts is that it did not stop at being readable. 

The designer, Mostafa El Abasiry, had a different idea for this font where he made it more comical.

The font would literally draw a smile on your face the moment you lay eyes on it. 

Aside from being used to convey a message, this font would be much more useful for someone looking to prepare a banner or even a brand logo in either Arabic, Urdu, or Persian.

Also, this font is a great marketing tool for Instagram posts.

Ebhaar font can be found only in its bold weight which gives it a more assertive feeling to its wittiness.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The bold and witty ligature makes for lovely and comic curves.
  • It is suitable for initiating a brand or other marketing tools.

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4. Arab Times

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This font is simply the authentic Arabic font.

The characteristic look of the ligature with the annotations to highlight the importance of pronunciation and enunciation of letters while reading in Arabic is shown in this font.

Moreover, it is used when writing poetry or religious transcript.

A slight change in the annotation can change the entire meaning of the word!

The font has only one weight to it so that the annotations do not become hard on the eye.

This embodies the rare beauty of the Arabic language where the same letters with different annotations can convey many different messages.

Diwan Software, the creator of this font, kept in mind to give an infinite pool of possibilities when creating sentences.

In addition, you can use this font when you are preparing authentic Arabic transcripts or writing some inspirational quotes in Arabic.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The simplicity of the font dates back to the roots of Arabic.
  • You can use it in Arabic, Urdu, and Persian.
  • Arabic speakers can read this easily.

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5. Neue Frutiger Arabic

arabic font for instagram

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Here we have yet another font that uses the Arabic letters, but this one comes with quite the features.

The creators of this font at Monotype Studio decided that the Arabic letters need to be further simplified for all basic readers.

This is why they created this font that maintained the Arabic ligature with the minimum usage of the annotations.

Furthermore, there are ten different weights to allow the users to use their own free will while creating their posts.

The font itself is simple.

Yet in its simplicity, one can find creativity by unleashing their decorative and creative skills mixing the different weights together in order to bring life to the words and sentences.

If you are looking to attract some new customers through Instagram posts with the idea of being an authentic middle eastern, we suggest you try this font.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is simple yet informative.
  • Arabic, Urdu, and Persian languages are covered by this font.
  • It is easily understood.

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6. Bismillah

arabic font for instagram

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Next, we have “Bismillah” which mixes the Latin alphabet with the Arabian-Islamic ligature and overall vibes. 

Its name translates to “In the Name of God” in Arabic which signifies the best places to use this font. 

It is better to take advantage of its Islamic ambiance and use it to promote or inspire Islamic events or even attract a new set of audiences who would like to know more about Islam. 

The best thing about this font is that at the first glance you’d think it’s Arabic.

But once you look into it further, you’ll realize that it’s actually written in English. 

This makes it better to use in foreign countries that use Latin alphabets but have a Muslim community. 

The font might not be easily readable for the untrained eyes, but it will surely convey the message as a headline on a banner.

Surely, people who recognize the ligature will be immediately attracted to it. 

If you’re looking to prepare some Instagram animated post ads for your Arab-themed event, you might want to give this font a shot.

Mikrojihad Typography created this font.

He has created even more Islamic-inspired fonts.

Lastly, make sure to contact the creator to use this font for commercial purposes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It is in the Latin alphabet which gives a bigger range of audience.
  • The ligature and Islamic vibes indicate its Arabian background.
  • The type Face comes in 6 fonts which gives more room for creativity.

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7. Alhambra

arabic font for instagram

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At first sight, this font would look like it is purely in Arabic when in reality those are Latin letters. 

This font captured perfectly the essence of the Arabic calligraphy through the mixture of the ligature and the dots placed above or under the letters.

This signifies the Arabian language. 

The creator of this font, Harold’s Fonts, takes all the credit for blending perfectly the Arab-Islamic culture with the Latin alphabets. 

The font is created to be more decorative rather than informational.

So, you can find this font being used in artistic and design-related posts to give it an ethnic-Arab vibe.

If you are trying to build an identity for your local store around the Islamic culture, I recommend writing some quotes from famous people with this font on your Instagram feed.

This will surely attract a wide range of audiences. 

Lastly, Alhambra comes in two weights giving the creator the advantage to choose what to emphasize in the design of the sentence. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • The infusion of Arabic annotations in the Latin letters makes for an ethnic-Islamic ambiance.
  • The font is very decorative and can be used artistically.
  • Latin letters allow for a wider range of audiences.

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8. Ahlan Wasahlan

arabic font for instagram

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This font screams “Arabian” the moment you see it! 

Inspired by the font in the movie “Aladdin”, the creator Wep, designed an entire alphabet to match its theme.

The ambiance you get from this font is a typical remark to the Arabian nights’ saga from which legends such as Aladdin and Sindbad come.

This can even be seen in the font’s name which translates to “Welcome”, as in welcome to a world of magic and endless possibilities with this font!

It still uses Latin letters which makes it more appealing to a wider audience. 

Furthermore, this font also keeps a ligature flow of Arabic words with few usages of the Arabic annotations to make it more readable by all audiences. 

The curves of the letters can also be seen to have sharp edges which give this font its own unique character of assertiveness and power. 

As a business owner, there is no limit to where you can use this font. 

You can use it to create your branding material, use it to convey messages, even use it to prepare the menu at your Arabian-themed restaurant!

The uses of this font on Instagram are literally endless so it is up to you and your decisions on this one!

Ahlan Wasahlan comes only in one weight which might seem like a bit of a disadvantage.

But, it was the creator’s will not to mess with a masterpiece after it was completed.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A balanced blend of Arabic and English.
  • It gives out powerful vibes that bring joy to the reader.
  • Familiar to many people due to its commercial use.

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9. Sparkling Khufis

arabic font for instagram

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You can see in this font the looks of battle and power. 

Daffa Syarif is the creator of this font.

The inspiration must have come from the unique and old Arabic markings and writings during times of war and battle. 

The thickness of the font along with the edginess of all the letters provides a feeling of strength and power just like you would see during battle times. 

It also uses the Latin alphabet with the Arabic annotations and ligature which again gives for a wider audience range. 

You can use this font to convey powerful messages!

My guess is that if you run a gym and would like to expand more on the Arab community while still relating to your existing customers, you might want to try this one out.

Its design alone gives drive for people to push further past their limits and play harder which will come in handy as a motivational post on your Instagram feed.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sparkling Khufis can be read by Arabs and non-Arabs.
  • Power radiates from the font.
  • The cursive nature of the font highlights the Arabian heritage of power.

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10. Barokah Ramadhan

arabic font for instagram

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Our last on our list of Arabic Font for Instagram is Barokah Ramadhan.

I have to say, this font takes me back to the good old days when I had no worries whatsoever.

That’s how peaceful this font is!

Inspired by the festivities of the holiest month in Islam, this creator in Gartype studio did an excellent job in recreating peace within a font.

It only has one weight and one font but that is enough to convey its message.

Have a look at its curvatures and how the letters intertwine with each other so harmoniously.

In addition to the Arabic annotations, you also get yourself a perfect blend of Arabic and Latin letters.

This is a perfect Arabic font for Instagram.

If you are going to prepare an Islamic event such as celebrating Eid Al Adha or having an offer for Breakfast during Ramadan, you definitely want to use this font on your post.

Nothing comes close to the serenity it provides to the readers.

As a business owner, you would want to make sure that your audience is very content with the marketing material you are presenting them. 

Lastly, keep in mind though that you need to contact the creator to use this font for commercial purposes.

Pros & Benefits:

  • This font has a festive and calming nature.
  • It has a seamless flow of letters.
  • Easy to read by non-Arabs.
  • This font retains some Arab heritage.

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Final Thoughts 

These Arabic font for Instagram fonts are truly among the best that you can use.

The reach they provide to existing and new audiences shouldn’t be taken lightly as they will help your business grow!

Personally, I would recommend you go for the “Ahlan Wasahlan” font as it has achieved the perfect balance between Latin letters and Arabic calligraphy.

It is also easy to read by everyone which gives for a better reach for audiences.

Finally, the endless possibilities of using this font with its soothing yet powerful ligature to make practically any type of post whether it is informational, promotional, or just posting a random story with an Arab vibe. 

I strongly encourage you to try all of them and find the font that screams “You”.

I hope that this article on Arabic font for Instagram helped you find the right one for you.

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