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10 Best Art and Design Podcasts to Listen To Now! (2023)

Have you tried listening to art and design podcasts for inspiration?



We’ll show you how much you’ve been missing!

But first, let’s differentiate art from design.

Design is more about problem-solving, with successful results.

In contrast, art is a form where artists express their emotions and feelings through different media.

Here you can find some of the best art and design podcasts that will expand your knowledge and boost your creativity.

1. 99% Invisible

Roman Mars founded the 99% Invisible podcast in 2010.

It had over 400 episodes and around 500 million downloads. 

In 2013, the Fast Company named Roman Mars for ” Top 100 Creative People”.

Moreover, Mars has the most viewed TED talk about design.

99% Invisible is trying to present unseen creativity in today’s world.

The main subjects of the podcasts are architecture and design,

Many famous designers and architectures hosted and discussed the influence of design in their careers in this podcast.

Here is the list of chosen podcasts:

The “99% Noise” episode was broadcasted in 2010 and the podcast’s first episode.

Dennis Paoletti, an acoustical consultant, has lectured on many topics on architectural and environmental acoustics.

In this episode, it is discussed about acoustic design.

In the 274th episode of the podcast with Cathy O’Neil, it is discussed how algorithms are used for solving everyday problems.

Algorithms are calculations of collected history data that are used to predict outcomes.

They are made to prevent human error, but she explains how every algorithm reflects its designer’s choices. 

In 2015, the “Structural Integrity” episode won the “Third Coast International Audio” award.

This is the 110th episode.

It is about the architecture of the “Citicorp Center” building built in 1977, which was the 7th tallest building in the world.

This podcast talks about problems behind the design and how they were solved.

2. Adventures in Design

“Adventures in Design” is a network that contains many design podcasts.

Created and hosted by Mark Brickey, it’s made for all curious designers.

It covers a wide range of topics about design and creativity.

If you want to listen to high-quality and exciting podcasts about design, the “Adventures in Design” is for you.

We have chosen some of the countless podcasts and interviews to show you what this network is about:

Tim Doyle, a successful illustrator and printmaker from Texas.

He’s mostly known for his work with big companies like Marvel and Cartoon Network.

In this episode, he discusses publishing other artists’ work and building infrastructure into your business.

He also shares how to run a successful business on your own while being an employee for someone else.

“Castle Times” is an episode featuring Derrick Castle, a designer, and illustrator from Tennessee, and works mainly with block prints.

He has worked with world-famous companies, such as Nike and Harley Davidson.

Moreover, Derrick is recognized for high-quality designs.

He explains how to make a career part of your identity.

He talks about the life-cycle of the project and your relationship with the client.

Derrick shares useful tips and tricks on woodblock printing to start at home with minimum conditions in the show.

In this episode, the guest is Nate Duval, an illustrator, merch-maker, printmaker, and designer.

He is mentioning all the little things we can fix with design to make the world better.

Duval explains his strategies of how to promote products on social media.

He’s also questioning if it’s possible to make four times more of an income.

Nate shares his opinions on how we could improve Facebook and how you shouldn’t treat yourself with guilt.

3. Design Matters

Debie Millman, the founder, and host of Design Matters, is one of the leading designers today.

She’s recognized as one of the most creative people in the industry.

Debbie, a designer, educator, curator, and writer that has published seven books.

Design Matters was founded in 2005 and had been running for over 15 years.

It is known as the first design podcast where Debbie Millman has interviewed over 200 guests.

The podcast is hosted on a Design Observer website, where various design topics are covered.

Millman had interviewed hundreds of designers, musicians, writers, and other artists where she had deep conversations about their artwork career.

Design Matters had a big impact on the public view of the design.

It has inspired new projects.

Here you can find some of the people that have been interviewed:

Maira Kalman is an Israel-born American artist who is most recognized for her illustrations. 

She is a designer, writer, and educator.

In the episode of Design Matters, she talks about how ordinary objects and trying new things inspire her to create new art.

Kalman also discusses how we should approach children with the same mentality of storytelling as adults.

Dani Shapiro is an American writer.

She is an author of 5 novels and best-selling memoirs.

Dani has written for famous magazines, such as “New York Times” and “The Oprah Magazine.”

In this episode, she talks about how she got over the existential crisis and why weakness is the root of all meaningful artwork.

Seth Godin is an American author and entrepreneur.

He has written 17 books to discuss marketing, advertising, business venturing, and leadership.

In the podcast, he discusses how to live in our difficult political moment, creative courage, and what defines excellent design.

4. Art Juice 

Art Juice is the podcast created by Alice Sheridan and Louise Fetcher.

Here, they answer various questions about design and art.

Besides, you can find fascinating, instructive, and funny conversations that will expand your knowledge about art.

If you want to learn more about this podcast, here are some of the episodes:

In this episode, it is widely explained what steps are crucial to selling art on the internet.

They talk about the importance of a website and email list for marketing.

In addition, they discuss how to sell art without owning a webpage or any social media. 

The hosts are talking about how they use their sketchbooks.

They discuss how everybody uses their sketchbook for different purposes.

During the podcast, they also explain their ways how they go from sketchbooks to finished paintings.

This is the 100th episode of the podcast and features a special guest, Seth Goding.

Seth talks about how the world doesn’t need any more painters and explains how we should try to become artists and not painters.

They also discuss why knowing and choosing your audience can be very important for your career.

This topic was inspired by Sharon Mayfield, who questioned the originality of the work and asked if it is wrong to reflect other artist’s work.

Alice and Louse explain where the line between inspiration and copying is.

They are talking about how to know when you have crossed this line and what it means to “steal like an artist.”

You can also hear copyright laws in the UK and US.

5. ArtTactic Podcast

Anders Petterson is the founder of ArtTactic Ltd, an art market research firm in London which he set up in 2001.

In 2009, ArtTactic Podcast was launched where you can find detailed conversations with world-leading art market people.

Podcasts are coming out weekly, and the main topics are market analysis, art auctions, art investments, and financing.

Adam Green hosts this weekly podcast, and here you can find some of the interviews:

Marry McCauley discusses the Baltimore Museum of Art’s attempt to sell three paintings from the museum’s collection in this episode.

Paintings were painted by Brice Marden, Andy Warhol, and Clyfford Still.

She talks about the history of the paintings and museum and how residents reacted to selling the paintings.

Ochuko Ojiri is a founder of the “Ramp Gallery” in London.

He talks about many mid-career and nationally recognized works in their exhibitions.

Ochuko explains how the gallery managed to gain success in the podcast, despite being open just a few months before COVID started. 

He is also giving a piece of advice to young emerging artists. 

Saffronart is an online auction house in Mumbai.

It is one of the leading corporations committed to the Indian arts.

Dinesh Vazirani is co-founder and CEO of the company, where he joined in 2000.

He is known for providing access and confidential information to art collectors and institutes.

For ArtTactic, he talks about the Indian art market and the threat of speculators that had impacted the market.

He also shares why Saffronart was so successful.

They will be open for auctions of American and European art in the future.

6. Savvy Painter Podcast

One of the most the top-ranked educational podcasts in the world.

The host, Antrese Wood, talks with expert artists about what’s hiding behind their art.

If you want to know more about how great painters started and their habits, you’re in the right place.

You can listen to various artists, authors, and visionaries talk about their creative process and design.

Below are some “Savvy Painter” episodes:

This episode is featuring the artist Charly Palmer.

When he started, he wanted to work as a commercial artist.

However, he decided to switch to fine art after years.

Charly Palmer is talking about how important it is to discover your freedom to create great artwork.

Moreover, he also explains how to know when the painting is done and what its reward is.

He also mentions how he loves to work on children’s books and talks about paintings that fascinate him.

In this episode, Antrese talks about how doubts can stand in the way of accomplishing goals.

She explained how you have to get out of your comfort zone.

You should always have a plan.

Antrese Woods also talks about how pressure can be helpful.

If you’re fully committed to the idea, you should always go for it.

Nicholas Wilton is the guest in this episode.

People can see his work in exhibitions across America and Europe.

He’s the founder of Art2Life, which is an online platform used to inspire the creative community.

In this episode, he talks about struggles and turning a new page in his life.

He also talks about “Art2Life”.

Antrese also explains how you can learn from this innovative speech.

7. Recording Artists

Helen Molesworth hosts this podcast.

It will take you on a journey through the lives of 6 women artists active during the 20th century.

They talk about the challenges and difficulties they had to face as women in an industry dominated by men.

The podcast uses sporadic records from the 60s and 70s, by Cindy Nemser and Barbara Rose, where you can hear interviews from Alice Neer, Lee Krasner, Betye Saar, Helen Frankenthaler, Yoko Ono, and Eva Hesse.

Radical Women

Here are the six beautiful episodes from their interviews:

Alice Neel (1900-1984) was one of the great American painters and is well known for her family, friends, and lover’s visual portraits.

In these interviews from 1971 and 1975, you can hear Alice Neel talk about inequality, economic hardship, and mental health issues.

Lea Krasner (1908-1984) was an American abstract expressionist artist. 

She was recognized for her unique collage artwork.

In this episode, Krasner discusses her formation as an abstract expressionist, her career, and her marriage with Jackson Pollock.

Betye Saar (1926-present) is an African-American artist that is known for her assemblage and collage works. 

In the interview from 1975, she talks about the source of inspiration for her artwork and how she faced difficulties as an African-American.

Helen Frankenthaler (1928-2011) was an American that was known for her abstract expressionist paintings. 

She was making large abstract paintings by pouring the colors on the horizontal canvas.

In interviews from 1969 and 1971, she talks about her inspiration for her unique abstract paintings.

Yoko Ono (1933-present) is a Japanese artist and musician.

She was active as a conceptual and performance artist and became internationally famous as John Lenon’s wife.

In this episode, Yoko Ono talks about the influences and the impact of her marriage on her artistic career.

Eva Hesse (1936-1970) was a German-born American artist recognized for her sculpture work made of materials like synthetic plastics, fiberglass, and latex. 

In this interview from 1970, she talks about her practice, materials for her work, and the meaning of her art.

8. Artist Decoded

Artist Decoded is a podcast founded by visual artist Yoshino in 2015.

The podcast’s main goal is to connect with various artists, explore their perspectives and stories, and share them with people worldwide.

The podcast is co-hosted by Justin D. Hopkins, a multi-disciplinary artist, and Saman Kesh, an Iranian-American filmmaker who has worked with many music artists.

Since 2015, the podcast has broadcasted around 200 episodes, where it hosted various artists.

Some of them you can find here:

In the 37th episode, the guest is co-lead vocalist and guitarist of the groups “Blink 182” and Alkaline Trio.

He discusses joining the band, meditation, and how to be inspired by life experiences.

He talks about getting out of the creative block and his love for writers Cormac McCarthy, Erik Larson, and Charles Bukowski.

Carlos Torres is a tattoo artist who has been active for over 20 years.

He talks about his early days of tattooing and how he learned to do it.

He also does photography, paintings, and sculptures.

In this episode, he discusses various subjects like his work, how to stay positive in hard times, and sources of inspiration for his work.

Jana Watson, the Canadian abstract painter, has a degree in drawing and painting from the Ontario College of Art and Design.

In 2013, she painted the 11-foot tall painting for the tallest residential building in Canada.

In the 160th episode, she recalls her early life, how she grew up in church, and later how she gave up on her faith.

She explains how she came to a particular point of giving up her faith, which is the critical point of her life.

9. Resourceful Designer 

Resourceful Designer is made for graphic designers and everybody who wants to be one.

This podcast is full of valuable tips, tricks, and advice about the design business.

It also helps in boosting your creativity for better design.

The podcast was founded by Mark Des Cotes, a successful graphic and web designer who wants to share knowledge of starting your own design business.

The list of episodes to give you a better preview of the podcast:

In this episode, four questions are presented that will help you to improve your design business.

Furthermore, it is explained how the designer is not to make pretty designs but to solve problems.

Four questions that are explained in the podcast are:

  • “Why do you need this?”
  • “What results do you expect?”
  • “How will you judge the success?”
  • “And what else?”

The discovery process is as important as the design process for problem-solving.

The “Discovery Process” episode explains that this is a way to learn more about the client.

Thus, it is considered an essential step in building a good relationship with your client.

The discovery process is explained in detail through steps.

“Don’t do lists” is created to save precious time.

It is explained how we use our time to do needless tasks, which over time become a habit.

Listen to this episode if you want to know how you can spend your time wisely and do more work in less time.

Ten things are listed as an example to improve your schedule.

10. Ancient Art Podcast

The creator and host of this podcast are Lucas Livingston.

Furthermore, Lucas has over 20 years of experience in museum learning and art history.

He started the podcast in 2006 and has recorded around 100 episodes.

In the “Ancient Art Podcast,” Lucas shares secrets and mysteries of the ancient arts and how they shape the world we live in today.

If you love history and ancient arts, some podcasts are presented with pictures for you.

Here are listed some of the best episodes:

In this 10 minutes long podcast, Lucas talks about some of the highlights of Homer’s Odyssey.

He is explaining the painting from the 15th century and teaching about Italian Renaissance marriage and loyalty.

The mummy case of Paankhenamun is considered an artistic masterpiece.

In this episode, the host shares, all the mysteries are hidden behind it.

Japan is well known for its ancient art.

This episode explains what was the Japanese “Floating World” culture during the Edo period.

Here is one more episode about ancient Japanese art

In this podcast, Lucas shares secrets hidden behind dragon and tiger pictures and their immense influence on Japanese art culture during the Edo period.

Final Thoughts

Art and design are powerful tools that we use to shape our personalities and the world around us.

They are essential aspects of our lives.

They give us the ability to express ourselves in so many different ways.

With them, we can communicate with the different cultures in different periods.

We should use it every day to enjoy beautiful art because without it, we may exist, but we can’t truly live.

Hopefully, this article about art and design podcasts will inspire you and become the best artist you can be.

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