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AI Image Generation Walkthrough: Artbreeder Tutorial

Welcome to the Artbreeder tutorial.
One of the most popular things that people do with this is to create these beautiful portraits of human beings.

Creating Images in Artbreeder

The first thing that we do in this Artbreeder tutorial is go to the top right-hand corner and press the little plus.
From here, you can select the type of genre that you want to use for your image.
We’re going to go with a portrait.
And the first thing that happens is it generates three random portraits for you.
As you can see, we have a nice young lady, another nice young lady and finally an oriental lady with beautiful orange hair and some sort of strange hat.
The idea here is that you can go to the top here to add parents and from this, what we do is select a parent image that we will use as a trunk to build upon.
So you can have a look through here and pick one out that stands out to you quite like this slightly alien-looking one.
And we will now get three new photos. Wow!
I’ve never seen someone with eyes like these eyes that burn right into your soul.
On the right-hand side, we have a number of sliders that we can use to adjust different parameters in the images.

artbreeder tutorial

Adding Details to Your Images

The first one is a hat.
So you can add a nice hat to our women.
Some glasses, maybe.
We’ll reduce the glasses.
I’m not quite sure what happens if it goes less than zero glasses, but we get some slightly younger-looking people.
We can add more makeup.
And here we have a young baby with a lot of foundation.
Then we can add earrings.
Let’s see what happens if we have 70 earrings.
So we didn’t quite get any earrings on these ones, but they did all become slightly more green which can be useful.
Let’s go back down to some fewer earrings, and we’ll move these slightly back to the center, not to go too wide.
And if you come down, you have a hair and eyes option, where you can increase or decrease the facial hair.
So as these are women, we’ll make sure to give them a hundred hair uh whoops, what have we done here?
Oh my God, it looks like Wolverine’s baby.
These are quite wonderful-looking people.
I enjoy the feminine-masculine merge that we have here.
But let’s stop messing around and give you a proper tutorial.

Adding Emotion to Your Images

So the other sliders that we have available here have to do with the expression and the emotion that you can put into the portrait.
You have the mouth open or the mouth closed, depending on if you prefer people with open mouths or closed.
Past here, they are looking much more jolly, and I’m enjoying this.
They’re putting a smile on my face and a smile on your face too.
I hope.
We could open their eyes.
And one thing that I particularly appreciate is the ability to change the emotion of human beings.
So we can change them from angry to happy.
Now, these should be very angry people.
They certainly remind me a little bit of Anakin from the remake of Star Wars.
He was not a good actor.
Let’s make them happy and angry, happy angry, oh!
This is certainly a Bond villain style.

Adjust the Race/ Ethnicity

And you have the opportunity to adjust the race and the ethnicity of our portrait. Wow!
And, of course, you can change the gender and age of your creative portrait.
And if you’re not happy with what you’ve turned out with, if you’ve completely destroyed the system as I have, and all you have is this psychedelic bowl of soup, you can come right back to the top.

Resetting Your Images

Then press reset, then go right back to the beginning and get something a little bit more like this.
And we can just be a little bit more subtle with our changes here.
So let’s just add a little bit of anger.
I do like angry women.
I mean, there we have it.
Yeah, we’re getting some really interesting images coming out here now. Wow!
Look at this!
It’s very Avatar-like.

Adding a Second Parent Image

Now you can also add a second parent image if you desire and see what we get between these two. Wow!
They are incredibly engaging photos, I would say.
I mean, this looks reminds me of Lara Croft .
But I can understand how people spend a lot of time going through this.
And they certainly are an amalgamation of some of the most enthralling features that we find as humans.
It’s particularly interesting how large the eyes are.
How delicate the expressions are.
This consistency of the sparrow mouth is culturally popular at this moment.
I think it would be quite interesting to try to create your own face.
Can you create something that looks the most like you or even a slightly improved version, but more perfect?

Creating Landscapes in Artbreeder

So I’m now going to take you through another version of this, and we’re going to work on some landscapes.
Wow! These are stunning!
This definitely looks like Mordor to me and the custom genres that you have.
You can add different features and different landscape features here.
Then you can add rivers.
You can add a red sky, vegetation, sea, valley, trees, architecture, mountain, sunlight, snow, and fog.
And of course, you can also start off with a new image and try something a little bit Arctic, the Tundra.
There’s nothing quite like the Tundra, similar to my soul.
So, wow, these are beautiful.
I’m gonna save that one.
I like that one.
Saved it.

Artbreeder Features

And I think for me what’s, uh, what’s good about this is you can really use these in your own designs.
There’s no limit to what you’re allowed to do with this.
And if you want to come back to all the images you saved, all you have to do is to go and click on this interesting avatar that you have in the top right-hand corner.
Then, you can download your images.
You get five hi-res images before you have to upgrade to the premium version.

Public Domain Images

Now an interesting point on Artbreeder is to make sure that you know that all images are public domain.
So you can use them for anything, even commercial purposes.
You can use them to be resold and used or for whatever you like,
It is strongly suggested that you cite an Artbreeder image URL when sharing something that strongly resembles an Artbreeder image.
It’s particularly important that if you’re not using the private mode, other people can see and find the images that you have and use them.

Private Mode

So if in some way you want to protect the copyright of the thing you have created, you need to use private mode.
And for me, this starts to raise some interesting questions on artificial intelligence as to who owns the copyright when you create.
If you’re creating obviously images that are specifically designed programs algorithmically trained to be pleasing to the human eye, undoubtedly there are going to be images that are created that are very, very similar.
And because they’ve been created by the AI, what sort of rights do we start having as we are creating an infinitely larger amount of artworks?
The gaps between artworks, between the differences in the artwork that two people may have created using the same software, using the same prompts that are so similar– who owns artwork copyright?
I think this is a challenge going forward for Art and Design, in general.
I mean, it’s always been a challenge about how close something can be before it is deemed to be stolen.
And what is the difference between inspiration and copying?
Obviously, we all need to be inspired.
Perhaps there are no new ideas.
There are only old ideas that have been connected in a new way to a new idea, but this is a conversation.
I will continue in another video.

Final Thoughts

For now, I hope you’ve enjoyed Artbreeder.
I’ll leave a link to it in the comments below.
I’d love to know how you find it, what you think, what you are going to create with it, and what your thoughts are on the future of AI and design.
I’m Samson Vowles.
This is Delightful Design.
If you enjoy my videos, why not subscribe?
I would appreciate it.
It would mean a lot to me.
I love being able to share this with you.
I hope you’ll have a delightful day, wonderful life, and always move from a place of love.
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