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artistic fonts for logos

10 Best Artistic Fonts For Logos

Using artistic fonts for logos will definitely make your brand stand out.

Creating logos takes an ample of time because it serves as a reflection to the owner’s personality color and his brand..

Logos isn’t just there as a wallflower.

It encapsulates exclusivity.

An image that upholds your mission and vision for the brand you are creating.

Whether you believe it or not, logos can affect your target market’s emotions and psyche.

That’s why choosing the right logo to represent you is very crucial.

In creating such a logo, you would need to pick the right shape, color, and lastly, the best fonts.

Here’s a list of the best artistic fonts for logos that you can consider in choosing fonts for your logo.

1.   Typographer’s Dream Box + 200 Logos

artistic fonts for logos
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First on the list is this Typographer’s Dream Box of 21 Typefaces + 200 Logos from Mats-Peter Forss.

This a collection of the best fonts you can ever imagine.

Get this at a starting price of 15 dollars.

You will receive 21 typefaces and 53 fonts.

Among these 21 typefaces, the creator included two of his bestselling fonts: the Masterblush and Southfield.

So you can assume that this bundle isn’t here to disappoint.

Get a bonus of 200 NEW logo templates upon purchase that could serve as your inspiration.

Furthermore, the good news is you can even edit those logos in Adobe Photoshop (.psd) or Adobe Illustrator (.ai cs3-cc) for a little bit of personal touch.

These logos are uniquely curated.

They are based on the fonts found in this huge bundle.

So, if you want your brand image to be different and effortlessly stand out in the market, buy this product now!

When it comes to font files, most of them are in OTF (Open Type File) and TTF (True Type Font).

However, other fonts are plainly in TTF because of its complexity.

But you can send a message to the creator if you’re having difficulty in accessing the font file.

Nevertheless, you can expect to have a bundle of beautifully crafted unique fonts that have great quality once you purchase this wonderful bundle.

Pros & Benefits:       

  • Works well with Adobe products
  • Includes a regular Creative Market license that gives you an access to commercial use, unlimited number of projects, and creates unlimited products for sale
  • Features are rich and are good at its price
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2. Songstar

artistic fonts for logos
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Here’s a duo of fantastic fonts that could add elegance and class in your logo making.

Grab Songstar Font by Deniz86 for as low as 17 dollars.

It is highly recommended for desktop work.

However, it can also be used in apps and is sold at 170 dollars.

The duo was created with natural characteristics.

They are purely handwritten and offer two fonts, the Songstar regular and Songstar italic.

They come with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuations.

The font files are in OTF and PUA.

As a result, they are easily accessed with Microsoft Office, CorelDraw and Adobe products.

For Adobe specifics, you can use it with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign.

Songstar Font is a product that’s been made to give a punch of elegance and class in your log.

This works best in product brands, wedding invitations, fashion blogs, letterheads, badges and business cards other than in logo making.

If this product doesn’t suit your taste you can also try and check other products that I’ve included in this list.

After all, choosing the right font that could best describe you should be the main goal, right?

Pros & Benefits:

  • Interesting and beautiful fonts
  • Both fonts are easy to use and are pleasing to the eyes
  • Best used with smart programs like Adobe products
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3. Celesse – Classic Font + Logos

artistic fonts for logos
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Celesse, just the name itself screams class isn’t it?

This product is made by Sweetest Goods and can be purchased at 16 dollars.

Celesse is a perennial font under the sans serif family that is perfect for creating gorgeous designs and undeniably adds timeless beauty to your logo making.

The vibe that this font gives is like dining in a romantic restaurant at Eiffel tower, with an old couple on the other table having a glass of red wine each, the woman shows off a pearl necklace whilst the man lights up his cigar.

This font is designed to have a fully kerned spacing between letters, elegant curves, high contrast that works best in headlines and big type projects, this product also features a comprehensive language support.

Also comes with uppercase and lowercase, six ligatures, and a wide variety of symbols, numbers and punctuations, and here’s another catch, the product includes two logos which are by the way fully customizable!

You could feel that the creator was not playing games and is very serious when he or she crafted this, the quality and characteristics found in this font is top-tier and could easily take a place in your favorites.

Go and check this product now and have fun!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free two handcrafted and elegant logo templates.
  • Features more than 26 comprehensive language support.
  • Individual kerning.
  • Great for creating logos, brandings, invitations and magazine covers.
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4. Qraffito – An Elegant Sans Serif

artistic fonts for logos
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Another elegant font made it to the list!

Here we have Qraffito, a typeface with elegant and classic appearance.

Big Cat Creative created this font.

You can buy it for 14 dollars and for as high as 140 dollars.

You can use this with other modern sans serif fonts and scripts and handwritten fonts.

But can also stand alone as a heading, editorial font other than logo making.

For a price of 14 dollars, this product features characters both in uppercase and lowercase, numbers 0-9, a range of numbers and glyphs and lastly, 17 ligatures.

Note that, if you can’t find a certain character, just go to the glyphs panel.

Fonts are both in OTF and WOFF and work well with Adobe products too.

So have fun in creating logos with this timeless typeface.

Let out your creative juices and keep making your vision come to life!

Pros & Benefits:

  • High quality font style
  • Serves its purpose in adding elegant touch in your logo
  • Files are well organized
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5. Imperfectly Script

artistic fonts for logos
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Now let’s shift from elegant and classy to raw, fun, quirky and imperfect with this font style.

Fifth on our list is, again, a product from Mats-Peter Forss.

You can buy this at 14 dollars, starting price.

We all know that not everyone would like to be labeled as prim and proper.

However, I’m sure there are those who just wanted to be unconventional.

Is your personality more on the carefree side?

The “I can’t be boxed” type of person or one who believes that “elegance is boring?”

Then, this quirky and imperfect font might be the perfect one for you!

The designer crafted this to have a slightly bouncy baseline and imperfect characters.

Those attributes give it a funny and shoddy appearance to your logo.

Imperfectly features modern script characters and small script caps.

All these blend well with the script characters.

It has uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals and symbols and lastly, a variety of language support, all are in OTF and TTF file types.

This product also includes Imperfectly Alternates.

By it’s name, we know that it’s an alternate version of uppercase and lowercase characters.

They add the fun and make your logo more quirky and unique!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fun and quirky font that looks imperfect but adds perfection to your design
  • Can be accessed and used easily
  • Works best in advertisements, logos, brands, etc.
  • Outstanding service, definitely worth the hype it is getting in the market.
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6. Billistone A Handwritten Font

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Let me introduce to you this product from Ergibi Studio called Billistone.

Grab this now for 14 dollars!

This is uniquely designed font that gives your design a smooth flowing appearance.

It is the perfect choice not just for making logos, but also in creating signatures, badges, labels, headings.

Here’s a personal tip.

If the brand you are creating has this bubblegum vibe, a sweet and cute appearance, this font style will give justice to it.

You can also use this in any tropical themed design, or even in an invitation for a beach themed wedding.

Carefully choosing your fonts for your logo will help determine the image you want publicized.

So, if you have this laidback personality who loves the tropics or a cheery person in general, this font is good for you.

This includes both OTF and TTF file type.

This also has uppercase and lowercase, numbers, glyphs, a variety of ligatures and more than 20 comprehensive language support.

For 14 dollars, this font is worth a try .

Who knows, you might fall in love with it at the very first sight.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Uniquely handwritten font
  • Includes extra swashes, just type s_1 until s_15
  • Easy signature style
  • Value for money
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7. MARION & The Essentials – Logo Font

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Seventh on our list is a stylish and highly popular among those who have an eye for high fashion.

Grab this for just 13 dollars.

This is probably one of the high quality products with low price,.

This is recommended for desktop, but they also offer an app version.

Now, this will cost you 150 dollars.

You can purchase this amazing and high quality product at Emtheen Std. shop.

Match this with serif fonts that have this elegant appearance.

Similarly, use it with those beautiful handwriting fonts that are firm in appearance.

It has a minimalistic vib.

So, for those who want an elegant yet minimalistic image, why not check this product out?

It’s like having a combination of masculine looking fonts with the feminine one.

This will surely give a strong impression to your design.

It’ll look firm yet soft and elegant at the same time.

If these characteristics best describe you or the product you are making, adding this product in your list won’t hurt right?

MARION and The Essentials include in their features their best seller fonts, namely the Display Signature and Menulist Typeface.

This also has amazing uppercase and lowercase characters, numerals and punctuations, comprehensive multi language support and ligatures alternates.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Stylish and unique font duo.
  • Includes 6 free logo templates.
  • Just 13 dollars but you can now have a design with dignified and high fashion appearance.
  • Super creative fonts.
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8. Collector’s Font Bundle

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Now, who doesn’t love bundles?

Sitting on the eight place of our list is this Collector’s Font Bundle from Hustle Supply Co. by Jeremy Vessy.

This is a cohesive collection of well crafted fonts .

It originates from the different Type Family.

It has unique capabilities that will level up and add more personality in the design you are creating.

This is dubbed as the most comprehensive and high quality bundle that Hustle Supply Co. has ever released.

This product surely lives up to its description and even exceeds your expectations!

The product has a total of 53 Fonts from 8 different family types.

You can expect the individuality of each font and yet can go seamlessly with other fonts once put together.

After all the curator’s main vision when he created this bundle is to pick fonts that both can be paired with other beautiful fonts and can still stand alone also.

If you’re looking for stunning fonts that can go perfectly with each other like they’re match made in heaven, try this bundle that you can get at 29 dollars.

It might be a bit pricey.

But I can assure you of its quality.

This is just twice the price of the other product in this list with less than 10 fonts .

So I am pretty sure that this one is absolutely worth your penny.

Upon purchase, get the exclusive new set of 15 Vintage Logo Templates.

The designer made this using Adobe Illustrator CC and Adobe Photoshop CC.

This will help you save lots of time and at the same time serves as something you can get inspiration from.

Please keep in mind that the exclusive set of logos works only with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

So make sure that you have either of these two before purchasing.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 53 highly curated fonts that were made with love and you can use for the entirety of your career
  • The bundle includes a new set of 15 Vintage Logo Templates
  • Features are top-tier and are easy to use
  • 29 dollars as starting price but you can grab this at 80% off
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9. Huge Typographic Pack + 60 Logos

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We will not let this list end without another bundle that offers you a wide variety of fonts to choose from.

Not all people have the patience to download files one by one.

Thus, having this kind of bundle surely is a saving grace for those designers who wanted to save a lot of time.

We don’t want to spend our time downloading font file type per font when we could just allot those minutes in designing, right?

Ninth on our list is this Huge Typographic Pack with more than two hundred kinds of stunning and aesthetically pleasing fonts, how huge is that?

Vintage Voyage D.S. created this product.

Features 44 typefaces, now for a little trivia, in this pack the creator is kind enough to include his best selling fonts namely, Bartender, Afterglow, Montana and Telegraph.

Purchase this with prices ranging from 10 to 20 dollars.

So, if we do the math, obviously it’s more convenient to get this bundle rather than purchase the individual fonts in the shop.

Just a reminder also that “most” of these fonts both come in OTF and TTF while the others are just in TTF because of the font’s individual capability.

Note that this bundle is budget friendly,

Moreover, it also offers a wide selection of different styles.

Choose from Regular, Light, Bold, Serif, Sans, Script, Monograms, Fancy etc. they all have it!

Last advantage that this top-tier bundle has is the 60 pre-made topographic logos and 100 vector graphic elements that you can edit only on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

So if you are planning to have an amazing mix of high quality fonts and is more into retro vibe, try this bundle and enjoy designing!

Pros & Benefits:

  • 200 kinds of fonts, 60 logos, 100 vector elements all in just 30 dollars
  • Consistent quality
  • A huge selection of font styles
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10. The HUGE Font Bundle

Download Now!

To top off our list, let me introduce you to our cherry on top the Font Bundle by Salt and Pepper Designs.

An outstanding font bundle which you can put in your cart for just 25 dollars, a 98% discount from its original 1600 dollars price.

This lives up to its name as HUGE Font Bundle.

It features a massive amount of fonts that you can choose from.

Moreover, they can help you in your entire career of designing whether it be logos, invitations, magazines, blog headers etc.

You might be wondering if it’s worth it.

Why is it cheaper than the previous products I included in the list considering the number of fonts?

I mean, can you really have everything in one huge bundle, with a price that you can afford without jeopardizing the quality, isn’t it too amazing?

The answer is a big yes.

You need not worry about the quality for its definitely top-tier.

The fonts are beautiful and awesome.

You can really see that they are individually well-designed.

Furthermore, they are fast to install, well organized files and the updates will surely leave a smile on your face.

I might be hyping this product a lot.

But I assure you that this bundle is worth the hype for its amazing value and the collection’s versatility.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Updates all the time and gives you more beautiful fonts
  • Free of charge
  • An awesome package for the price, surely doesn’t disappoint
  • Includes ALL the font in their store, from the old release ones to the future releases, with no additional cost
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Final Thoughts

It is of great import to choose the best artistic fonts for logos.

Any image or font in a logo can affect the appeal of your product.

We don’t want to just settle for less and leave a wrong impression about our product.

Let’s all remember that our logo will represent our product.

Attention to details is needed in designing our logo to ensure that we are sending the message that we want to the consumers.

I hope this list helped you in choosing the font to represent you.

If you happened to purchase one of the products that I listed here, let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.

I would love to hear your thoughts too!

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