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Every Apple keynote font always amazes the crowd. Are you curious to find out which captivating font Apple uses in its Keynote presentation? Is it the sensational company name that triggers your curiosity or just the plain apple keynote font? The amusement from an exhibition that will take you to a whole new world to create a successful visual presentation. People at Apple Inc. knows that in every new product they must ignite their engines to create something big. In Apple Inc., every product li

Poems rendered with best font for poetry gives creates the most impact on the readers. Of all the design elements used in modern times, the font is undoubtedly crucial in creating an impression.  The real challenge of modern graphic design is often to choose the right font. There are so much art and beauty in poetry.  Apart from beauty in its message, there is also beauty in form. Choosing the best font for poetry is essential when writing and publishing. Typography is a way of communicating w

What font is cursive in Word? We all want to know which ones are they because not many of us are blessed with an elegant cursive penmanship. We rely on Microsoft Word to help us create beautiful cursive writing. Microsoft Word is an excellent tool for producing various document styles, such as stories, letters, reports, and resumes. The possibilities can be endless. Word is essentially a blank canvas for your creations that can be personalized to suit you and your audience. Microsoft Word allows

We’ve compiled the best notion templates for writers to help you with your projects. Writers are thought to be one of the most self-aware people on the planet. Their work is hard, beautiful, thoughtful, and selfless, and changes the world. For that purpose, Notion came up with templates specifically constructed for writers. Not only will they ease the writer’s work, but they’ll also help them in the process and allow the new ideas to flow. Nevertheless, below you’ll find the 10 best

You would have wondered what font is used on playing cards after playing with them so many times. Playing cards are everywhere, with many countries claiming origin for it. The Chinese have played card games since the ninth century. But the first card game registered was by the British. The standard fifty-two card deck we see today is of French origin. Nowadays, most people know how to play card games. These games include bridge, blackjack, and solitaire. However, very few people have seen or und

Going to an AI art exhibition is a novel and thrilling way to experience art. Artists are increasingly using AI to create new and innovative art.  The following list of AI art exhibitions is not exhaustive but it is a good way to get your feet wet in the world of AI art. 1. AI More Than Human AI: More Than Human is a groundbreaking examination of artistic and scientific advancements in artificial intelligence that examines the development of the bond between people and technology. Yoichi Ochiai

The Yuletide season means Christmas cards and trees, so we need to celebrate it by using the best font for Christmas ornaments. There’s something about Christmas that creates an atmosphere full of wonder and warmth. To embrace the Christmas spirit you need the best fonts to personalize your holiday projects. We have compiled the 10 best Christmas fonts for your holiday DIY ornaments. These are Christmas-themed fonts that fit the holiday spirit, taking into account proper font sizing and quali

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