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12 Best Books for Becoming a Better Digital and Graphic Designer and Their Reviews (updated 2023)

12 Best Books for Becoming a Better Digital and Graphic Designer and Their Reviews (updated 2023)

Are you looking to up your design game? 

Level-up your skills fast with this library of design books.

We have read and reviewed the latest books on digital design and compiled our favourites for you here.

This post covers the 12 best books that are helpful for anyone looking to make a successful career in the graphic designing field.



Know Your Onions: Graphic Design

Crammed with actionable advice, this is a book you can pick up and in five minutes be a better designer with the most page for page wisdom.

Our number one recommendation is the intriguingly named “Know your onions”.

Written in a light and pleasant tone this is the book perfect for those early in their careers.


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Grab this book today and acquire 25 years of involvement in how to adopt the thought process of a pro.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Starts with systematic sections as of how to think, how to work and how to design
  • Clearly identifies the expectations of customers from designers that add value to the book.
  • The content is more leaning towards to become a better print designer rather than a digital one.
  • Starts with systematic sections as of how to think, how to work and how to design
  • The content is more leaning towards to become a better print designer rather than a digital one.


1.     Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design

This product is targeting to those who are willing to opt graphic designing as their profession.

Since everything in the modern world is designed, like magazines, ads, computer games, motion pictures, displays, PC programs, wrappings, corporate materials, and the sky is the limit from there.

So, it’s necessary to have a clear and defined path to follow for an individual, and this book makes it possible in the most natural way. Nicely written by Steven Heller and Veronique Vienne with 336 pages.

In short, the mentioned book has the power to change an average person into an expert designer.

Nowadays, the design has turned into a multi-stage action that includes creative and specialised skills all through.

The book Becoming a Graphic and Digital Designer demonstrates its users that the field is previously known as “graphic design” is presently more extravagant and more welcoming than any other options available to pursue and it has the plethora of varieties.

Pros & Benefits:


  • This book teaches to figure out how to take on things as a designer and address problems methodically
  • This book explains to increase knowledge from the practical experiences of the central planners in their fields and enriches the users or readers with top-notch designer’s experiences and skills to stay in the market as they are being interviewed.
  • Provides a vast area of discussions of having numerous options for careers.
  • Helps you out from getting an offer to start your work as a designer as it strongly emphasises on making a vast portfolio.
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2.     Meggs’ History of Graphic Design (Sixth Edition)

This book is entitled to those who want to learn to design as a core.

With a variety of superb pictures all through, this outwardly dazzling content aides you through an adventure of creative trendsetters, leap forward advances, and earth-shattering improvements that characterize the graphic designing field.

The underlying production of this book was proclaimed as a distributing milestone.

The author of the book Philip B. Meggs was claimed to be the one who has changed the definition of teaching graphic design.

The words he writes in the book are easier to understand and comprehend that too in eye-catching form.

The work of his incorporates great themes, for example, the development of writing, the starting points of printing and typography, and the appearance of postmodern structures.

The book “Meggs’ History of Graphic Design” is the outwardly marvelous record of the general population, occasions, and flag manifestations that have formed the field of graphic design.

Pros & Benefits:
  • The most recent key improvements in the web, multimedia systems, collaborative designs.
  •  Extended inclusion of design in regions of Africa and Asia that includes the Middle East as well.
  • Numerous design patterns and innovations.
  • Courses of events confined in a more extensive setting to enable you to comprehend the advancement of modern technologies within graphic design
  • Splendidly envisions new Sixth Edition that gives the factual idea to the most recent patterns and innovations surpassing the graphic design’s basics.
  • Uncovering glance at the reasoning and accomplishments that prompted the present rising design patterns and advancements.
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3.     Being Creative: Be inspired. Unlock your originality

With a progression of 20 hands-on effective activities, all utilizing a remarkable visual methodology, Michael Atavar moves you to dig your brain, challenges your point of view and touch off your innovativeness.

Whatever your energy, speciality or points, this book will skillfully direct you from splendid thought, through the dubious phases of improvement, to make your ideas a reality.

Each one of us sees innovation, as it’s not belonging to us, however, this mentioned book has changed this perspective by demonstrating everything in a really simple way to let us know that innovation resides inside us.

The exercises and activities help the users comprehend that segment’s idea; yet also, Atavar shows how each one of the activities is devices that can cultivate inventive reasoning/critical thinking for future difficulties.

The exercises are extremely basic and exhibited such that they could be effectively programmed into someone’s regular day-to-day routine without making a hassle.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Demonstrates examples through illustrations mostly with symbolic representations to get the reader engaged.
  • Encounter users to think creatively and find the solution of the addressed design problems the same way.
  • Each one of the exercises assembles and develops the ideas from the previous context, and toward the finish of each segment, the writer gives extra assets to get familiar with the ideas presented and for perceiving how other designers have tended to this specific idea.
  • Emphasis on creativity that every individual possesses and takes it out from them in order to perform outstandingly in the graphic designing field.

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4.     Becoming a Digital Designer: A Guide to Careers in Web, Video, Broadcast, Game and Animation Design

For everyone who wants to challenge himself to create something out of the box, the book “Becoming a Digital Designer: A Guide to Careers in Web, Video, Broadcast, Game, and Animation Design” is a must-read.

This book serves as a complete manual for the advanced digital design areas opens the way to the present most looked for after openings for work in Web, animation design and video. Including more than 45 interviews and 225 illustrations of the leaders of the digital design industry.

The book covers everything from instruction and preparing design claims to fame, and ways to building up a powerful portfolio and getting a new line of work.

This is a perfect beginning stage for anybody thinking to start a career in the digital design field. In addition, if someone has just stepped up in the industry and has no clue regarding digital design education and techniques, this book is a perfect start to get through.

As it outlines not only about the past context but has a lot to say about present achievements and future endorsements.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A far-reaching manual for the people, instruments, and patterns that are forming digital design techniques.
  • Providing a fundamental asset to anybody thinking about a career in the digital field.
  • Enlightens the numerous regions of the field, enfolding everything from the start and providing solutions of the ambiguity users could have initially.
  • Reveals to readers how to set up a viable portfolio to progress in your professional path.

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5.     Becoming a Graphic Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design (Fourth Edition)

The book “Becoming a Graphic Designer: A Guide to Careers in Design” gives a detailed study of the graphic design showcase, including the total description of print and electronic media and the developing digital design areas that offer the best jobs for the design career.

Highlighting 65 interviews with the present driving forces of the field, this eye-catching book has in excess of 600 representations and describes everything from instruction and learning, learning techniques, and strategies to setting up a powerful portfolio and getting a new line of work.

The book recommends top-notch industries of the field, the inclusion of career paths in design field and illustration, and a new spotlight on planning the career growth.

A complete manual for learning, simple to-utilize segments, valuable sidebars, and test configuration pieces, this extraordinary guide is significant for anybody to keen on propelling or building up a profession in the graphic design field.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Completely up-to-date to incorporate data on the most recent patterns in advancing design areas.
  • Highlights are digital editorial design, design management, business enterprise, information design, packaging design
  • From a writer of more than 100 books on design.
  • Serves as an aid to let user understand the variety of career choices available in the market for the newcomers.
  • Easy to use strategies to learn information design, motion and more.
  • Main areas that are core-highlights are the digital revolution that is helpful for someone becoming a better designer.
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6.     How to Be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul (New Expanded Edition)

Fresh designers rush to enlighten us regarding their wellsprings of motivation, however, they are significantly less ready to uncover such basic issues as how to look for employment, how to know the amount to be charged, and how to handle the tricky situation when a customer rejects your work and will not pay for the work he had.

The masterpiece “How to be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul” tends to encounter to the worries of designers who are in their early stages, need to earn a job by providing creative designing work and those need to abstain to get hired as an educated slave dealing with cruel ventures.

Composed by a leader of designing itself for designers, it consolidates handy experience with philosophical direction to enable young individuals to set out on their path to becoming a better creative designer. By what method should designer deal with the inventive procedure?

What’s the initial phase in the effective understanding of a case study? How would you create thoughts while everything just appears to be clear? Any questions that can appear in one’s mind before the start, this book is the answer.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Incorporates the most effective methods to be a better designer,
  • Brief direction for these inquiries,
  • Concentrated, straightforward methodologies for starting, executing, and advancing a studio,
  • Guides on looking for employment, and working together with customers.
  • The book additionally highlights motivating meetings with ten driving creators, and every one of them was affirmed on the fact that this book covers every part of the venture and stands as an essential tutor for any beginner that has just entered into the field.


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7.     Graphic Design: The New Basics

Our top-rated introduction to graphic design is presently accessible in a more comprehensive and detailed release In “Graphic Design The New Basics” top of the line creator Ellen Lupton giving an idea on Thinking with Type and Design It Yourself while Jennifer Cole Phillips is a design teacher, clarify the main and important ideas of visual language that educate any work of design either logo or letterhead to a mind-boggling site through visual exhibits and brief critique studies.

The book marvellously refocuses design guidance on the investigation of the essentials in a basic, thorough manner educated by contemporary media and programming frameworks.

It adopts a new strategy to become a better designer by providing guidance through stressing outwardly escalated, structure-based reasoning in a way that is tuned in to the most recent improvements in contemporary media, innovation, art, and theory. Vivid, smaller, and neatly composed, The New Basics is the new key asset for anybody looking for a well-informed, motivating prologue to grow in the field.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Very well structured to give a complete overview of the graphic designing field for everyone willing to become a better designer.
  • Represents top-notch strategies to get clever most suited combinations of fonts on forms and outstanding colors in the design to enhance the outcome.
  • Even the ones who want to finish the work with lesser efforts will find the related resources to do the work smartly.
  • Uses simple and day-to-day examples to teach the beginners in an innovative and fun way that too with precision

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9.     Design Is Storytelling

Great designs are like great art of narrating a story and it breathes life into thoughts. The most recent book from the top-notch author Ellen Lupton is a playbook for imaginative reasoning, giving ideas to designers as what would be the best way to utilize storytelling to make fulfilling designs, items, and experiences.

In the case of creating an advanced application or an information-rich production, designers’ welcome individuals to enter a scene and investigate what’s there.

A captivating logo, page design or retail space utilizes line, shape, and form to lead clients on powerful voyages.

The book “Design Is Storytelling” investigating the brain research of visual recognition from a narrative perspective. Introducing many instruments and ideas in a vivacious, visual way, this book will be going to enable an originator to intensify the account intensity of their work and aiding them to become a better designer in their career.

Utilize this book to blend feelings, fabricate sympathy, focusing qualities and by performing through some actions.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Enlightens idea to develop account curves and make ways through space; coordinate structure and language; assess an undertaking’s narrating power, and to compose and convey solid stories.
  • A lovely prologue to a wide assortment of narrating thoughts that can be and are effectively connected to the reasoning and critical thinking associated with the act of planning things.
  • Having a lot of illustrations, shading, and brilliant printing. The plan thoughts and ideas in the book appeared to be more common so easy to understand.
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10.     Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities, 2nd Edition

Totally up-to-date and extended, the second release of David Airey’s marvelous book contains a greater amount of pretty much everything that has helped to succeed the primary version so incredible: more contextual analyses, more illustrations, pretty handful of logos, additional tricks to handle customers, more stories and experiences, and increasingly reasonable data for landing the position and completing it right.

In the book, David tells you the best way to build up a famous brand personality through and through, utilizing customer contextual analyses from eminent designers.

All the while, he uncovers how designers make successful briefs, create thoughts, getting pay for their task, and team up with customers.

David does not just offer his own encounters dealing with personality ventures including portrayals and final consequences of his effective plans as well to engage the reader.

He additionally utilizes the work by some notable designers to enrich the book with strong emphasis on to become the better creative individual.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Having incredible exhortation on creating logos for customers, just as great pointers that I had not thought of ever previously. It is capable to be used as immaculate kind of perspective to broaden the creative ideas.
  • Designed for those with no experience in logo making, this book is quite useful. It’s brief, with a lot of models and clear clarifications, and it likewise gives profession guidance to all the readers.
  • Splendid logo design exhibitions and astounding outline utilizing central procedures and procedures to make extraordinary masterpieces.
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11.     Graphic Design Thinking (Design Briefs)

Inventiveness is in excess of natural ability; it is well-deserved expertise, and like some other aptitude, it improves with training.

This book “Graphic Design Thinking” immaculately defines how to explain issues, work on creativity in ideas, and create form investigates an assortment of casual procedures extending from brisk, intuitional ways to deal with increasingly formal research techniques for invigorating creative reasoning, and at last touching base at convincing and feasible arrangements.

Writer Ellen has somewhat a unique style that seems easier to users to understand, very close way to deal with instructional plan composing design strategies are gathered around the three fundamental periods of the design procedure, characterizing the issue, concocting thoughts, and making the structure.

Innovative research strategies incorporate center gatherings, talking with, brand mapping, and co-structure.

Every strategy is clarified with short story content supported by an assortment of visual exhibits and contextual analyses.

About how they get creative thoughts and what they do when things don’t work as expected.

The book is coordinated at working planners, design pupils, and any individual who needs to apply innovative idea examples to regular inventive difficulties.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Each creative designer has known about conceptualizing, yet shouldn’t something be said about investigating different traditions of imaginative reasoning? This book is a smaller than normal reference book of various exercises and practices you can attempt to get those creative ideas to keep streaming. A portion of these practices I’ve never at any point known about.
  • This book is a smaller than normal reference book of various exercises and practices you can attempt to get those creative ideas to keep streaming. A portion of these practices I’ve never at any point known about.
  • Enlightens a great deal of inventive ideas for addressing the design issue and making appropriate arrangements.
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Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve enjoyed the article about the book to become the better creative designer. If you still know any book that’s not on the list and should be, please let us know.

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