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best 3d modeling apps for ipad pro

10 Best 3D Modeling And CAD App Options For iPad Pro

Using any of the best 3D modeling app for iPad Pro can now make 3D modeling much easier for people.

In the past years, it was a great experience of modeling with computers.

Now, it is possible to do modeling with your smart devices.

A person can easily make 3D models with less effort by using their iPad.

But, it is only possible when you provide your device with the best software for this purpose.

Here, we have listed the 10 best 3D modeling app for iPad Pro that you can use.


One would observe that Shapr3D is one of the most liked applications for 3D modeling.

Most users related to fields of engineering and design prefer this app due to its features.

People who want to perform a parametric 3D model can opt-out for this app.

It has a straightforward layout embellished with brilliant functions.

Developers have made this app multi-functional.

Therefore, you can also perform other processes as well

In this app, you would find the best experience of granular editing.

In your iPad, you can use this to have the reliability of performing 3D modeling with extra easiness.

With the help of Apple Pencil, intricate details can be drawn.

There is also an option of importing your own or other model formats as well to edit them further.

If you are a beginner with this app, you can get weekly tutorials to know more.                                             


You can also do awesome looking 3D sculpture models using Sculptura.

It is able to give perfect facial visuals to your drawing.

This app works smoothly and gives you a beautiful experience working on IPad.

It gives you quality modeling with ease and efficiency.

If you also want to have an excellent experience of working on 3D modeling to make cool sculptures, then go for this app.

All its processes are simple and clear so download it now.

Putty 3D

Just like Sculptura, Putty 3D is also a fantastic choice for 3D modeling in iPad.

You will find the option of exporting your models to suitable formats to make them extra engaging.

With this app, giving extra textures and clearance to a model is easily handled and done.

People who think they are real artists of 3D modeling can choose this app for them.

The iPad provides an amazing graphic processer that make excellent models in this app with fewer fluctuations.

The app also supports Apple Pencil which can help you increase the real-time modeling experience.

In this app, physical type rendering techniques are there which you can observe while using.

While you are working, you can also record or take screenshots of HD results by its built-in options.

Last cool thing about this app is it is also compatible with 3D model printers so you can produce a physical copy of your model.


AutoCAD LT is a perfect match for your 3D printer if you want to have an excellent physical 3D model.

People who want to make stunning working related to BIM function or architecture can use this app.

It gives you the option of multiple functions to make your model even more prominent with various tools.

In addition, you can draft and save your project anytime in its web app.

Moreover, there are several options in this app to view and make your 3D model optimal.

There are fantastic dimensions, cool texts, fonts, and various angle inclusions to make the modeling effect even sharper.

Visit their site for you to learn more about this application to get ideas about their subscription plans

Luna Display

Luna Display is more or less the same with other apps you use to make 3D modeling.

The pressure-sensitive function of your iPad can help you increase the performance of this app for 3D modeling purposes.

Your Mac can serve a second display or a larger screen while you work with this app on your IPad.

When these two devices are connected, you can observe the real-time editing on your Mac as you draw with your IPad.

If you want to make the whole modeling process more convenient for you, there is also the option of other apps like ZBrush.

For the convenience of others, ZBrush also provides another way to perform screen-mirroring.

Another is that with the help of Astropad, you can now maintain a connection with your devices by using WiFi or USB connectivity.

Now, it is up to you that what kind of process suits you and makes your all process even more stunning.


Developers of Morphi had a primary focus on making it perfectly suitable for the iPad.

Therefore, most beginners of 3D modeling may have worked with this application.

The whole process and functioning of this app is in such a way that you would not find it so complicated.

Its tutorials may help you in doing incredible 3D modeling.

To make the process more incredible, there are many readymade shapes and other additives that embellish out model.

Adding them into your model would be easier than just making, simple shapes.

This app is highly recommended for students as well as beginners of 3D modeling.


SketchUp is one of the most loved apps that 3D model makers use to observe clarity and detailed vision.

If you want to explore more your model to get info about it genuinely, you can use this app.

It also gives you accessibility features like connecting it to other different storage providers.

You may connect it to Dropbox, Google Drive, Trimble Connect, Warehouse, or other storage providers.

Options such as perspective vision, various angle look, observation of the 3D model with the help of layers, and x-ray mode make the app perfect.

It provides a fantastic feature of HoloLens that also increases the quality of vision of the 3D model to create a great output model.

All of the tools of this app are made and arranged in such a way that a sequence in working is formed.

This sequence in using the tools makes the app more reliable for new users as well as experts in 3D modeling.


3DC is a designing app that creates, views, and converts the model in a new category.

It is used mostly by beginners who are not much clear with their design and gives a relaxed and creative imagination that make the whole 3D model extremely intuitive.

It is made in such a way that the its features make it easy to play and interact with people of all ages.

Also, it gives a you clean and comfortable interference that makes it suitable for beginners.

Another is that it contains a large gallery for uploading for users who want to upload any kind of model in it.

No doubt, this app is free of cost, but you are responsible for upgrading monthly or yearly that is also free of charge. 


Onshape is another fun app that is used for making unique 3D models and designs.

It consists of a whole 3D cloud of the CAD system that allows the members to get around for teamwork.

Members can do the work simultaneously either from their tablet or phones.

However, all the members must make the design separately.

One of the fantastic features of this app is that you can easily print out your 3D model from the web.

Furthermore, you need to learn about the masteries, plugin, web, downloading because all these features are used in the printing process.

This app is ideal for professional designers and engineers.

The subscription fee for this app is $125 per month.

Although it is not free, if you belong to any educational institution, it becomes free of cost.


uMake is an affordable and cheap app that has many features similar to other 3D modeling apps. 

This app ultimately gives you multiple features and prospective views that make it a viable option.

One is the view option that Shapr3D also has but in an updated form.

It has the best and smooth sketching experience with a pencil due to its responsive UI interaction. 

Its tutorial video consists of ten to fifteen minutes and touches every aspect of the app and describes all the features in detail.  

To use this app, you just need a full month subscription for only $20.

Final Thoughts

These days, 3D modeling is now much more comfortable with the help of these stunning apps.

Everything is clear and straightforward.

Just pick out the suitable app and then start your career of 3D modeling.

With the help of these options for the best 3D modeling app for IPad Pro, you can create perfect models quickly with precision.

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