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best 3D modeling apps in 2022

10 Best 3D Modeling Apps in 2023

As the use of smartphones and tablets expands amazingly, the search for the best 3D modeling apps for 2023 mobile also increases!

So in the first quarter of 2022, we installed collectively 37 billion apps, which represents an 11% increase from 2021. 

The switch in our preferences reveals many nuances of our choices but also pinpoints what we value more. 

As any application needs user interaction for functioning, the application offers a design and specific tasks that centers on the requirements of the end-user.

The included top 10 apps in 2022 are extremely innovative and attractive to people using them.

Therefore, you’re probably curious and eager to find out what are the 10 Best 3D Modeling Apps in 2023.

So, without further ado, please find below the top 10!

1. AutoCAD Mobile

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The topmost on our list of best 3D Modeling Apps in 2023 is the AutoCAD Mobile.

What would be the foremost basis for choosing a certain app? 

The signs are that people prefer the easiest way of interacting with it. 

Hence, the first and biggest advantage of this app that probably drives it into the top 10 is that it’s an easy-to-use app.

This app allows you to share your drawings much easier. 

You can actually create, edit, view, and connect to CAD drawings anywhere.

Furthermore, you don’t have to carry your laptop around all the time. 

Compatible Operating Systems

Should it be a problem if I have a certain operating system?

No, no need to worry, this app can run on both iOS and Android devices.

All you need to do is pick up your smartphone or tablet and start drawing beautiful projects. 

It includes a friendly user interface and tools to upload, open, create and edit. 

So, you may supply input to and receive output from AutoCAD Mobile whenever and wherever you are.

And if you’ve got instant ideas popping out, you could get them right away, hassle-free!

Phone storage is a real nuisance for many, but you shouldn’t worry at all about it when choosing this app, is less bulky. 

Are you on a tight schedule or do you have a deadline to meet?

Well, as a cherry on top, this app loads AutoCAD drawings faster than other pdf apps. 

The target audience is construction professionals, engineers, and architects.

This is because of the drafting platform offered alongside the 3D modeling and visualization technology. 

The users show interest in what AutoCAD offers in terms of creating surfaces, models of solids, and mesh objects. 

Last, but not least, the configuration to print a drawing in this app in different formats is very easy. 

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2. Morphi 3D Modeling

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First of all, you may want to visit their official site, because they do a lot of great work with it!

They managed to get it all covered from the communication and online presence point of view. 

So, you can easily reach the Morphi app through Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. 

You’ll love the fact that you, as a Morphi user, can connect to a whole community of creators with different levels of skills, all ages, and backgrounds.

But as one once said ‘strength lies in differences, not in similarities. 

Moreover, the app offers you a helpful guide aimed to take you through the basics of it. 

It’s important to note that this app is designed for the iOS platform and that comes with a price.

Awesome Features:

  • vector drawing
  • 2D technical drawings
  • editable control points
  • freehand sketches
  • access to CAD tools

You can scale, subtract, rotate, merge, group or ungroup, and many more. 

Also, you can create projects whenever you want without needing a mouse because of its touch functionality.

They want to make your life easier therefore there is auto-save support in the app so that even if you’re with your head in the clouds, you never lose your work. 

The Morphi app distinguishes itself from other apps by the amazing range of features including many easy and powerful drawing tools, advanced CAD features, and augmented reality. 

Young students love who learn how to draw and design in 3D love this app so much!

But the most important advantage is that you are able to work offline and create complex stl and obj models!

Also, you can easily transmit them wirelessly to local printers with no internet connection needed. 

Lastly, please take my word for it and download it now!

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3. Onshape 3D CAD

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The next on our list of best 3D modeling apps in 2023 is the Onshape 3D CAD!

If it were to group the apps in this top from the point of view of their end-users knowledge and skills then Onshape 3D CAD would qualify for professionals. 

It’s a utensil for businesses as it includes real-time data management, most recent analytics, and reporting tools.

That means that for mechanical engineering projects, for instance, a team of specialists can work from different places in the world.

They are able to notice the design change if one member of the team operates it and also reduce manufacturing errors that are so high-priced.

Many business managers value the fact that this tool enables them to share technical information accurately and as up-to-date as possible. 

You’re probably asking yourself now: okay, but what do other people think about this app? 

Onshape 3D has a lot of positive reviews.

Most of them state that it is stable and reliable, which is something that all clients are looking for especially in this field. 

But also, they are extremely satisfied with the great support and training offered by the Onshape team through their learning center. 

The fact that you can check out the status of your support ticket created directly inside the app’s interface is just great.

But what is their greatest advantage? 

Probably, as end-users keep reporting, the possibility of recording and reversing every edit at any time. 

Also, while using this app you have perfect control of the distance between parts of the model, thus you can produce models with higher quality. 

It features Sketch, Extrude, Hole, Mirror, Chafing, and anything you need to do. 

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4. Prisma 3D

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This is a free app for offering 3D modeling, animation, and rendering. 

Prisma 3D stands out for some reasons. 

The tool presents itself as being accessible for all skill levels and that’s most probably true, as the app received over 7.5 million downloads just a week after its launch. 

It became, of course, the leading app in the App Store in Russia and some neighboring countries. 

When developing a project character using this app every click you make using the arrows for every detail of the body helps you envision the final look of the model. 

By rotating the position of your character you can easily transform it upon your desire or the requests set forth. 

So, this kind of app is more artistic than others and refers to a different type of public. 

But, the result of its modeling is hyperrealistic and the options offered are enormous. 

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5. Putty 3D

best 3D modeling apps in 2022

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Putty 3D is also part of the list of best 3D modeling apps in 2023!

They say ‘not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere. 

We should add that to do that one should download the Putty 3D app.

What about it?

It’s a digital sculpting tool that enables you to carve, sculpt, or model any shape you want at any given time. 

It runs only on iOS devices, so you can use it either on your iPhone or your iPad. 

The fact that you can bring to life your work by physically based rendering techniques makes it very enjoyable and exciting at the same time. 

Most users value the creative freedom this app offers and the 3D printing too.

The app supports Apple Pencil, 3D Touch, and Wide Color. 

Of course, you can transfer your art on your PC or Mac. 

You can check their Facebook page for step-by-step videos and a chance to connect with other enthusiast users. 

To conclude, this seems to be a fairly easy-to-use app for beginners mostly. 

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6. Qubism 3D Modeling

best 3D modeling apps in 2022

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This app, developed for Android devices, offers you the possibility of drawing and building simple 3D models using the touch screen. 

What does the name of it make you think of?

Modern art, right?

Well, you’re close enough. Qubism 3D Modeling uses digital construction blocks called ‘qubes’ that enable you to build from scratch all kinds of interesting designs. 

Therefore you can add, move, rotate, delete, stretch, color, and shape these ‘qubes’ with just a couple of touches. 

So, as you probably already guessed, the biggest advantage offered by this app is the focus on touch operation and performance. 

Thus, who says desktop users get to have all the fun?

It’s even better to model your own design on the go, just by a few touches. 

The strongest points of the app as perceived by users are the endless ways of modeling from simple to complex designs and also the possibility of conceptualizing stuff in 3D. 

Better yet, the app runs fast for old devices as well!

It also has a very intuitive interface which is something really important, as this is the first experience an end-user has with the app. 

Due to its design model – building with ‘qubes’- some clients perceive it as easy as constructing something with Lego. 

So the simple, yet innovative way of stacking blocks is valued and appreciated. 

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7. Sculptura 3D

best 3D modeling apps in 2022

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As the name indicates, Sculptura is an app for sculpting. 

It runs on iOS devices and it has artist-tested tools, which is really amazing. 

Better yet, its engine is centered on ensuring detailed and high-quality meshing. 

In this specific area of 3D modeling, the digital tools used to shape the models are called ‘brushes’. 

They have a variety of functions to attain different effects on the model. 

Now think about a sculpture coming from a block of marble, and then imagine how useful an app like this is. 

It even offers you an editing history so you can go back to a certain stage if you want to or if it’s necessary. 

Sculptura 3D is Voxel-based and has no restrictions to cutting or adding at one’s will to the design. 

The app also offers some unique tools such as the slice brush and the possibility of undoing using two fingers, which most of the users consider being a huge plus. 

So, don’t hesitate!

Download the app now!

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8. Shapr3D CAD modeling

best 3D modeling apps in 2022

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As stated earlier, the apps presented here can be categorized for beginners, intermediate users, and professionals. 

The Shapr3D app can easily be included in the third category.

It offers you the possibility of developing and validating concepts before moving to the next step and getting into the detailed process of modeling for manufacturing. 

Furthermore, it was developed by having in mind the customer first, because it allows you to create fast concept designs and project them into context with AR. 

Also, it lets you validate your proposals with 3D-printed prototypes. 

The app offers a free trial which is highly appreciated and it gives a plus to the whole experience. 

And also, the fact that you get to create with your own hands, be it on your mobile or your iPad, feels more natural, than a rigid CAD-style desktop interface. 

The Shapr3D community is quite a large one, and it’s international. 

Its technical support is outstanding, so what could you want more? 

Even if the app is considered a powerful tool for professionals, its intuitive model allows other users to enjoy it as well.

The fact that you can rapidly turn an idea into reality while using a pencil, gives you the satisfaction of your work and creativity. 

Trust me, it’s worth getting the free trial. 

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9. Tinkercad

best 3D modeling apps in 2022

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Tinkercad is a free application for 3D modeling.

It helps you unleash your imagination because it’s super easy to use. 

That’s probably why many educational institutions choose to utilize it.

The lesson plans are ready to use either physically, in the class, or remotely, online. 

For students, the simple drag-and-drop task is straightforward and allows them to enjoy the design of their creations. 

Depending on their age, the students can learn the basic skills of 3D modeling. 

Teachers also benefit from its tools and resources. 

So it can either be used for kids as a first CAD program or for anyone without a CAD background just starting to draw simplistic objects. 

Tinkercad is a good introduction to 3D design and has many prebuilt objects that you can add to your design such as cones, cubes, spheres, etc.

So, it’s ideal for newcomers, but spoiler alert: the results are pretty great for experienced users, as well. 

The app stores your projects online and has a lot of resources. 

That’s what makes us say is highly user-friendly. 

They say that you can go from not knowing 3D modeling to using it effectively for 3D printing simple parts in under an hour, which is quite impressive. 

One final tip?

It offers you the possibility to use color to enable you to differentiate between different shapes, but also lacks shape. 

So it transforms something that could be a chore into a pleasure. 

Therefore, feel free (literally) to use it with your kids!

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10. uMake 3D Modeling CAD, Design

best 3D modeling apps in 2022

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Last but not least that made it to our list of best 3D modeling apps in 2023 is uMake.

The main theme of this app is to improve convenience and ease of use for end-users. 

This is the first feeling you have when browsing the site. 

Pursuing convenience from the standpoint of new users is a good marketing strategy as that’s uMake main focus.

You have a rich library of templates, textures, and elements at your disposal, meaning that it anticipates your need for time-saving. 

Everything is done much quicker when you start from a template, rather than from scratch. 

Besides this, uMake knows exactly how to customize its proposal: the user can both drag and drop what he needs from the content library or draw precisely using the specific precision tool. 

The fact that the same app empowers both 3D CAD pros, as well as novices, is a huge benefit. 

uMake is fully featured and easy to use. 

Everything you need is within reach. 

But when precision matters, the app puts you in control. 

You can set out exact dimensions, and draw perfect lines, angles, or arcs. 

That’s why you must consider uMake 3D Modeling for your ideas and designs. 

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many engaging options out there for our artistic ideas.

But, like anything that has to do with precision and manipulating edges, vertices, and polygons, 3D modeling takes a lot of practice. 

Since we are all different and we have certain skills, talents, and knowledge, we also have different needs in terms of using specialized apps. 

The really beautiful thing is that right now, we have a vast array of 3D modeling apps that range from basic, intuitive, easy-to-use ones to really professional, business-oriented others. 

That makes 3D design accessible to everyone. 

The top spot will be ranked by the app which is easier and quicker for a certain end-user at a given time. 

You’ve already read up on what makes these applications so compelling. 

Now it’s up to every future user to settle on a program to start with. 

The best 3D modeling apps in 2023 described above are both paid and free, for beginners and pros. 

In a final conclusion, we may note that in this highly competitive and ever-evolving industry of 3D modeling, there are apps more accessible than ever!

You just have to choose the one that fits your style and approach. 

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