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best 3d procreate brushes

10 Best 3D Procreate Brushes

Even without prior experience in 3D artwork, you will surely enjoy making one by using the best 3D Procreate brushes!

Procreate is a fantastic resource for artists in every niche. 

It is an app that allows your imagination to come to life with the option of creating stunning 3D designs. 

While there is an abundance of brushes and tools to help you accomplish this, it is often hard to know which one is right for you. 

We have, therefore,  selected the best 3D brushes to help you and your artwork reach their highest potential! 

Beginners and professionals will have something to take away with them from this curated list.

Whether you are an artist specializing in graffiti, calligraphy, lettering, logos, or drawings, we have you covered!

1. 100 3D Wireframe Brushes & PNGs 

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Xresch has created this fantastic brush collection.

The set will bring a 3D effect to your artwork without the need for a 3-dimensional specific application. 

If you enjoy creating futuristic designs, Hi-tech product commercials, or game designs, then these are the tools for you. 

Indeed, many have also found that these brushes work very well with both electronic and scientific technology designs. 

This collection of Wireframe brushes has been made with a cutting-edge 3D software blender, leaving a striking finish to your work. 

The bundle of brushes will draw a great deal of notice to your designs due to the high definition look and sharp lines they create. 

Furthermore, this set includes a wide range of Wireframe Photoshop, Affinity, and Procreate brushes. Along with many pictures, tutorials, and coloring styles. 

With 100 individual brushes available to use in many ways, it is hard to argue that this set would not be a great advantage to those who have a passion for futuristic designs. 

More importantly, this collection is available to purchase and download from for just $15.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Great range of brushes
  • Caters brilliantly to artists focusing on scientific, technological, and electronic designs
  • Removes the necessity of a 3D application
  • Compatible with Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo

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2. 22 3D Lettering Stroke Brushes for Procreate

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Undergloves created this highly functional brush set.

The Smooth 3D collection contains 22 stunning lettering brushes. 

This set is designed for Procreate and is the perfect starter pack. 

If you are hoping to create 3-dimensional designs with smooth lines, shapes, and lettering, look no further. 

Moreover, this set will give a precise and polished finish to your artwork. 

It will be hard to come by another brush collection that can produce logos and posters with this level of ease.

No longer will you have to fret over the quality of your lettering, as these smooth 3D brushes clean up any of those misshapen lines. 

Included in this set are 22 high-resolution brushes designed for 3D artwork and smooth stroke designs. 

Undergloves has made this collection available to purchase and download from for $13.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 22 Individual brushes 
  • Beginner-level friendly collection
  • Compatible with Procreate 
  • Applicable to many different design and artwork options

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3. 9 3D Procreate Brushes

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TilleyBrushes created this incredibly realistic and intricate brush collection for Procreate.

This set can create designs of such high quality that your 3D artwork will appear to leap right off the page!

The nine-piece brush bundle was the first set made by TilleyBrushes.

Over the years, she has had the time to perfect and fine-tune the collection. 

The highlights and shadows created by these brushes allow a life-like and realistic finish to all design options.

Also, if you are more interested in blending, then do not worry.

Once you choose the color white for your brush, you can add blue for a hard light or pink for a burn effect. 

Most importantly, TilleyBrushes has excellent communication with her customers, offering guides and assistance in using the 3D Procreate brushes. 

This nine-piece collection is available to download and purchase from for just $9.89

Pros & Benefits:

  • 9 Individual brushes 
  • Extremely high quality and realistic finish 
  • Compatible with Procreate
  • Guided step-by-step instructions of how to use the collection

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4. 3D Outline Procreate 5 Brushes Pack 

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MyPrintsCollection is the creator of this widely extensive brush collection. 

This set is tailored for Procreate and includes an incredible 54 separate brushes.

This bundle is perfect for artists looking to accentuate their graphic designs. 

If you are a beginner searching for the perfect outlines for your graffiti effects, then this bundle is for you.

It can provide gold, rainbow, and duo options with just a single stroke. 

Creating the outlines of your lettering can be one of the most challenging skills as a newcomer.

Yet, this has changed thanks to the whopping number of tools to help create your designs. 

Some of which include rainbow, retro, dot, and shadow brushes.

This collection also provides incredible effects to add to your artwork, including fog, dust, and smoke details.  

This collection includes a large selection of brushes.

In addition to that, there are also two color palettes, a PDF reference guide, and examples of images to help get you started.

This collection is available to purchase and download from for just $5.65

Pros & Benefits:

  • A large variety of 3D brushes (54 included in this bundle)
  • Compatible with Procreate 
  • 2 Separate color palettes
  • Caters for graffiti artists starting at a beginner level

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5. 15 Awesome 3D Procreate Brushes for Lettering, Illustration & more! 

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AlwaysBeColoring has created this exquisite brush collection.

This set consists of 15 different brushes designed for Procreate. 

Any artist looking to create 3-dimensional drawings, letters, or illustrations will benefit very well from this collection.

This set creates extremely smooth lines, though you have the option to choose from a variety of finishes. 

Chalky, grainy, and beaded looks are just a couple of the incredible details that you can add to any of your designs.   

A great feature of this collection is the ability to use these brushes on either a light or dark background, leaving no limit to your creations. 

AlwaysBeColoring has provided many tutorials.

They show how to use this bundle and indeed how to bring your designs to life. 

Furthermore, the creator of this set has also linked her guides on various social media platforms. 

These include Instagram and Tik Tok, allowing a community of 3D artists to form, inspire and help one another with their creations. 

This set is available to purchase and download from for $5.58.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 15 individual brushes 
  • Compatible with Procreate 
  • Ability to draw on both light and dark backgrounds
  • Tutorials on various social media platforms

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6. Wet and Glossy Acrylic Lettering Brushes

best 3d procreate brushes

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Here is another stunning collection made by TilleyBrushes.

The bundle includes 15 hand lettering brushes designed for Procreate. 

Every brush in this collection is easy to use, leaving a smooth and elegant finish to your artwork. 

The set includes a variety of tools that will leave your lettering looking flawless.

One of which, for example, is the calligraphy brush, ideal for those who are still beginners. 

Each brush in the collection is highly sensitive to pressure, all mimicking that of a physical tool. 

This beautiful set has been raved about by customers. 

Few can believe that TilleyBrushes could improve past her other collections. 

Although, this set has challenged that idea!

All of the brushes in this bundle allow for the creation of both thick and thin strokes. 

All the brushes have been made to an exceptional standard using 3D-rendered shapes in high resolution.

It provides each with the option to produce highlights and shadows.

The unique trait of this collection is the acrylic finish that it creates.

These range from metallic to shiny/wet and glossy translucent looks.

Included in this brush bundle, you will receive a tutorial highlighting how to use these tools correctly- creating the best artwork possible!

This collection is available to download from for as low as $5.00.

Pros & Benefits:

  • 15 individual brushes
  • Compatible with Procreate
  • Highly sensitive brushes, providing highly intricate brush strokes 
  • Beginner-friendly
  • A wide variety of high-quality acrylic finishes

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7. Procreate 3D Lettering Bundle 

best 3d procreate brushes

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This extensive 3D brush collection was created by LetterAlphaStudios.

The 50 piece bundle is ideal for those looking to create 3D drawings and lettering with Procreate. 

With this set, you will have the ability to mix styles and textures to create the perfect design composition. 

Each brush is optimized to create a highly professional look.

So, if perhaps you are a beginner or without the steadiest of hands, then this set is suited to you! 

Overlays have never been so easy.

With this bundle, LetterAlphaStudio has created a beautiful effect. 

Not only do lines and letters have a stunning 3D effect, but you may also overlap them with other text and shapes to create a highly deceptive piece of work. 

Many brushes give way to a precise and smooth edge, though it is optional to add texture to your work with tools such as the ‘fluff brush’ and so on.

Included in this collection, you will receive 50 individual 3D brushes with a wide range of functions.

These also include tube lettering, bubble writing, stamps, abstract shapes, fur designs, metallic finishes, and many more. 

This perfect starter pack for 3D lettering and drawing has a price point of just $20 and can be easily purchased and downloaded from 

Pros & Benefits:

  • An incredible 50 piece bundle
  • Compatible with Procreate
  • Very versatile and accessible to users beginning to create 3-dimensional artwork
  • Professional finish to each design

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8. 3D Letters Toolkit for Procreate 

best 3d procreate brushes

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This highly realistic 3D brush collection was created by Aurelie Moran.

While being compatible with Procreate, this set features everything you need to create 3-dimensional lettering. 

This bundle includes ten individual brushes allowing for a variety of different designs.

Specifically, in this set, you will receive two shading brushes, two monoline brushes, two highlighting brushes, two texture brushes, and two pattern brushes. 

Each of these tools will do nothing short of helping you to create beautiful effects and highlights throughout your artwork.

Also included in this collection, you will have the privilege to receive ready-to-use backgrounds, three template alphabets, and four creative color palettes.

The alphabets provided will give a professional and classic look to your designs with the option to use: Roman Capitals, Bold Dinonde Numerals, or Beval Block Letters. 

The set also includes an array of brush shades yet also gives a variety of colored backgrounds. 

From this, the artist can create their designs on both light and dark canvases. 

Aurelie Moran has made this bundle available to purchase and download directly from, with prices starting at $17.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ten individual 3D lettering brushes 
  • Confidence that your artwork will appear highly realistic upon completion 
  • Easy to use template, backgrounds, and pallets 
  • Compatible with Procreate

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9. Free 189 3D Brushes – The THANK YOU collection!

best 3d procreate brushes

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This incredible and enormous collection of 3D brushes is perfect for anyone hoping to create exceptional artwork.

This set was made by Luana Wosiack, who has kept this entire bundle free to anyone, anywhere.

Wosiack spent 80 hours of her time creating this collection.

She felt that it was only fair to have this set be available to all who are creative. 

This collection is the most recent of Wosiack’s designs and consists of an incredible 189 separate brushes.

Each brush in this set is ideal for hand lettering and ornamental designs.

This set is for the Procreate app.

Recently it has also been adapted to work in conjunction with the Procreate Pocket app. 

Every one of the 189 brushes in this bundle allows for extremely smooth and elegant designs with the ability to draw both thin and thick lines.

3D-rendered shapes make up the composition of these brushes. 

All the 189 brushes allow for a plastic or gel finish, not to mention the option to change them between wet paint, tinted, shiny, wet jelly, and translucent looks. 

Wosiack is so grateful for the success of her previous brush collections that she has made this set entirely FREE.

This bundle is available to download straight from 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free and easy download 
  • An enormous array of 189 separate 3D brushes
  • Compatible with Procreate

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10. 3D Brushes by Zark

best 3d procreate brushes

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Zarkoner has created this range of brushes.  

The collection includes brushes that are compatible with Procreate and designed for the creation of 3D artwork. 

This collection is excellent for those who are perhaps on a time crunch. 

These experimental brushes allow artists to create their work promptly. 

There are few 3D tools out there that compare to Zark’s cylinder brush. 

This highly defined brush has light trailing from the upper left corner.

The shadows and highlights created from this are spectacular. 

In addition, the lines appear to jump right off the page!

These brushes enable the creation of 3D lettering, graffiti, and calligraphy with ease.

Zarkoner has made this set available to download for FREE from 

A cost-free set allows a wide variety of creators and designers to enjoy and benefit from this collection. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free and easy to download 
  • High-quality brushes for graffiti, calligraphy, and fine artwork
  • Compatible with Procreate
  • Extremely easy to use 

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Final Thoughts 

Procreate is a brilliant application for all artists.

The ability to produce 3-dimensional designs is no longer based on your artistic level, beginner, or highly experienced.

But can be defined by the brush set that you choose. 

Perhaps you want a brush with both thick and thin line options.

Maybe you are searching for a collection that caters to smooth and textured finishes.

Well, we have searched high and low for the best 3D brush collections that cater to every artistic niche, and we are sure the right bundle is here for you!

The collections mentioned include both free and paid-for options.

Now there is no excuse not to get out there and get creative.

The popularity of 3-dimensional designs is on the rise!

So, we hope with these brush sets, you and your work can keep improving too!

We hope this article helped you start your journey on 3D art.

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