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best 4k monitor for designers

10 Best 4K Monitors For Designers

Investing in the best 4k monitor for designers can be something to brag about.

You’ll have not only pizazz but also amazing technology to help you in your artwork.

In this day and age, most of our friends and social gatherings have moved to online platforms.

And because of this, we have been using our monitors more often now.

Naturally, with that comes the need for the best high-quality apps and software to use online.

Honestly, I am one of the few who doesn’t have a second monitor.

I’ve never been much of a multitasker.

Moreover, dividing my attention between two displays overwhelms me.

But come to think of it, having another screen for designing-related-work sounds definitely enjoyable.

So I’m not going to lie that I’m inclined to upgrade and buy another screen.

Therefore, in this article, you will get to know which are the best 4k monitor for designers and their pros and cons.

1. LG 27GN950-B

An HDR 600 system provides you with various lively and realistic colors.

Using this monitor is a great one to get high-quality and professional visual when doing design-related work.

In addition to that, an IPS technology that offers the best viewing angles and delivers images within one millisecond contributes to a smoother and more immersive work session.

Its compatibility with NVIDIA G-SYNC aids this aspect as the incredible 144Hz refresh rate will guarantee you an experience completely free of lagging or screen tearing.

This one isn’t so much a technical aspect.

However, if you’re like me and love desks decorated with LEDs, then you’ll love the SoundSync technology feature of this monitor.

This technology will make your keyboard light up according to your activity.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

This monitor is built for gaming.

But its versatility and the fact that it is built with a creative workspace in mind can adapt to your needs, so you get the ease of work and gaming-level performance and graphics.

That way, this monitor is great for anyone who loves an appealing desk design and takes advantage of the hours they work.

Not only that, but also this is one of the best 4k monitor for designers in this list.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Incredible response time and refresh rate
  • Features AMD FreeSync Premium Pro
  • A 27” display for you to enjoy
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2. Acer Predator XB273K

best 4k monitor for designers

Using this LED technology with a display-built IPS, you’re with granted speed.

It has 90% DCI-P3 Wide Color Gamut for video-oriented wide-gamut color space.

Note that you also get a powerful contrast of black and white.

With this, you are making your designing experience much more pleasant and compatible with VESA Display HDR 400.

With the 27” monitor and its appalling specs, the speed and graphics appear on the screen offer immersive experience.

But the benefits don’t stop there as this device is also compatible with Adaptative Sync and NVIDIA G-SYNC.

At first, refresh rates only seem to be important if you plan to use your display for gaming but they are just as important for an editing job.

For anyone who doesn’t like cluttered things, this monitor is great to give you plenty of space to organize both your files and your work.

This will make your monitor great for anyone who likes to keep busy and deliver high quality work.

This monitor is surely great for anyone who values speed, efficiency and high quality while having access to a multitude of features.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A refresh rate of 120Hz
  • High brightness and contrast, offering a wide and accurate range of colors
  • Included USB and HDMI Ports
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3. Philips 328E1CA

best 4k monitor for designers

This monitor offers a curved display along with its 32″ screen space is proven to grant more depth and immersion in whatever you’re doing.

Both the LCD and LED technology are advantageous to the screen’s versatility.

The strong point of LCD being not suffering from burn-in, which happens when the last image displayed remains on your screen, even if the computer goes into hibernation mode or completely shuts off.

It is against the most vital aspects of the LED technology.

This falls under the efficiency and high-level performance of displaying colors and their gradients.

Additionally, it grants you an immersive and enjoyable work session with its built-in speakers and a curved monitor, be it designing, editing, or anything of the sort.

This device offers a great experience to those who like to keep their options open.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Built-In speakers, as well as USB and HDMI ports
  • Ultra Wide-Color Technology
  • Effortlessly smooth FPS rate
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4. LG 32UN650-W

best 4k monitor for designers

IPS panels are known for fitting perfectly in the work of designers, cinematographers, or editors.

The excellent viewing angles of IPS provide the user with fantastic color quality, proven by a DCI-P3 95%.

Also, the compatible VESA Display HDR 10 produces a vivid and dramatically realistic image, making reality-accurate colors.

Imagine yourself working with that much quality and taking advantage of the built-in speakers on this monitor.

So good, right?

With the display of 32” virtually borderless sides, the immersion in your work is similar to that of curved screens.

Not only that but the 32” of space for you to manage and adjust however you like will also grant an organized and enjoyable workstation.

This display is great for those who desire efficiency and productivity without sacrificing vivid and high-quality colors.

Pros & benefits:

  • Height adjustable stand
  • Compatible with VESA Display HDR 10 and AMD FreeSync
  • Ultra-fine display
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5. LG 32UN880-B 

best 4k monitor for designers

With an ultra-fine monitor, forget all your worries about inserting a bulky and ugly item in your desk design, as this one is sure to fit right in!

Its IPS technology transforms your designs into outstanding and beautiful creations.

What’s more, this display does not only provide you with a wide range of lively colors, but it is also known for its accuracy to absolute color palettes.

Adding to that the screen space of 32”, this monitor proves to be amazing for anyone who values efficiency and high-quality.

Also, its display contains a USB-C port as well as another one intended for transmission between screens.

These aspects make this display work perfectly for anyone who worries as much with a pleasing desk setting as with high quality.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • USB Type C ports included
  • Compatibility with VESA Display HDR 10
  • Virtually borderless design
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6. Dell U2720QM

best 4k monitor for designers

With minimalist and organized desks becoming more and more of a trend as time passes by, it’s no wonder that newly created models come with an ultra-thin design.

It’s no different for this 27” display with IPS technology behind it.

The IPS technology offers high quality, beautiful colors, and designs that can work to your advantage even more on a 27” monitor in

Apart from that, you’re also provided with multiple general shortcuts and shortcut keys.

These shortcut keys can be a convenient addition for when you want to go on a productivity sprint.

Its feature of a DCI-P3 95% provides exceptional color and outstanding life-likeness to its users.

With this, the editing or designing process becomes smoother by providing an outstanding and high-quality accuracy experience.

That way, this monitor shows to be amazing to whoever wishes for a sleek workspace and high-quality systematic and graphic performance.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • USB-C port included, as well as a HDMI one 
  • Virtually borderless and ultra thin design
  • Compatibility with VESA Display HDR 400
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7. LG 32UL750-W

best 4k monitor for designers

LG 32UL750-W provides you all the space and organization that you need.

Not only that, but its LED technology will create an efficient and beautifully painted experience.

There is the feature of on-screen control, which lets you see all of your projects and open tabs side by side.

This feature will help you to keep track of everything.

Also, the monitor offers powerful color grading and display, which produce bright and exceptional images.

That feature isn’t the only one that proves to be helpful, as this device uses convenience by adapting to a USB-C display port.

Additionally, this display includes the possibility of a Radeon FreeSync connectivity, which shows how versatile and functional technology has become.

This monitor’s capabilities make it great for anyone who can’t function without their to-do list or a quality image displayed.

Which I don’t blame you for.

We all know that the worst feeling than procrastinating is sitting at your desk, ready to work and have a productive day but then having no clue what you’re supposed to use your time for.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Compatible with VESA Display HDR 600
  • USB Type C port included
  • DCI-P3 of 95%
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8. AOC CU32V3

best 4k monitor for designers

If you procrastinate at every chance you get then you should consider this 32” curved monitor as it holds the claim to be extremely immersive.

Curved monitors are famous for how workflow-inducing they can be.

These monitors are no other distractions within your peripheral vision, just more of the work you’re supposed to be doing.

Let’s be honest, getting into that workflow where you can smash any task and do it well in a small amount of time feels pretty empowering, right?

Throwing an LED technology into the mix in this monitor is an even more valuable asset, displaying lively, vibrant and life-accurate colors and designs, some credit of that also belonging to wide viewing angles.

With a virtually borderless screen and the ability to divide all your projects throughout your screen is also likely to provide you with efficiency and multitasking at its best.

After assessing those, we can clearly see that this monitor is great for people who are motivated to work on their endeavors through eye-pleasing and easy yet complex qualities, those being tricky to get the hang of in the beginning but absolutely worth it in the end and extremely helpful.

As the factors stated above, I believe this is one of the best 4k monitor for designers in this list.

Pros & Benefits:

  • HDMI port included
  • A DCI-P3 90%
  • Virtually borderless design
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9. Asus VA32UQ 

best 4k monitor for designers

With a technology that offers both LED and LCD options, you just need to make a choice.

Both LED and LCD display beautiful, vivid images and graphics.

Similarly, these also maintain an Ultra-low Blue Light filter to keep your eyes taken care of.

No matter how much we want to hustle and get things done, spending too much time staring at your screen can be tiring and straining.

Your eyes won’t only be taken care of through that Ultra-low Blue Light filter but also by the wide viewing angles, allowing you to see your screen from any angle you’re sitting at.

Even so, you probably won’t be doing much eye-straining nor squinting as 32” inches of space for you to feel convenient and helpful.

The things above make this device amazing for anyone who likes to combine a sleek and beautiful design with productivity and organization.

Anyone who knows exactly what they need most certainly enjoys being spoiled for this choice.

Pros & Benefits:

  • HDMI port included
  • Built-In speakers
  • Compatibility with VESA Display HDR 10
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10. AOC U2790VQ

best 4k monitor for designers

Portraying a wide color gamut and both LCD and LED technologies, this monitor seems to spare no resources in obtaining you the most varied and vivid colors and images that you can get.

AOC U2790VQ brought up its sleek and frameless design with the intention of fitting right in your desk.

It is purposefully made to avoid any clutter or heavy materials.

Its virtually borderless screen lets you add other monitors to build your perfect workstation while having zero to no distractions by switching your eyes from screen to screen.

Not only that but the IPS displaying panel lets you see an item from any possible angle without its quality or color-changing, keeping the smooth color transitions existing in this monitor.

On that note, of course, the 27” screen can’t go unmentioned, contributing to the general organization of your workstation and all of your projects.

Without a doubt, this display is a must-have for anyone who values organization, a sleek design, and beautifully shown items.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Virtually borderless design
  • HDMI port included
  • A 5 milliseconds FPS
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Final Thoughts

Picking a monitor can be a daunting task.

However, as you’ve probably understood from this article, choosing the best 4k monitor for designers and a convenient one would be the best.

Even if all of the monitors on this list are great for designing related projects, you may want to consider the additional non-related features that can be useful for you.

No matter which one you end up choosing, the monitors on this list have high and advanced technology to how they work.

So, you are guaranteed not to be disappointed.

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