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10 Best Abstract Fonts (Expert Picks)

Your writing needs to have the best abstract fonts to catch your reader’s attention.

No matter what medium of writing your words are being put into, the use of abstract fonts is limitless.

The variety of uses is matched only by the vast numbers and types of available fonts. 

What to do if you need a poster for an event to be as eye-catching as possible?

You may use bold letters in bright colors over a compelling backdrop that can surely turn heads.

Or maybe you want a muted design to give a fashionable, elegant, and chic impression.

Or perhaps you’re making greetings cards for invitations and need them to be in a perfect style.

Whether your preference is for them to be flashy and glitzy or subtle and understated. 

Abstract fonts can even be used in prose.

Anyone working on a graphic novel or comic book project is bound to find a style of text that would be perfect for conveying atmosphere, a character’s mood, or a change of scene. 

This list will display the top best ten best abstract fonts available for download.

1. Cecilia Octavia

best abstract fonts

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Designed by Andrew of AndrewPixel, a relatively new designer on Etsy who began selling his work on Etsy in late 2019;

This typeface is one of most standout products available.

All of its contemporaries share an equally stylish appearance and intricate attention to detail.

This sans font manages to convey feelings of both the distant future and ancient past.

The dots in and around the rounded letters hint at the era of its name.

It brings to mind of the ancient civilizations of Rome, Greece, and Egypt,

On the other hand, the gaps between their composite parts are more evocative.

Of some of the most timeless Hollywood science fiction. 

This font would be admirably suited for posters, invitations, greeting cards, and even customized clothing.

Despite its artistic appearance, it remains easy to read and comprehend. 

The package on sale has a total of eighteen optional floral illustrations and both Regular and Bold weights for a price of $6.20.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Very stylish font with an instantly eye-catching appearance
  • Affordable price for a font that suggests chic luxury 
  • Usable for a variety of different purposes

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2. Sea Spray

best abstract fonts

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This highly creative design comes from New Tropical, a design studio based in the Australian state of New South Wales.

They manage to imbue their fonts with their home region’s wonderful natural surroundings. 

A decidedly austere design, this font successfully conveys the nautical theme for which it was named.

With the writing bringing to mind words drawn into the sand of a beach before they’re wiped away by incoming waves. 

Several eclectic could be found for this font.

But principally, those who want to emphasize a high level of style over functionality, with a subtle elegance.

It would work beautifully on company logos, customized clothing designs, business cards, and invitations. 

The font can be purchased for just $12 for personal use, with prices increasing incrementally for different types of licenses. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • A pleasingly artistic design that uses subtle suggestion instead of loud, bold statements
  • Highly affordable price for a top-quality product 
  • Suitable for any type of writing where style over substance is required 

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3. Xova

best abstract fonts

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Made by CRR | NTN, this is one of the company’s flagship fonts and has been available since 2016.

The Xova font takes creativity into the realms of high art since it is not, in fact, a single font at all.

Instead, five different fonts are all contained within one design.

A whole host of varied looks can be created by matching the various options.

They are in the form of different colors. 

Adding or removing one of the shades will allow you to make a dramatically altered appearance and aesthetic.

The Xova font’s inherent versatility comes from the fact that it can be used for practically any purpose.

This is whether you are trying to create unique new designs for a clothing brand or a flashy new business card.

It is also perfect for new and improved company logo, or a poster that simply has to stand out from everything else.

While the price tag of $120 for a licensed desktop use, however, this font this font is very much a case of the adage, ‘you get what you pay for.’ 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Wonderfully creative design that is sure to catch the eye of whoever comes across it.
  • Almost endless customization options, colors that could be added, removed and changed.
  • A perfect choice for when text needs to be as loud and proud as possible. 

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4. Sofia Pro

best abstract fonts

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The Sofia Pro font is a creation of the Mostardesign Studio foundry. 

This company specializes in branding, advertising, illustration, and customized fonts.

It was founded by Olivier Gourvat almost seventeen years ago. 

This font family is arguably the most conventional on this list.

But this also arguably gives all the styles in the group the greatest utility.

It’s easy to read while pleasing to look at it.

The Sofia Pro family’s fonts may lack some of the artistic panache, nevertheless, it has elegant scripts that are easy to read. 

This is, therefore, a solid choice for any project.

This is whether you’re working on signs, posters, flyers, cards, or a website.

Also, unlike its more stylistic counterparts, this font family’s more conventional appearance.

It means that it could be used in prose, whether as part of a comic book or novel manuscript.

Every member of this particular font family can be bought for $299 and includes sixteen different styles.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Elegant, conventional appearance, easy to read while pleasing to look at 
  • Greater versatility and utility than more artistic abstract fonts 
  • Multiple font styles are included in one package. 

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5. Orange Royale 

best abstract fonts

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Developed by Jonathan Hill of The Northern Block Ltd.

This font was purposefully designed to evoke the theatrical advertisements for the films of the 1970s. 

Although the promotional image for the font above mentions James Bond, it is also clearly a nod to Stanley Kubrick’s work.  

This font family has a high degree of internal variety.

Each different member of the typeface family accurately captures the spirit of ’70s movie poster texts.

The creators of this design researched the subject since their replication of the style is flawless.

Therefore, this font cannot be recommended highly enough to anyone hoping to capture the same style.

They find the aesthetic particularly pleasing and believe it will be an effective addition to their project or hosting a 1970s themed movie night. 

The font family comprises eight different fonts, each with a unique appearance, which further adds to this font family’s versatility. 

Also, the entire group is available for purchase at the generous price of just $38.50.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • A large variety of styles available in one font package 
  • Accurately conveys the theatrical aesthetic of the 1970s
  • Very fairly priced for a high-quality product

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6. Abstract

best abstract fonts

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Francesca Scalon created this font, a talented graphic designer and artist based in London.

The design is arguably one of the best abstract fonts,  worthy of its name than any other. 

At first glance, the Abstract font may look as though it was fashioned after ancient runes or wall carvings in caves.

But in fact, it is made up of many different individual lines, which then comprise the letter shapes.

Although this font is one of the most creative on this list, it is not the easiest to read.

This suits to those who wish to make more of an artistic statement with their product, poster, or logo.

Due to its more artistic nature, its downloadable form only comes with the characters displayed on the description page without any extras.

Still, anyone wanting to make a statement as creative as this design will not find a better alternative. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Imaginative design that is sure to draw attention to the product, design, or poster
  • Able to be used in texts that evoke both the ancient past and distant future
  • Free to download and use

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7. Multicolore

best abstract fonts

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This colorful design comes from Ivan Filipov, the Bulgarian Head of Design at Reward Gateway, United Kingdom.

Multicolore looks exactly how one might expect and displays a whole palette of colors on its letters. 

Every parts blend into each other in a playfully mechanical style.

Also, the connecting dots between the different sections of the letters can be changed into rounder shapes or lines.

This design would be a top choice for anyone who wants to make a big, bold statement.

It can be used on a poster, invitation, sign, or customized T-shirt; unlike with some of the previous designs listed, subtlety and understatement are not the cases here. 

The Multicolore design is entering its eighth year in 2021.

In 2013, it has had several additional features added to it.

It includes support for the Cyrillic alphabet in the Russian and Ukrainian languages, as well as lower case letters, giving it greater versatility and international use. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • A bold design with such vibrant colors that it will be practically impossible to ignore
  • Suitable for informal posters, signs, and custom clothes
  • Free for both personal and commercial use 

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8. Hybro

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This font was created by Dom Rowland, a designer based in the United Kingdom’s famous university city of Oxford, and is also distributed by Pixel Surplus, a Canadian firm. 

An artistic sans serif font, the Hybro’s curves bring to mind the carefree counterculture movements of the 1960s and 1970s.

This one of the best abstract fonts that effectively catches the eye and it’s better suited to anyone looking to utilize style over utility. 

Despite its creativity, it does not create texts which are the easiest to read. 

This font style can be downloaded entirely for free, either for personal or commercial use.

Its colors can be changed to convey several different feelings and moods: this is a top choice for anyone wanting a creative design at no cost. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Elegant and artistic, a good choice for anyone making signs or posters with limited lettering. 
  • Free to download and use 
  • Changing the colors can dramatically alter the perception of how this font is viewed. 

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9. Half

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This superb and supremely whacky design is a product of GZZ, based in Brazil.

Its Behance page speaks to the creativity behind the font, with its moving graphics sliding over the font demonstration pictures.

In a truly brilliant exhibition of artistic talent, the Half script almost resembles the types of alien language scripts common to science fiction films and video games.

It manages to remain perfectly legible, with any words written in this style being entirely discernible. 

Discernible, of course, does not mean crystal clear.

Therefore, this would not be the best choice for anyone hoping to make a poster, sign, or anything else that would need to be read at a distance with an obvious message. 

One of the best aspects of this font family is that the package ships with both the namesake Half font itself.

There are several more conventional styles to this family, including Regular, Italic, Bold, and Thin.

Better yet, the whole font family is available for download entirely for free. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Highly creative design, perfect for subtitles and secondary text beneath a larger, more legible logo, sign, or message.
  • Includes both the flagship Half font and more regular styles, allowing versatility within one package. 
  • Perfect for giving any writing project a unique, alien feel.

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10. Nano 

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Created by Harrison Luke of the UK and distributed by Pixel Surplus.

This font is a newer design, first becoming available in April 2020.

As its name might suggest, this font aims for a futuristic aesthetic while retaining some of the minimalist features common to abstract fonts.

However, despite its letters not being fully formed in style frequently used in abstract fonts, Nano is very easy to read.

With this in mind, it could be used for larger, bolder letters on signs and posters.

It can also be put into smaller letters for subtitles and additional information under bigger headlines.

Although this free to download font is written in lowercase letters, increasing the size can allow them to masquerade as larger in their natural stature. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Perfect for business cards, specialized invitations and greetings, and some posters and signage. 
  • Very readable while retaining the prized minimalist look frequently found in abstract fonts 
  • Free to download 

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Final Thoughts

This list has shown that the best abstract fonts can have the same high utility and versatility as their more conventional counterparts.

Some of the more outlandish and artistic designs will perhaps only be suitable for posters and signs.

While some of the abstract font types can be used for more regular purposes while keeping a very elegant and unique appearance.

Choosing a favorite from these best abstract fonts is, of course, difficult because each is very different.

But owning the font family would also allow the use of its flagship artistic style.

For sheer artistic brilliance and boldness, the Xova is a personal favorite.

Xova font has its split internal design, making it more useful and reusable than it might initially seem obvious. 

However, all of these fonts have their strengths.

Their choice depends entirely on your preferences and what you believe will best be suited to help your project.  

These 10 Best Abstract Fonts are really to try for.

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