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best apple pencil silicone grip sleeve

10 Best Apple Pencil Silicone Grip Sleeves for Protection & Comfort

Using the best Apple pencil silicone grip sleeve will ensure that you’ll get the more bang for your buck.

This is because a protective case ensures that your electronic device serves you as long as possible.

It’s especially applicable to something as fragile as an Apple Pencil.

Here are the options for the best Apple pencil silicone grip sleeve, which won’t only protect your device but also let you use your Apple Pencil comfortably.

As there are two versions of Apple Pencil, there are five options compatible with the 1st Generation and five more for the 2nd Generation. 

1. Cover for Apple Pencil 1st Generation

Do you often spend long hours drawing or writing something on your iPad with Apple Pencil and find that it causes your hand to cramp?

Then this Cover for Apple Pencil 1st Generation will help with the problem. 

Ridges located right where you grip the Apple Pencil make it comfortable for you to hold it and use it for a long time. 

The case comes in six colors, so you can find the one that matches your iPad’s protective cover. 

These colors include black, dark blue, sky blue, pink, green, and semi-transparent.

Its design prevents you from misplacing the charging cap and thus saves you hours that you would have spent searching for it.

You’ll also find that small hole on top of the case useful, as now you can attach your stylus to something.

For example, when you’re out, you can attach your Apple Pencil to your bag and easily access it when you need your stylus. 

The package includes a sleeve and a protective cap for the tip of your Apple Pencil so that when you don’t use it, nothing can scratch or damage it.  

When you use your Apple Pencil, you can place the protective cap on top of the stylus. 

With this Apple Pencil cover, you can forget about hand cramps and enjoy working on your iPad.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Soft silicone material
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil 1st Generation
  • Six color options available
  • Comfortable grip
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2. Silicone Case for Apple Pencil

Does your Apple Pencil often roll off your desk and you’re terrified that one day it’ll break? 

Then you should check out this Silicone Case for Apple Pencil that prevents it from rolling. 

The ears on the top part that goes on the charging cap aren’t only for cuteness, but they also to keep your stylus in place. 

Another useful feature of this part of the case is that it allows you to take off the cap without having to take off the sleeve.

And you won’t have to worry about losing the cap as that part isn’t completely detachable.

The material used for this case is BPA free silicone, which ensures that firm grip on your Apple Pencil. 

Although this silicone case makes your Apple Pencil noticeably thicker, it’s a good thing because your hand won’t get tired of trying to hold this slim, thin stylus in place. 

This item comes in eight colors – transparent, black, grey, orange, pink, purple, white, and dark blue. 

There are two protective nib cases included in the package, and you can use your Apple Pencil as a stylus with the cover on it. 

If you use your iPad as a drawing tablet, then you’ll have to take it off because while the nib cover works for tapping on icons, it reduces the sensitivity of your Pencil. 

This silicone case offers you a lot of useful features, protects your stylus from damage, and does it with style. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Suitable for Apple Pencil 1st Generation
  • Cute design
  • BPA free silicone material
  • Comes with two nib covers
  • Eight color options
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3. FRTMA Magnetic Sleeve for Apple Pencil

If you wish your stylus had the magnetic feature of the Apple Pencil 2nd Generation, then this FRTMA Magnetic Sleeve for Apple Pencil (1st Gen) is ready to grant you your wish.

There are six magnets inside this case that allows it to attach to any magnet-friendly surface, like your iPad Pro, magnet cover, or even your fridge if you want.

There are five colors available – dark blue, white, red, lavender, and ice blue.

The case covers only about half of your Apple Pencil, but it’s useful because you can use it on the top or bottom of your stylus.

For example, if you write or paint on your iPad for a long time, the case will be more of use to you when placed near the tip of the Pencil.

It’ll provide a comfortable grip, and drawing or writing won’t cause as much tension on your hand.

However, if you like the slimness of your Apple Pencil, then move it out of your way to the end of the stylus and enjoy using your thin Pencil.

The design of the case also prevents your stylus from rolling off the desk. 

With this sleeve, you’ll also receive two magnetic strips that you can stick to a gadget or somewhere else where you usually put your stylus.  

This way, your stylus will always be exactly where you left it.

This simple item will make your Apple Pencil of the 1st generation act like the upgraded version without making you spend $100. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Magnetic sleeve
  • Soft silicone material
  • Five color options
  • Keeps the Pencil from rolling
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4. AHASTYLE Anti-Slip Case Cover Silicone Sleeve Skin

If you’re looking for an Apple Pencil case that has a minimalistic design but covers the whole body of your stylus pen, then this AHASTYLE Anti-Slip Silicone Sleeve is the one for you.

Its design is simplistic and doesn’t have any sparkles, animal ear shapes, or anything else that might annoy you. 

It’s a smooth premium silicone material; the only thing that stands out is the part where you hold your Apple Pencil.

This part has some ridges, which make it comfortable for you to hold the Pencil, and they prevent your stylus from sliding in your hand.  

These ridges will also prevent your Apple Pencil from rolling off your desk.

The part that covers the charging cap stays attached to the case, so when you’re charging your Pencil, you don’t have to worry about losing the cap. 

You’ll receive the silicone case with a cable adapter tether, meaning you also don’t have to worry about losing the adapter.

This cover comes in six colors – white, black, dark blue, light blue, pink, and orange.

Customers who have bought and left a review on Amazon say that the real colors don’t disappoint. 

They also mention that the material is soft and durable. 

With this silicone case, your Apple Pencil and all its parts will be safe, and you’ll enjoy cramps-free usage of your stylus and iPad. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Compatible with Apple Pencil 1st Generation
  • Premium silicone material
  • Comes with a cable adapter tether 
  • Six color options available
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5. AhaStyle iPencil Case Sleeve Cute Fruit Design

This AhaStyle Apple Pencil Sleeve is suitable for you if you love Sponge Bob, fruit design, or want to buy a case for your kid. 

It looks adorable and yummy, and the colors it comes in are all bright and cute. 

These colors include red, orange, yellow, and green, like the color of avocado. 

No matter which color you buy, it’ll stand out among other things, so you’ll be able to find it easily if it gets lost inside your bag, among your desk items, etc. 

The material AhaStyle used is premium silicone; it’s soft, durable, and doesn’t stretch.

And its textured design provides a better grip on the Pencil, so when your hand starts sweating because you’ve been holding it for a long time, you won’t have to press on your stylus hard to keep it in place. 

The case will cover your Apple Pencil from top to bottom and protect it from getting scratched, even if you drop it.

Some of the customers said that it was hard to put this case on the Pencil as it was too tight.

But its tightness means it won’t slide off your stylus, so it’s a useful feature. 

Plus, you only have to put a case on your Apple Pencil once, and the rest of the time, you can enjoy holding an adorable pineapple in your hand.

Isn’t it worth it?

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Compatible with Apple Pencil 1st generation
  • Adorable design
  • Premium silicone material
  • Four color options available
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6. AHASTYLE Duotone Case Cover Silicone Sleeve Skin Compatible with Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

If you love dual-colored accessories, then you’ll appreciate this AHASTYLE Duotone Case for Apple Pencil 2nd Generation. 

There are six two-color combinations available for this case.

These combinations include orange-red, green-yellow, black-red, pink-blue, blue-red, lavender-pink.

There are also packages that offer you two cases in different colors.

These colors are black and dark blue, black and orange, black and pink, black and white, pink and blue, and a package with dark blue, light blue sleeves.

This version is compatible with the Apple Pencil of 2nd Generation, but if you like the style and you have the 1st generation, you can buy the same case.

The AHASTYLE company uses premium silicone materials for all the cases they produce, and this material is soft, durable, and protects your stylus from scratches, dents, dirt. 

It’s also thin – only 0.35 mm – so the case won’t stop your Apple Pencil from charging or attaching to your iPad.

However, you should know that if your iPad has a case on it, then the iPad and Pencil’s sleeves will make it impossible to charge the stylus. 

The double-tap feature will also work with this case, but sometimes you might have to tap slowly.

You’ll enjoy using this duotone cover because it protects your Pencil well and because it looks beautiful. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Compatible with Apple Pencil 2nd Generation
  • Thin silicone material
  • Magnet-friendly
  • 12 color options available
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7. FRTMA Compatible Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) Silicone Case 

This FRTMA Apple Pencil Silicone Case should be your first choice if you’re looking for a sleeve that doesn’t affect the double-tap feature.

Because the sleeve ends right where you tap to switch tools, you’ll have no problem using the double-tap feature.

But FRTMA included a separate cover for the tip to keep your Apple Pencil safe from scratches, dirt, and other damage. 

When the tip cover is on, you can use your Pencil as a stylus for taping on icons, playing games, but for drawing or writing, you’ll have to take it off. 

There are two tip covers included in the package in case you lose one.

The FRTMA sleeve also doesn’t interrupt wireless charging but affects the magnetic feature of your Apple Pencil a little.

It’ll still be able to attach itself to your iPad, but it might fall when you are walking around with your devices. 

To prevent your stylus from falling off, you might want to buy an iPad case with a stylus holder; your Apple Pencil will fit in there even with this sleeve.

There are five colors available – black, red, dark blue, transparent white, and transparent grey. 

Due to its slim design, you won’t even feel the difference between using your Pencil with and without the cover, but it’ll make all the difference in protecting your stylus. 

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Compatible with Apple Pencil 2nd Generation
  • Thin silicone material
  • Includes a protective nib
  • Five color options available
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8. Silicone Case for Apple Pencil 2nd Generation

This Silicone Case for Apple Pencil 2nd Generation is another option that leaves the double-tap feature accessible, but this has a cuter design.

There are two holes in the sleeves – one for the mode switching function and one for the logo.

The case also doesn’t affect the wireless charging, but only if your iPad isn’t in a thick cover. 

Because the sleeve doesn’t fully cover your Apple Pencil, there are two nib cases included in the package.

With these nib covers, you can be sure that nothing will damage your Pencil if you carry it in your bag or even drop it.

You can also use your Pencil with the nib cover, but it might reduce sensitivity a bit, making it harder to draw or write on your iPad. 

You’ll find the sleeve material comfortable, soft, durable, as it’s silicone, and it’s also BPA free.

And it’ll also be easier for you to hold your Apple pencil; no more sliding, no more gripping hard, no more muscle cramps.

The case is available in seven colors – black, white, purple, grey, pink, orange, and rubber pink.

You’ll love this sleeve not only because of the functions it offers you but also because it will make you feel like you’ve bought a new pencil.

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Compatible with Apple Pencil 2nd Generation
  • Cute design
  • Comes with two nib covers
  • Thin silicone material
  • Seven-color options available
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9. Love Mei Apple Pencil Silicone Holder Sleeve for 2nd Generation

The Love Mei Apple Pencil Silicone Holder Sleeve is the right choice for you if you like to protect every part of your devices and also like an adorable design.

This case doesn’t only come with nib covers, but it also comes with small tip covers.

The big cover helps prevent scratches, damage from dropping your Pencil, while the small ones ensure that your stylus will serve you longer. 

Both of the tip covers work with the iPad, but with the big one, you’ll have to press on your Pencil hard. 

The material used for the Love Mei sleeve is BPA free silicone, and it’s durable.

Some customers’ reviews mention that because of its thickness, the double-tap feature’s sensitivity is lower.  

But you won’t have a problem with charging your Apple Pencil or attaching it to your iPad because this sleeve doesn’t affect these features. 

Although if your iPad’s case is thick, you’ll have to take it off, or your Pencil won’t be charging. 

If you don’t like the orange color, you can get a red or white-colored carrot.  

Once you’ve chosen the color you fancy, make sure to choose the right sleeve for your Pencil, as on the page of the product, there are cases for 1st and 2nd generations.  

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Compatible with Apple Pencil 2nd Generation
  • Adorable design
  • Premium BPA free silicone material
  • Three colors available
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10. Fintie Silicone Grip Holder for Apple Pencil 1st 2nd Gen

If you want a sleeve that will offer you a better grip on your Apple Pencil, the Fintie Silicone Grip Holder will help with that.

Apple Pencils are slippery and too slim, and you have to hold it tight, which can’t be good for your hands.

These little things will make you feel like you’re holding a pen whose design is much more comfortable.

One pack includes two holders of different shapes, so you can try them both and decide which one you like better. 

You can also choose the color, as there are eight options available – white, black, red, purple, mint green, orange, pink, and grey. 

These holders are compatible with both versions of Apple Pencil. 

However, due to the thickness of the sleeve’s material, you will have to remove the case before you charge your Pencil of 2nd generation. 

The sleeves’ material is premium soft silicone, which is washable.   

They don’t get dirty quickly, but when they do, all you have do is wash them, and they’ll be as good as new.

The Fintie holders will make it possible to spend long hours drawing, writing without any fatigue or cramps.  

Pros & Benefits: 

  • Compatible with both versions of Apple Pencil
  • Two different grip designs
  • Easy to take off and put on the Pencil
  • Eight colors available
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Final Thoughts 

So these are the options for the best Apple pencil silicone grip sleeve that will make sure no damage comes to your Apple Pencil.

There are a lot of colors, design options, and you will be able to find something you like.

Take care of your electronic devices, and you won’t have to replace them often.

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