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best budget monitor for digital art

10 Options for the Best Budget Monitor For Digital Art

With the Christmas season just around the corner, artists are out and about looking for the best budget monitor for digital art.

Why so?

Traditional artists always start with a canvas. 

Generally, you buy the best canvas you can afford.  

Therefore, oil painters and watercolorists inevitably go for acid-free canvas and paper.  

Similarly, the digital artist also wants to capture their work on ‘canvas’ that generates 100% authentic colors that can be downloaded and saved. 

Also, they don’t want to produce artwork on a mediocre digital canvas only to find that when it is viewed on a superior canvas, its colors, sharpness, and shadow change dramatically.  

We intend to review for you the ten options for the best budget monitor for digital art that you can virtually ‘paint on’. 

We have excluded gaming monitors, although many are dual-purpose.  

This is because they don’t pursue high resolution and color clarity as seriously as graphic, digital monitors.  

Gaming monitors have high-speed refresh rates, which are simply not needed in graphic digital art. 

What is more important is (IPS) In-Plane Switching panel technology.  

This means very high color accuracy and a wide viewing angle.  

Other monitors need to be looked at head-on.

Once you start on your projects, you are going to need the best budget monitor for digital art.  

We are going to help you choose from the list that you won’t regret buying later on in your creative journey. 

LG 32UL950-W 32″ Class Ultrafine 4K UHD LED Monitor with Thunderbolt

best budget monitor for digital artThe first on our list of the best budget monitor for digital art is LG’s Ultrafine 4K LED Monitor.

We know LG products are a good name brand for electronic devices. 

Let’s start our review with the most expensive of budget graphic art-compliant monitors.  

We have included it as a budget monitor because, for its price, it offers a lot of high-end monitor features.  

The monitor has a huge 32-inch Display with 3840 pixels wide x 2160 pixels.  

The manufacturer boasts a DCI-P3 with 98% color accuracy. 

That means for laymen, this incredible monitor produces 25% more color range than really top-end monitors have.  

It uses Thunderbolt three technology, which makes it compatible with Windows 10 and MAC operating systems.  

Additionally, it has a brightness rating of HDR 600, which is above the average monitor brightness of 400. 

It also has a super useful feature, 4K Daisy Chain Thunderbolt connectivity. 

In short, it powers itself through the same cord that connects it to your computer.

You will need to use a Thunderbolt-compatible cable such as this one here also available from Amazon.  

Pros & Benefits

  • Its huge 32-inch display is a big advantage
  • The monitor has one of the most accurate and high ranges of color accuracy found in any Digital Art monitor
  • Very high 600 HDR brightness for a budget monitor
best budget monitor for digital art

ASUS ProArt PA328Q 32″ Monitor

best budget monitor for digital art

This is probably among the top art graphic display monitors available in the budget category!  

This is a professional-grade huge 32-inch monitor. 

It has a 4K/UHD display and four times the pixel density of most full-on HD displays. 

This means you have a resolution of an incredible 3840 pixels by 2160 pixels.  

That is VERY sharp.  

This results in crisp, precise edges and accurate shading and color merging.  

It also boasts an 8-bit color depth. 

This means, according to your drawing tablet palette, you can accurately display color values between zero and 255.  

It gives you, in effect, a massive palette of 255 shades of color.  

A big plus factor is it has ASUS eye care flicker-free software embedded to ensure your eyes are safe for those long hours of illustrating. 

Pros & Benefits  

  • The first prize has to be the big 37-inch big screen with a high 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution. 
  • The almost infinite range of color bits. Zero to 255 shades. 
  • The eye care features are a must-have for commercial artists. 
best budget monitor for digital art

Planar PXN2400 Full HD Thin Profile 24″ IPS LED LCD Monitor

best budget monitor for digital art

This is a reasonably inexpensive monitor yet has all the features you need for displaying your work in progress from your drawing tablet.  

This is a 24-inch LCD Monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a small bezel. 

That’s a pretty sharp resolution! 

You will find that some of the top monitors go for close to 24-inch monitors or less to concentrate the DPI and give a sharp display. 

This has the wide viewing angle we spoke of in the introduction, so it can be viewed from 178 degrees of angle from either side.  

The display ports are HDMI and Analog video, so if you want to transfer picture data from your laptop, you will have no problem.  

It has 100mm VESA Compatibility.  

That means it’s excellent for those who want a mounting, which is fully maneuverable. 

You can effortlessly angle it any way you want.  

Here is a good mount also from Amazon. 

A bonus is the integrated 2 Watt Truemedia speakers. 

Play the mood music that inspires you whilst you paint.  

Pros & Benefits

  • Big 24 Inch screen with a small Bezel giving you a 23.8-inch actual screen size.
  • Inexpensive for a high-end Monitor 
  • Wide-angle, 178-degree clear viewing.
best budget monitor for digital art

ViewSonic VP2468 Professional 24 inch 1080p Monitor

best budget monitor for digital art

This is not a Mickey Mouse monitor for amateurs.  

It fits the budget but is designed for professionals.  

This has a full 1929×1080 pixel high-definition screen. 

It’s a monitor suitable for even advanced graphics artists.  

Thanks to its sRGB graphics, you have a smooth palette of over 4.9 trillion colors! 

You can pick an infinite shade of colors, and the screen renders your color choice 100%! 

To clarify further, the EBU, along with the IPS (In-Plane Switching) features, transfers the exact color you choose and produces it accurately on the monitor.  

The ultra-thin bezel gives you an uninterrupted screen.  

It has ultra-flexible connectivity and can connect to iPads, laptops, Windows, and cameras, which support HDMI and USB ports.  

This is the best screen we have seen for graphic designers, video editors, photographers, and artists. 

This is another daisy chain-powered screen that is powered directly from your computer.  

The monitor screen comes complete with Mini DP to DP cable, USB 3 cable, and Power cable.  

Pros & Benefits  

  • The full 1929×1080 pixel High-Definition screen has to be a biggie
  • The sRGB graphics support a smooth palette of over 4.9 trillion colors
  • The diverse connectivity is a valuable bonus
best budget monitor for digital art

Philips 226E9QDSB 22″ Frameless Monitor

best budget monitor for digital art


This is another excellent electronic name brand that is always safe and reliable.  

Phillips offers a 4-year advanced warranty for peace of mind for purchases within the United States.  

This Phillips e-Line is a 22-inch LED monitor.  

It has a fantastic full HD 1920 x 1080p panel. 

It’s configured for wide-angle screen viewing and has a full-color spectrum. 

The ultra-narrow bezel allows setting up screens side by side for very wide-scape compositions.  

It has trustworthy AMD Freesync technology. 

Like typical art monitors, it looks after your eyes with what it calls its LowBlue mode, which is an advanced flicker-free feature.  

To simplify, it reduces the harmful shortwave blue light, which damages the eyes. 

It has excellent connectivity, including HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA as well as an audio-out connection. 

This monitor can be VESA mounted onto a gimbal to the wall in front of your work area or to your work table. 

The last two eco-friendly features that Phillips promotes are its Energy Star rating and the 100% recyclable packaging. 

Pros & Benefits  

  • The high-resolution HD 1920x1080p is a necessity for graphic artists
  • Configured for widescreen viewing and perfect for artists working from a model alongside the workstation
  • An essential feature for artists is the addition of the LowBlue mode to protect your eyes
best budget monitor for digital art

BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor

best budget monitor for digital art

The sixth on our list of the best budget monitor for digital art is BenQ’s 24-inch monitor.

The BenQ is a 24-inch ultra-slim monitor and is ideal for graphic artists and illustrators. 

The resolution of 1920×1080 gives you razor-sharp clarity on this 24-inch screen.  

It has IPS technology, which is perfect for artists who need wide viewing. 

Also, it allows 178 degrees on either side. 

It has a brightness level very close to the maximum of 300 customarily found on high-end screens. 

This particular brand has its patented eye protection software. 

It is described as being brightness sensitive and automatically adjusts brightness for comfortable viewing.  

The monitor has a low blue light and no flicker technology, which helps prevent eye strain and headaches. 

Something technical people don’t always take into account is the appearance of their product.  

BenQ has produced a technology-rich device with an elegant ultra-thin screen and almost no bezel. 

It has a VESA attachment, so you can mount it on a gimbal on a wall in front of your workstation. 

Pros & Benefits  

  • Razor-sharp 1920 x 1080 HD graphics along with a Nits brightness level of 250
  • 178-degree side to side Wide angle viewing
  • Excellent eye care and protection technology
best budget monitor for digital art

HP 24mh FHD Monitor

best budget monitor for digital art

This HP branded monitor is a value product for what it offers graphically.  

It’s perfect for graphic artists. 

It has an FHD display along with advanced IPS switching so that you can view the monitor from a 78-degree side angle on either side without loss of clarity.  

The monitor is 23.8 inches with zero bezels at the top and sides, allowing uninterrupted multiple-screen set-ups. 

Real full-screen canvas effect! 

The monitor has a high resolution of 1920 x 1080, which is very sharp on a 223.8-inch screen. 

It has extreme brightness and crisp color rendition. 

The screen supports a wide variety of connectivity, which include DisplayPort, VGA ports as well as HDMI. 

Oh, its screen also has awesome 2-Watt built-in speakers so you can listen to your mood music as you work on your illustrations! 

It sits on a very adjustable pedestal and can be tilted 5 degrees forward and 23 degrees backward. 

It can also be height adjusted with 100mm of movement.  

As one would expect from HP, it offers a full HP 1-year warranty. 

Pros & Benefits 

  • The bezel-free screen with its HD 1920 x 1080 resolution is a big plus
  • We love the very tiltable mounting with height adjustment
  • Something we look for in all Artist screens is eye protection; this has excellent blue light filtering 
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HP VH240a 23.8-inch Full HD 1080p IPS LED Monitor

best budget monitor for digital art

Sticking to proven name brands, we suggest this budget-friendly HP 23.8-inch monitor for artists. 

It has the obligatory 1920 x 1080p aspect ratio. 

A not-so-common feature is an anti-glare matte LED back-lit panel with IPS for wide-angle viewing.  

The panel supports an amazing 2 million pixels and 16.7 million colors! 

This is another virtually bezel-free monitor so that multiple monitors can be placed seamlessly side by side. 

It has VESA mounting points and can be mounted on a wall or your work table by a gimbal. 

Apart from that, the standard pedestal allows swinging the screen 90 degrees in either direction as well as having a 100 mm height adjustment.  

It rotates forward 5 degrees and backward 30 degrees. 

The monitor is plug-and-play compliant with Windows and Mac. 

The connectivity features include VGA, HDMI, and HDCP support for laptops or multi-screen set-ups. 

Finally, HP offers its 1-year limited warranty and 24/7 web support.  

User manuals and drivers are included in the package. 

Pros & Benefits  

  • The anti-glare LED-backlit panel with a matte finish is a great eye-care feature
  • The versatile, almost gimbal-like pedestal mount with 178 degrees of sideways viewing because of the IPS technology is fantastic
  • HDCP support built-in to connect to multiple screens is a very nice feature for signwriting graphic artists 
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Acer V277U 27″ WQHD 2560 X 1440 IPS FreeSync Monitor

best budget monitor for digital art

Here’s a perfect high-resolution screen for serious graphic artists on a budget. 

This is Acer’s 27-inch monitor designed with artists in mind. 

You get 27 inches of 2560x1440p WQHD resolution. 

WQHD means it’s adapted for widescreen viewing. 

It uses IPS technology, which gives you crystal clear viewing from a 78-degree angle on either side of the screen. 

It has an infinite color range, and Acer claims a 100% sRGB color gamut, which is phenomenal! 

Your average laptop has only 50 to 60%. 

Its brightness is 350 NIT, which is super bright and very close to high-end devices of 400 NIT. 

Connectivity is through a Display port and HDMI ports. 

Pros & Benefits:  

  • A prominent feature is the massive 27-inch screen with 2560x1440p 
  • IPS technology supports extensive viewing angles and has a high 350NIT brightness rating
  • The 100% sRGB gives premium quality unlimited color support
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ASUS VZ249HE 23.8″ Full HD 1080P IPS Eye Care Monitor

best budget monitor for digital art

This Asus model is remarkably good value and features 23.8-inch side-to-side bezel-free edges.  

Once again, we have a monitor that can be placed side by side to form a bank of seamless monitors for very wide-angle graphics work.  

It has an exquisite look and has an elegant pedestal mounting.  

Unbelievably, the panel is slightly over a quarter of an inch thick! 

It has a superb resolution of 1920×1080 and uses IPS technology for artists. 

You will be able to view a clear picture from 78 degree of angle from either side of the monitor. 

Connectivity is via HDMI and VGA ports. 

Above all is the essential Eye Care Technology installed that was developed and patented by Asus. 

This takes out blue light, and flickering, and allows you to leave your workstation without a headache and red eyes.  

Pros & Benefits 

  • The 23.8-inch high-resolution screen is a big plus for graphic artists. 
  • The pedestal and the general appearance are very elegant, and with its ultra-thin screen, it allows you to maximize your workstation 
  • The high resolution of 1920×1080 with IPS technology is perfect for graphic artists.
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Runners-up: Sceptre 20″ 1600×900 75Hz Ultra Thin LED Monitor

The first among our runners-up for the best budget monitor for digital art is Sceptre’s Ultra Thin LED monitor. 

The Sceptre 20″ 1600×900 75Hz Ultra Thin LED Monitor is the perfect choice for digital artists.

Its 20-inch display boasts a high resolution of 1600×900 pixels, providing crystal-clear visuals with vibrant colors.

The fast response time of 5ms ensures that even the most complex art projects are smoothly rendered without any lag.

The monitor is equipped with two HDMI ports, which can be converted to DVI, providing a versatile connection to multiple devices.

The built-in speakers offer additional convenience, eliminating the need for an external sound system.

This monitor is also wall mountable, with a VESA wall mount hole pattern of 75mm x 75mm, making it easy to free up desk space and create a customized workspace.

Additionally, its flicker-free technology and contrast ratio of 3000:1 help to reduce eye strain, making it a comfortable choice for extended sessions.

Pros & Benefits

  • 20″ HD+ display with resolution of 1600×900 pixels
  • Fast response time of 5ms for smooth rendering of complex projects
  • Two HDMI ports (convertible to DVI) for versatile device connectivity
  • Built-in speakers for added convenience
  • Wall mountable with VESA wall mount hole pattern of 75mm x 75mm
  • Flicker-free technology to reduce eye strain
  • High contrast ratio of 3000:1 for clear, vibrant visuals
  • Perfect for digital artists who want a large, high-quality display with versatile connectivity and eye-friendly features.

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SANSUI Monitor 27 inch FHD 1080p 75Hz USB Type-C Computer Monitor

The SANSUI 27-inch monitor is perfect for digital art enthusiasts.

With a maximum display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, it offers full HD quality and vivid colors with 99.99% sRGB and 16.7M display options.

The three-sided edgeless design and 178° viewing angle provide an ultra-clear viewing experience from any angle.

This monitor also features a Type-C output, headphone jack, adaptive sync, anti-blue light technology, and built-in speakers for flexible connectivity options.

With a 75Hz refresh rate, the monitor delivers a super smooth and fast image display without any lag or ghosting effect.

The anti-blue light and anti-glare technology reduce eye strain during prolonged use, making it comfortable for extended periods.

The monitor is also VESA compatible and can be adjusted or wall-mounted as needed.

It comes with all the necessary cables and a user manual.

Pros & Benefits

  • 27-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) display with vivid and rich colors (99.99% sRGB and 16.7M display options)
  • Three-sided edgeless design and 178° viewing angle for an ultra-clear viewing experience
  • Type-C output, headphone jack, adaptive sync, anti-blue light technology, and built-in speakers for flexible connectivity options
  • 75Hz refresh rate for super smooth and fast image display without any lag or ghosting effect
  • Anti-blue light and anti-glare technology for eye comfort during prolonged use
  • VESA-compatible and adjustable stand or wall-mountable design
  • Comes with all the necessary cables and a user manual.

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Sceptre 24″ Professional Thin 75Hz 1080p LED Monitor

The Sceptre 24″ Professional Thin 75Hz 1080p LED Monitor is a great choice for digital artists.

With its ultra-slim profile, contemporary metallic design, and slim bezel, this monitor will blend seamlessly into any workspace.

The 24″ display boasts a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, providing sharp and clear visuals for your artwork.

The built-in blue light filter and flicker-free technology help to reduce eye strain, making it easier to work for longer periods of time.

The monitor also features tilt adjustment and built-in speakers, so you can enjoy audio straight from the monitor.

Additionally, the monitor has 2 HDMI ports (convertible to DVI), which allow you to connect multiple devices and switch between them with ease.

The Sceptre 24″ monitor is VESA wall mount ready, with a mounting type of VESA Hole Pattern 100mm x 100mm, making it easy to mount on your wall.

With a fast response time and up to 75Hz refresh rate, you can enjoy smooth and seamless visuals.

Whether you’re working on detailed illustrations or color grading, this monitor delivers the clarity and performance you need.

Pros & Benefits

  • 24″ ultra slim profile with contemporary metallic design and slim bezel
  • Maximum display resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels for sharp and clear visuals
  • Built-in blue light filter and flicker-free technology to reduce eye strain
  • Tilt adjustment and built-in speakers for enhanced user experience
  • 2 HDMI ports (convertible to DVI) for easy connectivity with multiple devices
  • VESA wall mount ready with a mounting type of VESA Hole Pattern 100mm x 100mm
  • Up to 75Hz refresh rate for smooth and seamless visuals
  • Fast response time for a responsive and dynamic display.

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Final Thoughts

These options for the best budget monitor for digital art give artists a wide range of good-buy virtual canvas displays to choose from. 

We have consistently looked for monitors that have eye care protection because artists spend many hours in front of their screens. 

Also, we have generally reviewed monitors of under 27 inches to keep the price down but give you the high resolution essential to graphic artists.  

These IPS monitors allow artists to view their screens from any angle without loss of clarity. 

We hope that these options for the best budget monitor for digital art can help you with your work.

Happy Shopping from Amazon! 

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