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best clip studio paint brushes

10 Best Clip Studio Custom Paint Brushes

Are you one of those finicky creators looking for the best Clip Studio Paint brushes?

Then, you are on the right page!

I will list some artists who released their customized Clip Studio Paint brush sets with definitions, pros, and benefits.

Celsys, a Japanese graphic software company, developed the Clip Studio Paint, former Manga Studio 5.

It was initially released in 2001 and is available in macOS, Windows, iPad, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS, written in C++ and Python. 

Clip Studio Paint is used for general illustration, comics digital creation, and 2D animation.

Most creators from different corners of the world and online marketplaces such as Etsy and Creative Market offer tons of custom paintbrushes compatible with this program.

We all know that brushes are indispensable tools for great digital art of drawing, inking, or painting.

For that reason, every artist must have the right brushes for the a certain art type or style.

So here is the list of the 10 best Clip Studio Paint Brushes, which you can download for a fee or FREE!

1. Ink Brush Set by Eldar Zakirov

best clip studio paint brushes
Download Now!

In the old times, Koreans and Chinese mostly used ink brushes in making art.

But in today’s digital world, you can still have it.

Graphic and Calligraphy artist will surely love to use this Ink Brush set.

Moreover, Ink Brush set is perfect for artists in all skill levels.

This unique brush set was created by Eldar Zakirov, owner of Eldar Zakirov Art.

The brush set is with 41 sub tools with settings made for inking in Clip Studio Paint. 

Its super custom brushes allow you to adjust the settings based on your preference.

This is like a real instrument filling with ink like a nib or ruling pen, various types of brushes, homemade pen for calligraphy, and spraying ink with a brush. 

It is handy like you are just making drafts on a paper. 

Its Auto-Action Dehalftonizer will help you to carefully remove gray and color halftones in your black and white drawing.

Because of this, it will leave only 100% black and white to preserve the tones by turning them into grainy dots appropriate for painting.

Downloading and using this set would not be an arduous job since the creator included some basic documentation and a short manual.

In addition, the set also includes a Stroke chart, set’s brushes with titles, and examples of their stroke and trail.

The sub-tools included in the set work well in all versions of Clip Studio Paint and all versions above Manga Studio 5.

You can purchase this set for PHP 507.61 ($10.45) at Etsy’s official website.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best used in graphic and calligraphic arts
  • A must-have start pack
  • Adjustable brush settings for your own preference
  • Perfect for artists of all skill levels
  • Inclusion of 10 sharp nibs’ brushes, 9 brushes like a ruling pen or cola pen, 14 brushes with different lengths and hardness of hair, humidity, action area, 5 spray brushes, and 3 bonus blot and splash brushes, all come with settings
  • Documentation and manual included
  • Comes with a stroke chart, sets of brushes, and sample stroke, and trail
  • Has an Auto-Action Dehalftonizer
  • Works in all versions of Clip Studio Paint and all versions above Manga Studio 5
Download Now!

2. CSP Brush Pack: Ink Set-Skin Set

best clip studio paint brushes
Download Now!

Michiamo Marina makes this brush pack from MissChromaArt who is loved by most artists nowadays.

The creator has more than 600+ watchers in her account in Deviant Art. 

You can purchase this at PHP 363.64 ($7.48) on Etsy.

Take note, though, that you can only buy this through Paypal payment.

This brush set will surely help illustrators to create excellent manga work!

As per the buyer’s review, this set is exactly what they are looking for. 

More artists are using this for their new pieces. 

This will be worth every penny.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made up of 5 categories – Ink set, Skin set, SAI watercolor, Base SAI default, and Lace brushes
  • Includes 30+ brushes all in all
  • Consists of 4 ink brushes – inker hard nib, flex nib inker, hard nib ink, and thin inker
  • Instant access to 5 brushes for painting realistic skin
  • Compatibility to Manga Studio 5 or Clip Studio Paint application
  • Suitable for illustrators, comic artists, designers of even doodler
  • Perfect for those who want to get started in digital art
Download Now!

3. Miss Chroma Art’s Lace Brush Set

best clip studio paint brushes
Download Now!

This unique brush set is a must-have!

Another amazing brush set created by Marina of MissChromaArt. 

This is greatly recommended for designers of clothes, shoes, and bags to add fashion to your sketches.

The lace brush set includes 10 brushes that work in Manga Studio and CSP application.

It is perfect for personal or commercial projects.

That is why the lace brush set is excellent for beginners and professional fashion designers.

Don’t worry about using the brushes because the creator has a detailed explanation of each brush and its function.

You can download 1 digital file and can get it at Php 303.03 ($6.23) at Etsy via Paypal only. 

This is just a small pack, but you can use it in your projects, so it’s worth trying for.

However, this creation is non-refundable nor exchangeable. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • 10 brushes work well in Manga Studio and CSP application
  • Can use for personal or commercial projects
  • Great use to draft lace skirts, shirts or dress décor, handbags, fabric, curtains, blankets, etc.
  • The ability to create different types of patterns
  • Allows design imitation laces through Vector
  • Be ready to get unique design results
Download Now!

4. Chest Cheat Brush Set

best clip studio paint brushes
Download Now!

Among all the sets, this is my favorite!

MissChromaArt by Marina made another quick set of this cheat brush!

This brush is for painting and drawing chest sketches.

It contains 24 quality handmade brushes from different angles.

What makes this set impressive is that it’ll help you speed up your work!

You can click, and you’ll immediately have that body sketch.

That is why this is highly recommendable for aspiring artists.

You will be surprised how they do amazing work!

If you want to get one of these hanging fruit, purchase it here, and you will receive one digital file, and it’s for Php 243.90 ($5) only.

Pros & Benefits:

  • This set is entirely modifiable
  • A stamp of the generic male body
  • Includes 24 brushes with different angles
  • Comes with a free update of cheat brush – male head
  • Saves time for more productivity
  • Ideal to use in quick designing costumes.
  • Recommended for starting and intermediate artists
Download Now!

5. Manga Studio 5 Custom Brush Set

best clip studio paint brushes
Download Now!

This MS5 is a must-have set!

Frenden created our next set of brushes.

The custom brush set has access to 50 brushes for penciling, inking, and painting.

Includes penciling tool for shading, layout, and sketching, with different hardness options for style effects and workflows.


The author admits that this is the best easy brush he made and happy to share it with others. 

Manga Studio 5 Custom Brush is inspired in Painter, Manga Studio, Photoshop, and SAI.  

It is 7.56 MB and was created last 2013. 

These brushes can do wonders for your artwork. 

You can purchase it for around PHP 240 ($5) in Creative Market. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Instant access to 50 brushes for penciling, inking, and painting
  • Includes hard-round and more opaque painting style
  • It also has a digital, grainy, and easily controllable pencil tool
  • It is excellent for mass work
  • Suitable for coloring underneath comic-style line art
  • +2 inking nibs for clean and analog-looking inking marks
Download Now!

6. SAI brushes for Manga Studio 5/Clip Studio Paint + Blender

best clip studio paint brushes
Download Now!

Next on our line are these simplistic but great brushes that are recommendable to use by all artists. 

MissChromaArt by Marina is still the author/creator of this set. 

It is made to emulate the SAI or Easy Paint Tool’s watercolor brushes. 

This is not a huge set of brushes but not a small set either.

Every single item has a purpose and can find its way into your artwork. 

This is also modifiable, so you can alter it base on your preference.

If you want to try this, it is for Php 213.41 ($4.38). 

You won’t regret having this because of its high score of versatility.

Accepted payment is via Paypal only.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A stamp of a generic male body
  • Includes 2 SAI pencils, 2 SAI watercolors, and a blender
  • Works when creating projects with texture such as hair, dots, and many more
  • Enhance the significant features of your artwork
Download Now!

7. Clip Studio Paint Custom Brushes Volume 1

Download Now!

Brian Allen of Flyanddesigns created this set of 100+ brushes for Clip Studio Paint in December 2016

Not bad for its capacity of 59.83 Megabytes to your device.

A tremendous solid pack for all digital art artists.

If you are looking to have a set of brushes that can be useful in many situations, this pack will maybe do the trick.

The brushes are useful for all styles of illustration. 

This set perfect for Comic Book illustrations, T-shirt design, character, Logo design.

Moreover, it is suitable for concept illustration, sketching, and painting.

You can purchase this in Creative Market for as low as Php 200 ($4) with seven different kinds of brush sets. 

You can also choose the Extended Commercial option for $16 in the same online market. 

Payment is accepted through Paypal and credit cards. 

Grab a copy of this, and you will have no regrets! Highly recommended.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Works for types of drawings – from anime to more stylized illustrations
  • With 100+ brushes with settings and sub-tools
  • Pack inclusions: 14 Inking brush sets, 18 Paintbrush sets, 12 Pencil brushes, 5 Shading brushes,16 Splatter brushes, 22 Texture Brushes, and 20+ Special Pattern brushes
  • Perfect for various concepts
  • Volume 1 is compatible with CSP (Pro and Ex)
  • Useful for frequent digital painters
Download Now!

8. Free Brushes for Manga Studio 5 /Clip Studio Paint

Download Now!

Iridescentdelirium created this pack in Devian Art.

It has a total of 286K Views with 4K likes in this account.

These are the current brushes the creator is using, so you can guarantee how efficient this is.

The designer community recommends it because it is easy to use and offers a variety of finishes.

Moreover, you can download this for FREE.

However, it is exclusively made for Clip Studio Paint and Manga Studio 5 only.

These brushes are worth having if you are into digital art. 

You should take note, though, that selling these brushes is not allowed.

Iridescentdelirium also clarifies that this is 100% shareable.

Just make sure to share it by putting the original post of his own, and a thank you comment on his page can be appreciated too!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Modified standard/custom brushes
  • Free for personal and professional work
  • 28 available brushes with settings
  • Includes, Cel, Indubitably, Soft Round, 3 Painterly, Rolling Ink, Pixel Sponge, Glow, Fluff, Dust in the wind, Freckles, Ink Splatter, Star Splatter, Stardust, Digi Pencil, 2 Charcoal, Rough Chalk, Soft Pastel, 2 Digi Chalk, Fragmented Lines, 2 Strands Brushes, 2 Square, and Leafy Ink
  • Excellent varieties with some fantastic brushes
  • Provides the desired result of your artwork.
  • Useful for almost any scenario due to the brushes work well
Download Now!

9. Self-Made Brush Set

Download Now!

This set of custom free brushes is by the creator Typesprite with 160K Views on the Deviant Art.

The creator provides a complete, readable tutorial and video for beginners to download, install and use every brush.

It has the basic type that works with any art style.

This custom brush is available to download for personal and commercial use for FREE.

However, the creator requested to make a credit when using his brushes.

You can also upload illustrations made by this set for recognition of their hard work creating. 

Anyone who is into digital art will surely enjoy this freebie! 

Just do not forget to leave a comment on her page linked above.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for all types of illustration
  • Inclusion of 11 pencil sub tool, traditional lines and hard edges, soft brush for blending, scatter and rough for textures, and 2 bristle brushes great for grass and fur
  • Has 10 watercolor sub tools for blurring, flat coloring, and main sketching
  • Has 6 pen sub tools used for sharp lines and nice fringy strokes
  • Free for commercial and personal use
  • Required for Clip Studio Paint in 1.8.0 or later
  • Has realistic and pleasant effect
Download Now!

10. Realistic Fur Brush Set of EZ Art

best clip studio paint brushes

Our next set is another excellent variety of brushes made by Eldar Zakirov.

These have 28+ realistic fur sub-tools with Clip Paint Studio and Manga Studio settings that will truly give every digital painter assistance when working. 

You can try watching YouTube videos or any tutorials before using them to get more familiar with these brushes. 

This set claims to have it all and probably more than what you need. 

This brush set was personally designed and was released on the online marketplace.

Do you want this? 

Purchase it now at Etsy for PHP 507.61 ($10.45) only.

Pros & Benefits:

  • This brush set is perfect for painting hairy animals, furry clothes/fabrics, grass, etc.,
  • Works well for rendering feathers and foliage
  • Has an impressive flow and depth that adds to your project
  • Includes all kinds of fur – from soft to fluffy, coarse, or matted
  • Time-efficient
  • All brushes were made in 1.6.3 versions of Clip Studio Paint
  • 3 of these 28 brushes have options for directional hair growth (left or right), a total of 31 brushes in all
  • There are 8 improved brand new added brushes
  • Includes tips and instructions on how to install brushes into your software in PDF format
  • Also comes with 31 CSP sub-tools files and JPG with all the brushes table

Final Thoughts

Clip Studio Paint is becoming popular among illustrators.

That is why many custom brush sets are also available nowadays. 

Many artists are also switching to Clip Studio Paint over other drawing applications.

For reasons such as :

  • CSP has drawing flexibility
  • offers multiple brush options
  • lots of vibrant coloring tools
  • the drag and drop function of the advanced 3D capability
  • an option to import and export files

And what is good about using Clip Studio Paint?

There is a 3-month free usage of this application when you download their trial version.

The set, as mentioned earlier, is my top 10 best Clip Studio Paint brushes for everyone.

Among all the brush sets, think of what you need for your illustrations.

Having a goal or purpose can help you choose the right set of brushes for your illustration.

These sets of brushes will surely give the best drawing experience for you as a beginner or professional.

I hope you enjoyed this article as much as I do.

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