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best digital painting course

10 Best Digital Painting Courses

How will enrolling in the best digital painting course help you as an artist?

Definitely, with a certificate on a digital painting course, you will be a thousand steps ahead of your fellow artists.

Relevance of a Digital Painting Course

Digital painting is all set to conclusively replace all facets of this art, from ad creatives to large-scale stills or animations.

If you’re a creative individual with a flair and a passion for the pencil and the brush, you can consider adapting to the digital art format today.

Painting on canvas is far from obsolete and conclusively here to stay.

But the more mainstream commercial sphere, especially entertainment and marketing, has a vast and rising demand for professional and even amateur digital artists.

Do you like to doodle with a pen on a blank page, or better still, with a stylus on your touchscreen,?

You can turn your imaginative and creative gifts into digital creatives as a professional.

Learn from the best digital painting courses around and become a professional digital painter.

You can get started with as little as $10, your PC, and only the right course to help you learn the basic techniques and advanced skills.

Bring your artistry to digital reality with the best digital painting course in 2020.

1. Digital Painting MEGA Course: Beginner to Advanced

best digital painting course

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This has over 12.5 hours of on-demand video and 22 downloadable resources.

This course can help any individual with an essential knack for digital painting.

This will hone their skills and bring their imagination to reality.

Starts with the foundation.

You will learn how to sketch simple subjects based on structural frames or models.

You will understand the aesthetics and techniques behind each sketch and specific curvatures or characteristics.

Learn the fundamentals of perspective for 3D renditions of necessary objects.

Shift to multi-object aspects, painting, creating textures, and multi-layering textures. 

It also strongly emphasizes adding light and color tones for the necessary realism.

Moreover, it helps create photorealistic outputs.

It will help you understand the difference between an amateur and professional creatives.

This includes a dedicated lesson on how to build an attractive professional portfolio for proper social presence.

It will help you learn and flourish as a new artist on the block.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Intuitive 14-chapter course structure
  • Feedbacks and other reviews from the tutor
  • Specific training to create photorealistic creatives
  • In-depth analysis on how to use essential digital software tools
  • Offers substantial know-how to create intermediate-grade 3D renditions

This course is best suitable for beginners in digital painting.

They will learn how to approach it productively.

Moreover, it will help you transition to different painting styles and genres, and be considered as a professional.

If you’re a beginner or a novice with basic knowledge about digital painting, you should opt for this course.

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2. Ultimate Digital Painting Course – Beginner to Advanced

best digital painting course

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This is one of the most sought-after courses from a leading professional.

That’s because this course:

  • Has more than 27 hours of video tutorials and conceptual liaison
  • Many downloadable in-hand materials
  • Software & hardware friendly deliverables

This is one of the best digital painting courses concentrating on creation.

It offers more than just the basics but challenging you to push towards the higher productive avenues of your creativity.

Start off with the basics:

  • Using the brush
  • Creating 3D renditions from 2D
  • creating different perspectives
  • drawing single to multiple objects accordingly
  • Honing your skills for still-life sketches

This digital painting course integrates the color theory.

It will unravel realism from the confusion of a million colors.

Normally, a typical digital palette offers to give your visualization a realistic shape and character.

It also includes separate lessons to help overcome creative blocks.

Moreover, it provides a final lecture to help you build a portfolio meant to attract an art director’s eyes.

This  offers technical expertise.

It  also provides valuable experience to become a successful digital creative artist.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multi-staged training curriculum
  • Added importance to color and texturing
  • Targeted assistance in digital figure painting
  • Character designing lessons
  • Personal contact with both tutors for additional assistance.

This digital painting course is demanding and best fitting for those who are willing to passionately pursue more a challenging course.

You will also be able to pour substantial effort for the most favorable outcomes.

You’ll be able to get the best from this course, if you want to delve into advanced digital painting.

This is a well-planned comprehensive designing course.

You’ll benefit from this course irrespective of whether you’re a complete beginner or with extensive experience.

This is because the course is more than just digital painting, but it also tackles creative aesthetics as a whole.

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3. Complete Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting

best digital painting course

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This digital painting course offers the necessary guidance to create a strong starting foundation concentrating on the basics.

The course was made on the premise that you should learn first the basics before going into the advanced lessons.

To help you bring your vision into real-life, you need to master specific drawing techniques through practice lessons.

This course offers more than 15 hours of on-demand video lessons.

This will help beginners understand and hone the skills to achieve the fundamental digital painting outputs.

Consider this course as a crucial stepping stone to get the best of any other advanced skills course,.

This may be sufficiently challenging for even the most passionately motivated beginners.

This course is not limited to specific software programs or skill sets.

It also assists in developing painting skills for the digital world.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Affordable and easy to understand
  • The simple and intuitive learning process
  • Offers an in-depth view of digital painting
  • Leaves enough room for an artist’s unique style
  • Bridges the gap between real and digital painting

This course is ideally suited for beginners who want to become professional digital artists over time.

It is also for those who are sufficiently skilled in real-world painting and want to shift into the digital sphere.

You should opt for this course if you have a creative mind but with limited to zero experience in software-generated creatives or digital painting.

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4. Digital Painting: From Sketch to Finished Product

best digital painting course

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This digital painting course can help you bring your initial sketches to real-life with advanced skill sets and tactics to develop:

  • color
  • texture
  • character of the illustration

This, you will create high quality and attractive digital painting outputs.

Digital painting finds applications in multiple industries and sectors but primarily in entertainment.

This is where close-to-real-life illustrations are vital other than short turnaround times and often on-field drawing skill requirements.

This digital painting course offers in-depth discussion and analysis of multiple advanced skill sets.

It will take you from sketching to polishing the final output with the correct tone and texture as well as conceptualizing an original scenario.

This course is directly concentrated on Adobe Photoshop,.

It is is arguably the most popular digital painting software used by professionals as well as amateurs.

It delivers on-point guidance to help hone the required skills.

Pros & Benefits:

  • One of the best digital painting courses targeted towards advanced skills
  • Concentrates conclusively on Adobe Photoshop
  • Provides rare insights into tone and texture
  • Teaches skills and techniques for quick illustrations
  • Helps refine an individual’s unique style

The course is most suitable for individuals who have at least a fundamental expertise in Photoshop.

This is because the course primarily includes intermediate to expert grade utilities of essential graphics editing tools.

This digital painting course can help you if you’ve already bagged a few orders under your belt and want to hone your skills & techniques.

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5. Digital Painting Master Class: Beginner to Advanced

best digital painting course

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This course has more than 30+ hours of on-demand video.

This digital painting course offers lessons on techniques and skills tailored for beginners and amateurs starting.

The lessons cover from basic sketching techniques all the way to coloring, texturing, and lighting.

It concentrates conclusively on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

It goes with :

  • Detailed briefs
  • Illustrations
  • Guides

All the above will help you master multiple tools and techniques available in both these software applications.

You’ll have interesting classes on how to translate your imagination into real art work.

Learn to sketch using basic framework designs.

Use brushes to create a myriad of illustrations.

Be amazed on leaning how to use texture and lighting in your work.

Add the vitally necessary polish to develop artistic plans demanded by games and movies.

Master, basic drawing techniques to powerful design tools for creating conceptualized art.

Bring illustrations to real-life with advanced skills such as animation – also included in this course.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Provides in-depth analysis to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Delivers on basic sketching as well as advanced texture and tonality parameters
  • Multiple detailed lessons offering great value-for-money
  • Provides a strong foundation for animation
  • An intuitive step-by-step syllabi

This course is appropriate for individuals who want to create a stable base on the Adobe school of digital painting software.

Learn how to use tools as a beginner and thereon to master intermediate and advanced techniques.

You should opt for this course if you want to unleash your creative freedom via Photoshop and Illustrator.

You will learn how to use the whole range of digital art development tools and options available, notably, along with the tutor.

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6. Photoshop: Quick & Easy Digital Painting Like a Professional

best digital painting course

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This is a hands-on digital painting course offered by one of the most sought-after professionals.

It offers tutorials and lessons for primary and intermediate skill training, along with exclusive access to future training modules.

This course concentrates on helping individuals understand fundamental digital painting methods.

The course will guide them to create still-life imagery for multimedia and animated projects.

The syllabi interestingly concentrate on not just the concept but also on intelligently using a brush, eraser, and other basic tools.

You’ll learn how to use them effectively to create above-par multimedia images and animated videos.

Start learning the basics and then move onto intermediate skills and techniques.

The course includes multi-perspective 3D illustrations and animated textures.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comprehensively learn basic Photoshop tools
  • Easy to grasp tutorials
  • Additional assignments to develop skills
  • Personal feedback and assistance from the tutor
  • Learn to create digital graphics and small animations on-the-go

This is one of the very few digital painting courses targeted towards individuals who want to make creatives on their own.

It helps them learn the fundamental Photoshop tools and make their way to creating digital paintings and graphics from scratch.

You should opt for this course if you’re a beginner with at least some basic knowledge on how to get creative with a pen or a brush on a canvas.

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7. Digital Painting in Photoshop: Create Amazing Art Concept

best digital painting course

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This is a 7.5-hour worth of tutorials and multiple additional resources.

This digital painting course offers more than just in-depth know-how on utilizing basic and intermediate tools on Photoshop.

It also covers how to create high-end graphics and imaging requirements.

The course starts with the fundamental understanding of basic Photoshop tools and effects.

This includes:

  • Layers and groups
  • Blending modes
  • Dodge and burn
  • Layer styles
  • Custom brushes
  • Settings
  • Gradually up-skill from beginner to intermediate illustrations

One of the very few courses which will teach how professionals create fire, wood, ice, and similar such digital creatives.

The lessons start from sketching graduating to photorealistic stills.

It also concentrates on how to use the stylus as well as the tablet’s pressure sensitivity for varied effects.

This is also one of the few courses where the course tutor is a professional art designer.

He will share his customized brush settings during the course.

This will give you a head-start into bringing your imagination to real-life.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Value-for-money course considering the massive number of bonus deliverables
  • One of the best digital painting courses as per ratings.
  • Puts vital emphasis on how to use the software tools as well as the hardware
  • Offers a strong foundation to best utilize basic tools
  • An intuitive course structure

This is rated as one of the best digital painting courses.

This 27-lesson long curated course is suitable for beginners and novice users alike.

For intermediate Photoshop professionals , you’ll have lessons with the course director offering his own custom tools and patterns.

You should opt for this course if you want to get a complete hands-on course on how to use Photoshop for digital painting.

Although it’s advised to have basic knowledge on painting.

This is one of the most rewarding but challenging courses.

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8. Digital Painting – Amazing Fantasy Art in Manga Studio 5

best digital painting course

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The Manga Studio software has come up as one of the most popular alternatives to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as a creative digital app.

This is one of the most highly rated courses to learn above-intermediate grade digital painting on Manga Studio 5.

This course offers more than 11 hours of tutorials and in-depth guides to:

  • Learn the fundamental design basics
  • Create and control 3D wireframe models and objects
  • Effectively use the pencil and ink options
  • Bring out your imagination the right color or texture
  • Polish the final creative still with the multitude of brushes available

The course also includes dedicated sections to help you comprehensively create a great character with power effects.

It will also teach you how to accessorize it with complex 3D objects in tune with the basic wireframe.

Moreover, you will be able to create environmental add-ons such as foliage, rock formations, among others.

Other deliverables in this course include artworks and custom brushes.

These will help to help you kick-start your progress from basic sketches to creating a fully-detailed character.

All these while engaging with the tutor personally for feedback and queries.

Pros & Benefits:

  • One of the best digital painting courses on Manga Studio 5
  • Well-structured discourse to create great content
  • Dedicated lessons on tricks and techniques to develop pro-grade graphics
  • In-depth analysis of layering and detail coloring
  • Hands-on approach and great tutorials

If you’re interested in creating professional-grade still comics, choose Manga Studio 5

Breath new life to your comic creations to the digital world with accurate details and vibrantly layered visual graphics.

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9. How to Digitally Paint with Manga Studio 5

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It offers more than 13.5 hours of tutorials and graphics.

This course delivers on more than just creating a digital creative but also provides analytical pointers on developing different creatives.

This will range from thumbnails sketches to full-scale paintings.

Learn how to start on your digital masterpiece from scratch with dedicated lessons on each step:

  • creating necessary objects and putting multiple objects in perspective
  • understanding the color theory
  • blending colors for the perfect character palette
  • creating a multi-layered background environment

The course integrates multiple chapters with lectures targeted at explaining the elementary stepping stones to bring a character to life.

This will be delivered with practical techniques and tactics generally used by professionals for industry-grade creatives.

This course offers a sample painting topic where the tutor describes how to bring that painting to real life.

Just what every individual is expected to complete and get hands-on feedback on or for queries during the painting process.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A hands-on approach to digital painting
  • A conclusive guide for Manga Studio 5
  • Value-for-money tutorial with multiple deliverables
  • Offers professional grade expertise
  • Delivers on aesthetic sensibility and artistry

This course offers a structured and guided tour on how an artist creates a professional-grade digital painting on Manga Studio 5.

This course is for you if you’ve already mastered the basics of digital painting.

Also if you want to take your novice skills to the next level. 

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10. Learn to Paint with Painter Essentials 5

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Painter Essentials 5 from the Corel digital painting software group is another app which you can use for your digital projects.

This is the best digital painting course to get started on Painter Essentials.

The course intelligently includes a preliminary walkthrough of the software.

This is followed up with how to use the basic tools and features along with it.

It includes added emphasis on brushes, how to best use them, and how to customize the settings along with the required effects.

The tutorial then moves onto preparing the canvas or the background settings for the painting.

You’ll start off with sketching.

The course will guide you through the elementary process of learning the subject to be sketched to building the necessary framework.

Finally, you will learn how to draw the curvatures required for the final sketch.

Painter Essentials offers a custom oil and acrylics section for digital painters.

This is a feature you may not find in other softwares.

This course will assist you in learning how to add color, tone, and texture to the subject to transform it into a character.

Pros & Benefits:

  • One of the best digital painting courses on Painter Essentials
  • Offers a specific software walkthrough
  • Simple and intuitive guidance
  • Assists from sketching to painting with fundamental tools
  • In-depth assistance to create a professional-grade final creative

This digital painting course is best suited for beginners who are willing to learn on Painter Essentials.

It also offers guidance and analysis aplenty.

If you’re looking for a basic walkthrough as a beginner on how to use Painter Essentials, this is just the course you should opt for.

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Some Considerations

Digital painting is one of the fastest-growing creative segments with the demand for professional digital artists always on the rise.

It is in demand from social media to mainstream advertising, GIF animations to CGI powered bio scope graphics and animation.

Digital painting is not limited to just Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, Painter Essentials, or Manga Studio.

You can further your professional expertise into 3D animation and learn using high-end graphics designing software like Maya, Blender, etc.

You can start your journey today from one of these professional digital painting courses.

Think about bringing your imagination to reality, and honing your skills towards professional-grade outputs.

If you’re new to digital art, choose to opt for the best digital painting courses for beginners.

Learn the basics on how to draw and paint digitally.

Once you grasp the basic tools and how to use them on the software program of your choice, you can then simply upgrade.

You can move to more advanced courses to learn the techniques and tricks used by professionals to bring their objects to photorealistic outputs.

Final Thoughts

Start your digital painting career today even with limited investment.

Find your way through the courses, and do not hesitate to ask your tutor for feedback.

Bring your creative brilliance to the digital world and become the next prominent new-gen artist!

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