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10 Best Font Changing Apps (Expert Picks)

Nowadays, using the best font changing app can do wonders in improving your connection with your audience.

It plays a vital role in many things.

Firstly, fonts improve legibility and trigger interest in your audience.

Do note that the first thing your friends or your audience will notice is how your post looks like.

If they have to strain their eyes to read your post, they will most likely ignore it.

Therefore, you need to use fonts that will make the reading experience pleasant.

Secondly, changing your font provides a break from the monotony of a page.

Thirdly, a suitable typeface not only gives you eye-catchy text but ensures readability and legibility.

Fourthly, a good font will help enhance the comprehension of your message and improve engagement.

Lastly, a crisp, clean font enhances the performance of mobile pages.

Fonts directly impact the loading of pages.

With that said, we have selected the ten options for the best font changing app to enhance the usage of mobile devices. 

1. HiFont – Cool Fonts Text Free + Galaxy Flipfont 

This is a popular free app found on the Google Play store and one of the favorites when it comes to changing font apps.

You can find tons of fonts that will replace the regular font you are using.

It is a user-friendly application, and you will not face any problems installing it.

However, it should be noted that font installation is independent of its app.

That is why you can delete HiFont without any hesitation as soon as you finish downloading your liked fonts. 

The app works on all Samsung devices, and for any others phones, the app will work correctly only after the rooting process.

If you occasionally would like to come back to the previous font, the HiFont app allows you to do it by simply clicking a return button.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Over 4000 fonts available for download, I guess you will not find this kind of font base anywhere
  • Fonts are categorized based on their style, which is cool when it comes to searching particular font
  • Easy to install and use, the preview mode is also a benefit
  • Huge number of colored fonts
  • Supports different languages like Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, French, and many others
  • Cool emojis and symbols are also available
  • Offers a weekly update on new fonts
  • Requires rooting for other devices other than Samsung
  • Supports Android System
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases

2.  Fonts– Emojis & Fonts Keyboard

This is an excellent app for changing the fonts and keyboard of your device.

The new fonts work great on social media and chats.

The app is light in size and carefully optimized for any device.

Installing fonts is easy and you can read the instructions when you first open the application.

Fonts Keyboard is constantly updated and pleases its fans with new stylish fonts.

Trendy fonts will help decorate your profile and delight the eye during your daily correspondence with friends.

Create unique graphic masterpieces, connect with friends and family, fill your shapes with modern content, and enjoy the abundance of beautiful fonts!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Minimalistic interface
  • A wide variety of fonts
  • When connected, the keyboard will change
  • In addition to the classic letters, there are also unique symbols
  • A great way to add interest in your text
  • Many social networks and instant messengers support Fonts
  • Supports Android and iOS devices
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases

3.  Stylish Text– Fonts, Keyboard, Symbols & Emojis

This app adds style to your chat messages with decorative text.

With this app, you can never run out of ideas on embellishing your text.

 Stylish Text is a handy and incredibly easy-to-use application.

It allows users to write stylish text and creative content and share it on favorite chat apps like:

  • WhatsApp
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Any other app that supports text editing

 Stylish Text gives endless possibilities to create different text styles and decorations, symbols and beautiful numbers, anything to showcase your writing style.

To style your text, enter your message in the first text box.

Your text will appear in different font styles below.

Just press the copy button of the text you like.

Then you can paste it anywhere you want.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has different Unicode letters
  • Great for status messages and bios for social networks
  • Creates text prefixes for characters
  • Has a huge collection of special characters
  • Supports different languages like Russian, Persian, Turkish, Arabic, German, French, and other European languages
  • Offers themes with ten different color options
  • Uses stylish text context menu in your mobile applications (Android 6.0+)
  • Supports Android devices
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases

4.  Phonto-Text on Photos 

Phonto is a simple iPhone or Android app that provides a great way to decorate pictures with text.

In addition to various fonts, there is also a large set of stickers, stars, and hearts.

You can change their color and angle. Use your finger or arrow keys to control.

Move the finished text, change its angle, achieving the perfect position.

The stencil letters provide an exciting appliqué effect.

You can use Phonto to add fonts to a collection on your smartphone if the built-in collection is not enough.

In-app purchases allow you to install and modify themes locked in the free version.

Despite its ease of use, Phonto is quite versatile.

The application has over 200 built-in fonts and allows you to download additional ones if you miss the standard ones.

Phonto makes it easy to get the lettering to match the picture perfectly.

Phonto is also available for iPhones and iPads.

The only thing that complicates using the program is the lack of ready-made templates that would simplify image editing.

However, this is an excellent opportunity to get creative and come up with something individual and unusual.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has more than 200 fonts
  • Offers the possibility to install other fonts as well
  • Gives you adjustable text size, color, shadow, and angle
  • Creates text prefixes for characters
  • Has a huge collection of special characters
  • Supports Android and iOS devices
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases

5.  Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s 

Better Font-s Cool keyboard-s is an application made to allow you to enter quirky and quirky fonts.

The app provides a significant number of fonts available for you- over 118.

Open the app and select the types of fonts you want to include on your keyboard.

You will find a dozen options for free and will be able to unlock every font from an in-app purchase.

You can enter any comment or message you want to send, copy it, and then go straight to the platform where you want to put it, whether it is a WhatsApp, SMS, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Your words will be displayed in any chosen font.

But there is a thing that you have to be cautious about. 

Even the app overall has a good rating.

I found lots of comments complaining some fonts are not being supported on particular apps or iPad versions.

So be prepared!

But in general, it is an excellent application.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Provides a great collection of fonts
  • Allows sharing of text on social media
  • Works on all texting apps
  • Provides different fonts within your keyboard
  • Gives you the first week of entirely free use
  • Supports iOS devices
  • Price: Free 1st week + in-app purchases

6. Font Changer– Cool Fonts Keyboard, Stylish Text 

This is another good app. It contains many free fonts, and for an additional fee, you can expand the number of fonts to over 120.

You need to add a keyboard in the settings and start using it.

With the help of Font Changer, you can apply unique fonts to highlight your:

  • best friend’s birthday in your calendar
  • loved ones in contacts
  • tasks in your to-do list
  • make notes

Besides a great choice of fonts, the app allows you to choose the keyboard that fits your taste. 

You could find not only minimalistic keyboards but bright, colored, and stylish!

I liked that it is a very well-designed app. 

Your eyes will be delighted.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Offers lots of ready mockups and templates
  • Allows you to decorate your text with emoji
  • Changes keyboard themes to suit your mood
  • Has slider color and fonts picker
  • Changes fonts without opening the app itself
  • Offers tons of categorized quotes
  • Allows you to easily share GIF right from the keyboard
  • Allows you to create your keyboard theme
  • Supports Android and iOS devices
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases

7. Text Font Generator

The name speaks for itself.

Text Font Generator is similar to the tools described above.

The program offers the chance to try different formats and design options. 

Just type some words, and the app will automatically generate many design options for your text.

One of the main advantages of the Text Font Generator is that you can see all the options available in a list at a glance.

It’s more convenient than typing text, choosing a font, and evaluating the result every time.

The fonts are limited to 30.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has a variety of cool fonts
  • Offers stylish text for Instagram bio, caption, stories
  • Provides rare symbols and decorations
  • Allows you to encrypt your messages before you save them in your notes, so you are sure that no one can read
  • Changes the text direction to up or down or left or right or add spaces between letters
  • Is good for anyone who makes text for Amino blogs and needs to paste text multiple times
  • Supports Android devices
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases

8.  Cool Fonts 

The app has more than 10 million downloads, which means it is a superb typographic application.

The app comes with many different fonts and themes, the keyboard is straightforward to use.

It works similarly to the previous ones. 

It allows you to change the standard keyboard layout to unique fonts that can be used everywhere where you can type a message or text (Email, iMessage, WhatsApp, Snapchat, WeChat, and many others).

Cool Fonts saves on data and does not require rooting permission.

More opportunities are opened by a subscription to the Premium package of services.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Provides different fonts, like italic, Greek, circles, etc.
  • You can choose emojis for your messages
  • Changes your keyboard themes
  • Has bonus features
  • Supports iOs devices (iPhone and iPad only)
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases

9. Adobe’s Creative Cloud App 

This app is available for free on your phone.

It offers thousands of new fonts for iOS and iPad OS.

Once installed, iPhone owners will receive 1,300 free fonts. 

Subscribers receive over 17,000, which is a really impressive number, especially considering that you get licensed material for free with the possibility of commercial use.

You can use Fonts in iOS 13.1 and iPad OS 13.1 through the Custom Fonts API.

In the past, installing fonts on iOS was a complex and multi-step process.

An app update from Adobe brings one of the largest font libraries in the world to iOS.

Users can search the available database by name and filter by style: mono, script, etc.

All fonts on Creative Cloud are available for both personal and commercial use.

The fonts are divided into categories. 

It is possible to hide everything that is not included in your subscription.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Allows usage in any application that supports additional fonts
  • Comes with an additional 2 GB of storage
  • All Adobe fonts will be available for your use
  • Supports iPhone and iPad
  • Price: Free, but need to have an Adobe account

10.  Fonts: Fonts and Typeface 

It is another app that lets you choose from hundreds of built-in fonts. 

This app allows you to use fonts on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and your mobile phone’s interface.

This app allows you to change the font used on your device.

Using decorative fonts will help you generate more likes on other Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter by highlighting particular sentences so that people will be easily attracted by your post.

This app offers over 100 fonts with varied styles. 

You may use them for free.

Moreover, this app also gives you special Unicode characters, text emojis, and decorations.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Can be used in any application that supports additional fonts
  • Combines different fonts in one text
  • Creators crafted the fonts after special Unicode Characters. Therefore, you and the recipients of your messages can see them with ease
  • Allows you to change the font on your phone
  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows
  • Price: Free + in-app purchases

Final Thoughts

These days, fonts are one of the most potent tools in promoting a personal account/an online campaign or increasing awareness about the product. 

A good font style will appeal to people and subconsciously change people’s attitudes toward a service or a product.

With the help of unique and beautiful fonts, you can show the world your personality and character.

A well-designed font can change the look of your document, mobile application website, and of course, your profile on social media. 

But we should not forget that nowadays, it is scary giving someone so much access to what you were typing about. 

By enabling “Full Access,” developers are permitted to access, collect and transmit the data you type. 

In addition, if the third-party application containing the keyboard has your permission to access location, photos, or other personal data, the keyboard can also collect and transmit that information to the keyboard developer’s servers.

That is why such apps can be a threat to your personal information, so to prevent this, you should be extremely careful and try in advance to read all the terms of any application that you are going to download.

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