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best font for baby shower

10 Best Fonts for Baby Shower Materials (Expert Picks)

Choosing the right outfit for a special occasion is like choosing the best font for baby shower invitations. 

It may seem a tiny detail for an event, but it does make a lot of difference.

The font, color motif, graphics and materials create the overall feel and vibe of the invitations.

Our options for the best font for baby shower invitations is a good list for DIY-ers.

DIY parents will find this list very useful, as well as, event planners.

You’ll find various styles from different font websites to suit your taste.

The following fonts will include designs similar to Sans Serif, Script Type (Formal and Calligraphic), and even Decorative or Symbol Styles.

So, let’s start looking for the Best Font for Baby Shower.

1. Baby Font

best font for baby shower

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OWPictures, a creative graphic and printing design agency, owns the Baby Font.

It is also a community of graphic designers, founded by Omar Mahmood, located in Baghdad, Iraq. 

A typeface that expresses a kiddy and joyful touch to your style.

This quirky and cute design is great for invitations and even displays similar to banners, posters, signages, etc.

As the name states, it is best for any project related to babies, toddlers, or kids, thus making it perfect for baby showers. 

But you may also apply it to arts and craft events because of the outline design of each letter that makes it look like someone sewed it.

Its cartoonish design is adorable and pleasing to look at, which could appeal to children.

This font is only available in uppercase form but still customizable with formatting commands to make it more colorful according to your preferred palette.

Plus, it is downloadable in TTF and OTF format, and you can buy the digital font on Etsy.

Commercial use is allowed for unlimited projects.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Fun and attractive style for baby or kiddie occasions
  • The unique stitch design is compatible with arts and craft projects or other similar playful and creative events
  • Best for headings or signages because of the uppercase format
  • Readable even for its decorative style

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2. Party Time Fun Fest

best font for baby shower

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In 2018, Midnight Grim created Party Time Fun Fest, a creative online shop owned by the ambitious designer Kate Kenobi, based in Bend, Oregon, U.S.A.

The font includes different alternates of each letter, available in both uppercase and lowercase, showing off a mix and match of casual and decorative styles.

Suitable for projects, events, or activities that bring fun, exciting, and playful moods.

It is perfect for school activities, festivals, parties, and anything that requires a happy and exciting ambiance.

Which makes this font great for baby showers, considering the vibe it could present.

Also, alternatives for both uppercase and lowercase are available when you download the font.

Moreover, you can purchase the font on Creative Market in TTF, WOFF, EOT, and OTF format.

If you wish to purchase its license, it is available for desktop, electronic publication, application, web licensing.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A mix of casual and decorative design
  • Perfect for a wide variety of exciting events, projects, and activities
  • Very readable, considering the uneven style

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best font for baby shower

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The QUIRKY SPRING font (yes, it is spelled in uppercase letters) is created by Anna Zakharchenko.

She a determined graphic designer, lettering illustrator, and font maker based in Miass, Russia.

A modern, playful, unexpected font style that is very distinctive with its thick and round strokes somehow adds a personal and happy tone.

This font is quite universal for exciting moments.

It is applicable for creative projects, kiddie events, daily activities, festive gatherings, greeting cards, stickers, apparel design, book covers, and so much more.

Therefore, this font is useful for baby showers because of the festive ambiance it presents.

It is available in three weights and styles: Regular, Outline, Symbols (in vector, PNG, PSD files).

Plus, you can buy it on Creative Market in the following file types: JPG, WOFF, OTF, TTF, CSS, PSD, SVG, EOT, HTML, AI, ZIP, and DOC.

Despite the font having only uppercase letters, there are also ligatures and hand-drawn extras made available when you buy the font package.

Also, the font has multilingual support for French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Swiss German.

Although commercial use is allowed for unlimited projects, the font is not used in a template or for sale/free.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A readable and modern decorative design
  • Universal and suitable for different events and media tools
  • Inclusive of special hand-drawn symbols
  • Has multilingual support for eight languages 
  • Commercial use is allowed

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4. DJB Jenna

best font for baby shower

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Designed by Darcy Baldwin, the owner and designer of Darcy Baldwin Fonts since 2007, and a full-time mom based in Dallas, Texas.

As the designer describes, a realistic handwritten font that’s versatile with its unicase wherein the lowercase is just small-sized uppercase letters giving it a very legible look.

This font is suitable for displays and invitations if you prefer to use natural calligraphy for your text.

Thus making it appropriate for events like weddings, bridal and baby showers, and scrapbooks too.

It is free for personal use, but you can purchase this font on Creative Market for its commercial license.

Moreover, for the licensing type, it is available for desktop, electronic publication, application, web licensing.

Available in JPG and TTF file types, plus it includes European characters.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Calligraphic teacher font design
  • Very readable with its uppercase feature
  • Supports European language

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5. Baby Marker

best font for baby shower

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The Baby Marker font is created by graphic designer Alief Syahru, also known as “arukidz.fl”, based in Bekasi, Indonesia.

A calligraphic script in bold handwritten font style appears as if you wrote the text itself using a fine-tip marker.

The name specifies it for baby-related purposes.

However, looking at the font appears suitable for any casual or informal event, even those not related to babies or children.

Use this font on invitations, decorative materials, name tags, headings, and more because of its legible unicase feature.

This is a good choice for baby showers if you want to create your modifications since the font is quite conservative.

However, it is available in uppercase letters only but with alternate ligatures.

It has multilingual support for 24 languages and 221 characters in total.

You may get this font for free in Font Space for personal use.

Thus, the commercial license and ligature feature can be purchased on Creative Fabrica and Font Bundles sites.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Readable and simple calligraphic script design 
  • Generic handwritten style, perfect for any casual occasion
  • Free for personal use
  • Multilingual support for 24 languages

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6. Baby Names

best font for baby shower

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Brithos Type, an independent foundry established in 2020 by designers Ali Hamidi and Abdullah, created this font.

A versatile script that features fine ligatures showing very legible strokes brings a friendly, delicate tone to your text.

Thus, this font is great for invitations or personalized projects wherein an intimate mood is essential.

Events like baby showers, bridal events, birthdays, scrapbooks, greeting cards, and more are suitable for this font. 

Both uppercase and lowercase letters are available, with OpenType features for alternates and ligatures.

In addition, there are amazing swashes available too!

Aside from the features, it has multilingual support for 48 languages, therefore having 337 characters.

It is downloadable for free for personal use at Font Space.

However, licenses for promotional or commercial use can be bought on Creative Fabrica.

This font is new in the typeface industry for almost a year, so updates are still expected to occur.

But for a freshly created font, it already looks great and useful for different projects and events.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A modern calligraphic script with a friendly and intimate tone
  • Suitable for any personalized project
  • Has multilingual support for 48 languages

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7. Oh Whale

best font for baby shower

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Misti Hammers created Oh Whale font.

The creator is a typeface designer born in Texas, U.S.A. but based in Germany, who focuses on calligraphic and casual scripts for font styles.

Oh Whale is considered a readable, handwritten, yet curvy typeface that could also give you a natural touch for your text.

This font is perfect for any casual event.

But with the appropriate formatting, it could be used for headings, signages, posters, or the like, because of its legibility and creative style.

So, we can conclude that this typeface is considerable for gatherings like baby showers.

Besides, it can add a personal touch to materials because of its design.

This font style has both uppercase and lowercase letters.

Moreover, it has multilingual support for 58 languages, to sum up with a total of 235 characters.

You can get the font for free on Font Space for personal use and non-profit use.

However, the commercial licenses can be purchased on Creative Fabrica.

Upon purchasing the font package, the following are included in the pack:

  • License Summary
  • Physical End Products
  • Digital End Products
  • Basic Print on Demand (POD) Usage
  • Full Print on Demand (POD) Usage
  • Embroidery
  • Full License Text

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best for casual events and creative projects
  • Adds a personal or natural tone
  • Legible and playful for children’s parties
  • Has multilingual support

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8. Roller Baby BV

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Jess Latham, a web and graphic designer, created Roller Baby BV font.

He is also the founder of Blue Vinyl Fonts (where the BV acronym came from) in 1997 and was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and still based in the U.S.A. 

Roller Baby BV design is very peculiar with its chunky, fun, fluffy, curvaceous lettering.

Somehow, it appears to be a mix and match of uppercase and lowercase format.

This is more of a display font, which is best for headings.

However, it’s still flexible to different occasions and projects due to its Sans Serif and Geometric Sans characteristics.

Therefore, we can consider this font a great candidate for baby showers, invitations, and display materials because of the eye-catching personality of the typeface.

However, some perceive this font as mysterious because its origin is puzzling.

Wherein people try to decipher how the designer ended up in such a creative style. 

You can choose several weights and styles from regular, alternate, shadow, alternate shadow, gradient, and alternate gradient.

With its latest version of 2003, it supports the Western European languages.

It is available licensing for desktop, web, applications, electronic publication, server, and digital ads.

You can purchase the font at and My Fonts to get the license.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The diverse styles are fit for any project
  • Perfect for display materials and publications
  • Supports Western European language

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9. PIXymbols Baby Blocks

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Roger Vershen designed PIXymbols Baby Blocks.

Roger was an American designer of approximately 200 pictorial symbol fonts under the digital foundry of Page Studio Graphics, who passed away in 2003 in Tucson, Arizona.

PIXymbols Baby Blocks is a decorative symbol font style with building block frames for each letter.

The typeface was named itself because each letter looks like they are building block toys for children.

You can create both single-color and two-color tones for each letter and character, making your titles unique and frivolous.

From the design itself, it is most compatible for projects or activities related to babies and toddlers.

Events like baby showers, baby birthdays, baptismal, baby albums, scrapbooks, banners, or other decorative materials are suitable for this font.

Its licensing is available for desktop, web, applications, electronic publication, server, and digital ads.

To get its commercial license, you can purchase the font on and My Fonts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Playful design for babies or toddlers 
  • Perfect for baby showers and other decorative materials
  • Various color treatments for each character

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10. Calissa Words

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Aga Silva, a designer, and calligrapher who started as an architect in Dublin, mentioned in her website “Aga Silva Fonts & Calligraphy,” is the creator of Calissa Words font. 

Its formal script style gives it an elegant typeface design.

Its design is usually derived from the traditional writing style with those thin strokes that connect each letter from one another.

This is more appropriate for formal occasions and probably considerable for materials with more text than visuals.

There are baby showers that practice a formal approach.

Thus, this font is an excellent choice for such a theme of sophistication.

The font contains features such as:

  • Five varieties of style sets
  • Fancy swashes,
  • Old-style figures,
  • Superscripts,
  • Fractions,
  • Alternates
  • Ligatures for both uppercase and lowercase letters

You can buy the Pro version from Etsy, Creative Market, My Fonts, and Font Spring, but it can be downloaded for free at Font Space.

The font package includes a “How To” guide for Adobe Illustrator and Calissa Pro posters.

Also, it is available in PDF and OTF file types, which are easy to install and compatible with Microsoft and Macintosh.

Moreover, it has 64 characters and multilingual support for 24 languages.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A traditional design fit for formal events
  • Useful for materials with more text
  • Wide variety of styles, with both uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Multilingual support for 24 languages
  • Compatible with Microsoft and Mac

Final Thoughts

If these best fonts for baby shower aren’t enough for you, there are a lot more font styles that you can search and choose from through your browsers.

Though free fonts online are lenient for personal use but do keep in mind that it is critical to review the licensing of each font if your purpose is for commercial use.

Each typeface is unique in its way, often overwhelming when selecting the right design for your text.

However, if you’re still unsure how to proceed with selection, a great and safe tip would be to stick with the classic typefaces so simple that you could turn them into a very appealing design with the proper formatting.

In the meantime, with the ten choices above, I would say that my favorite for a baby shower font would be the Baby Names by Brithos Type.

This is because of its personal touch that gives off an intimate vibe for any invitation.

Another plus for me for the Baby Names font is its legibility as a script-type style.

The style adds more elegance to such occasions.

Hopefully, this article enlightened you in some way with regards to choosing the right font for your event.

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