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best font for christmas ornaments

10 Best Fonts for Christmas Ornaments (Expert Picks)

The Yuletide season means Christmas cards and trees, so we need to celebrate it by using the best font for Christmas ornaments.

There’s something about Christmas that creates an atmosphere full of wonder and warmth.

To embrace the Christmas spirit you need the best fonts to personalize your holiday projects.

We have compiled the 10 best Christmas fonts for your holiday DIY ornaments.

These are Christmas-themed fonts that fit the holiday spirit, taking into account proper font sizing and quality.

Any one of these fonts would be perfect for your holiday projects this year.

Use the best font for Christmas ornaments to elevate your holiday projects this year. 

1. Christmas Gothic Ornamental Alphabet

best font for christmas ornaments

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Curated by designer Imperator_Kot, this design is gorgeous and ornate.

This font is decorative yet readable, perfect for establishments looking to create a luxurious Christmas vibe.

It features Christmas gothic ornament initial, alphabet, frames, borders, and letterings.

The Christmas Gothic Ornamental Alphabet font can create posters, cards, logos, and book designs.

Fun facts, the font was made based on the alphabet of “gems of Penmanship” by Williams & Packard.

This typeface is perfect for a holiday project and is fully customizable. 

Highly recommended font to be used in your personal design platform.

Creating unique and customized font styles that can be added to your ornaments and more. 

The is ready to download, its capabilities and accessories speak for themselves, perfect for all your needs.

We recommend this font for your next batch of ornaments or any other project you may be working on.

This font adds that extra layer of amazingness that your projects may be lacking.

If you don’t use this font today you will lose that sense of holiday magic, and someone else will.

Beat all of your friends and neighbors this year and have the best-looking font as your decoration. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes font letters and on theme frames and borders
  • Comes with 65 vector elements
  • Supports Desktop, E-pub, and App design 
  • Fully Customizable
  • Usable in Adobe Suite

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2. Christmas Knitted Font

best font for christmas ornaments

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Designed and created by beetlepixels, this sweater is featured on Creative Market.

A take on the traditional Christmas sweater font featuring a charming artwork of reindeers and more.

Perfect for anybody or a company interested in creating a cozy yet nostalgic holiday feel.

This font allows you to preview your designs in 24pt, 36pt, 48pt, and 72pt sizing.

With compatibility for Desktop, E-pub, Aoo, and WebFont design, this font is versatile and conventional.

Some might even claim this is the holiday font of the season.

Think of all of the ornaments that you can create with this font.

The font is designed to be used in Adobe Suite, with complete capabilities and features.

Photoshop, Illustrator, and many other Adobe platforms are also compatible, opening endless possibilities.

Customizable, this font would be perfect for your next ugly sweater party.

This font is both classic and timeless but also versatile. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes 4 sizes for preview
  • Supports multiple platform designs
  • Is fully customizable
  • Versatile

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3. Merry Christmas Go

best font for christmas ornaments

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Looking for something other than words to create your holiday design?

This font is a very widely used typeface designed by Jamel E. Robin.

The designer knew the power that this font would hold, yet they made it free to use.

Capitalize on this fantastic opportunity to use this font for free.

Add this font to your collection and start creating ornaments and other designs today!

This collection includes a bunch of stencil-looking Christmas designs.

This font is free to use on all platforms, perfect for custom Christmas decorations.

In addition, this package is also translatable to both English and Spanish.

This font theme is ideal for when words fail us.

The design possibilities with this font are plentiful.

Ornaments are just the beginning, this font is so versatile you could use it for any holiday projects.

We recommend using this font to accessorize any of your next holiday ornaments.

This font is the perfect addition to your collection of fonts. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Cute, on-theme Christmas caricatures
  • Supports two languages
  • Free to use 
  • Digitally Downloadable
  • Usable in Adobe Suite

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4. Merry Christmas

best font for christmas ornaments

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Merry Christmas font was designed by Måns Grebäck.

A clean yet mystical looking font, this package is remarkable for the holiday season.

This package would be excellent for anyone trying to create a “white Christmas” feeling.

This collection is not just free to use but it also features 9 caricatures.

Support on many weights, this font is both elegant and practical.

Express your holiday cheer using this font, make it the perfect design addition.

Usable in Adobe Suite, meaning you can use it for any graphic design needs. 

This font can be paired up with any other design element and you will be unstoppable.

There are so many possibilities with this font, ornaments are just the beginning.

This typeface is perfect for stickers, wooden signs, holiday cards, and seasonal promotions.

Utilize this font on your next project to upgrade your already spectacular project.

Nothing says Christmas quite like this unique font. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfect for upscale designs and establishments
  • Free for personal use
  • Includes Christmas caricatures
  • Digitally Downloadable
  • Fully Customizable

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5. The Perfect Christmas

best font for christmas ornaments

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Produced by designer, StereoType, this font is beautifully tasteful.

A handwritten yet stylish font with multiple language supports.

It is suitable for someone in need of a sleek yet beautiful font.

Holiday crafts  and ornaments can look a bit more beautiful with the use of this font this holiday season. 

Open for all the possibilities, it can be used in mugs, pictures, cards, slippers, and magnets.

You could even create your next seasonal advertising with this font.

That’s how versatile it is, perfect for everyday people as well as upscale establishments.

Some might even call this font “the next best thing since sliced bread” I know I certainly would.

People who would see your your holiday ornaments this year will say that it is perfect.

It was intended to be used with love as its center.

This collection includes alphabets in an upper and lower case along with different symbols.

I couldn’t see how it could get much better, yet it does.

This font is also free for personal use.

Hurry up and get this font, adding it to your next project would step your ornament game up.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Multiple languages supported letters
  • Free for personal use
  • Perfect for contemporary designs
  • Fully Customizable
  • Usable in Adobe Suite

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6. Christmas Reign

best font for christmas ornaments

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Made by mawns, this font is rustic with Scandinavian characteristics.

Each letter is beautifully crafted, one might think that a design guru made this typeface.

This font has a wood-carved look that has hints of fantastical design.

Any kind of project will stand out with the use of this font. 

Want a Christmas card that gives an element of wonder and mystery, this font would be perfect.

With a look at this font, all one can remember are Christmas stories and fables, a world of fantasy.

Whether you’re making holiday ornaments or creating holiday stories, this font is the right match for you.

A rustic feeling font that is also suited for wooden decors.

This font allows you to preview your text and includes the option for designer frames and caricatures.

Every single one of them is free to use!

There aren’t many other font packages that are as amazing as this one.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Free to use for personal use
  • Includes frames, borders, and other design elements
  • Allows you to live to preview your text 
  • Fully Customizable
  • Usable in Adobe Suite

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7. Hello Christmas

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Hello Christmas is a font that does not fail in delivering holiday cheer.

Graciously designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini from Zetafonts, this font screams Christmas.

Each character in this script font comes accessorized with a unique piece of art.

Characters from elf hats to ornaments and presents, this font covers all of the bases.

This font achieves the beautiful scroll some try to emulate on their decorations.

The typeface tops the list of “scrolled-design”, a customizable font that can be used in graphic designs.

One of the hot commodity this season, get it before it’s too late and start making fantastic ornaments.

Recommended in various crafting devices to print out decaled words onto other decorations.

If you are looking for a fun, cute, and playful decorative feel then this font is surely for you. 

Features different caricatures, if you lack creativity the font will fill that in for you and will look professional.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Digitally Downloadable
  • Fully Customizable
  • Different caricatures
  • Playful yet decorative feel 
  • Usable in Adobe Suite

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8. Christmas Ornaments

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Designed by Monotype Studio, Christmas Ornaments is a symbol-based font.

The theme was well-crafted and all are handwritten characters. 

Both contemporary and traditional, making it a valuable piece in anyone’s design. 

This font is wonderfully suited for adding design elements to projects such as stickers, or other crafts.

This font package is so beautiful, that it makes your ornaments stand out.

People will be begging you to know where you got it and how you made such great pieces. 

This font would add a layer of elegance to any writing, craft, or design you’re working on.

Each one of these designs screams hard work and beauty.

These hand-drawn characters feature a wide variety of traditional holiday elements.

This package has everything for any holiday project from conventional to religious to downright quirky.

It also comes in a variety of packages, all sustainable for multiple different platforms.

Elevate your Christmas decor this year with this font package. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Moden symbol-based font style
  • Comes in a plethora of package options
  • Adaptable for multiple platforms
  • Fully Customizable
  • Usable in Adobe Suite

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9. LTC Christmas

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P22 Type Foundry designed LTC Christmas.

This font is worth the money for each symbol is unique; nothing like the traditional symbols.

Each emblem was hand-designed with the intent of creating an extra special Christmas feeling.

Every character is eclectic and was designed to be mysterious and enigmatic.

Think of all of the beautiful ornament designs you could make with this font?

Your ornaments are sure to be the talk of the season when you use this absolutely, drop-dead gorgeous font.

I would be sure to add this font to my next ornament!

Nobody this season will have such creative and unique designs as you will when you get this font.

This font would be perfect for personal projects, including pictures, lanterns, bells, greenery, and so much more.

These symbol-based font packages are one hundred percent, worth the money.

Coming in two different packages, there is an endless amount of potential with these fonts.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Suitable for multiple platforms
  • Excellent addition to font packages
  • Hand-designed 
  • Fully Customizable
  • Usable in Adobe Suite

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10. Holiday Christmas 

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SweetAkaFonts designed this digitally downloadable font.

This font is Hand-designed by the owner herself, which is festive and classy.

Suitable for those who enjoy crafts and all things Christmasy.

Including an instant download feature, this font can be added immediately to your software.

Another spectacular part of this font is its caricatures that step up your design big-time.

The font is so versatile that I can’t think of anything you couldn’t do.

This can be used to design a Christmas card, create a holiday ad, or make matching holiday sweatshirts.

Moreover, other things like stickers or magnets, or make the best ornaments this holiday season.

The possibilities are everywhere and endless.

This font is a highly recommended font this holiday season for all of your advertising needs.

This font would be a beautiful addition to any establishment such as a restaurant or online site.

As captivating as this font is, it would be best suited to be used on all significant designs and more.

Implement this font in your Adobe Suites to upgrade your current creations that may lack the holiday spirit.

On the other hand, open up your brain cells to create some spectacular new projects with this font.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes other design elements
  • Perfect for displays and other crafts 
  • Digitally Downloadable
  • Fully Customizable
  • Usable in Adobe Suite

Download Now!

Final Thoughts 

The holiday spirit these fonts radiate is infectious!

Each font was uniquely brilliant with multiple exceptional features.

It’s hard to just pick, however, my two favorite fonts are “The Perfect Christmas” by StereoType.

The elegance of its handwritten scrolls, digital compatibility, and free for personal use make it even better.

My other favorite font is the “Holiday Christmas” one by SweetAkaFonts.

This font speaks for itself, with its fun and classic theme and nothing says Christmas quite like this one!

All of these fonts have something unique and different about them.

Using the best font for Christmas ornaments will emanate a loving holiday feeling.

Each one of these fonts would make the perfect addition to your holiday arsenal.

So choose one…or two… or maybe all of them to elevate your projects this Christmas season.  

Feeling the Christmasy vibe?

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